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11-12-2009, 22:03
What will you new years resolution be.

mine will be to actualy finish painting my necron army. and then to win at least 3 games in a row BEFORE the new book comes out.

11-12-2009, 22:27
1920 by 1200.

11-12-2009, 22:29

stupid ten characters

11-12-2009, 22:32
My New Year's Resolution is to give up New Year's Resolutions.
Oddly enough its also the same thing I give up for Lent.

11-12-2009, 22:32
Finish my Eldar army and start working out again.

Since I left the military my physical shape has been rapidly declining.

11-12-2009, 23:02
Give up smoking? No, I enjoy that. Give up drinking? No, I enjoy that too. Give up 40K? Possibly, I don't enjoy that so much anymore.

12-12-2009, 00:46
1920 by 1200.1920 x 1080 x 52".

12-12-2009, 02:18
drink more, sleep less and generally live a life of more sin

Bretonnian Lord
12-12-2009, 05:02
Spend more time with family and friends :)

12-12-2009, 05:35
Once again my annual resolution is to paint more figures than I buy.

I have actually been able to keep it for the last 10 years or so.

Thanks for the Calvin cartoon. Man do I ever miss that daily strip.

12-12-2009, 13:27
Learn Russian.

Build and convert a TT Blood Bowl team, the 360 game has me interested again :).

Find a damn job:mad:

Complete Dead Space, got it for christmas last year :rolleyes:

Lord Malorne
12-12-2009, 13:36
Spend less time in 40k General (as in none).

Lord MalorneWolf

12-12-2009, 15:47
Complete my Uni assignments before deadline day

and erm.... paint more models!

Shadowseer Crofty
12-12-2009, 17:17
Be able to play my guitar and sing at the next open mic night, though the list of songs for that resolution keeps growing.
Get my fat **** back down the gym.

12-12-2009, 17:51
Put in less work hours, get more free time, and actually do something with that free time.

Sports would be a necessity, so I'm planning to hit a gym, and take up Taiji again *eyes the lonely Jian hanging from the wall*

Comrade Wraith
12-12-2009, 19:54
Once again my annual resolution is to paint more figures than I buy.

Sounds like GW will have to up their security over the coming year then!

Rabid Bunny 666
12-12-2009, 20:57
Well, here we go;

*Wake up mid afternoon with a hangover January 1st
*Continue going down the Gym.
*Make the most rockin' Dissertation on the Messinian Salinity Crisis' affects on pre, syn and post foraminifera diversity within the Mediterranean.
*Get a decent job, or go for a teaching course.

12-12-2009, 22:03
Kill all my flatmates. Enjoy first clean flat since I moved in.

12-12-2009, 22:24
Eat better, exercise more, spend less (or get a job so I can continue frittering money away).

13-12-2009, 00:45
I plan to get my sci-fi film and web-show's finished and online. I want to show that pure alien sci-fi is not only possible to make, but entertaining to watch and still have meaning. Its my biggest passion really, so thats my resolution.

Kasrkin 666
13-12-2009, 05:35
Mine is to stick to my Skaven until I get 2,000 points, start working out, and have a successful move!:D Oh, and enjoy life more (I already do) and get better study habits.


13-12-2009, 11:15
Well, now that I am of an age when high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes have intruded into my comfortable complacency, my new years resolution is going to have to be to lose some weight and get fitter.
I have already made a start by leaving the car at home and walking the approx. 2 miles to work but I am going to leave the seroius attempt until after the Christmas temptations are behind me.

Hopefully turning 'Freddythebig' into 'Freddythesomewhatslimmer'.


13-12-2009, 11:59
Generally speaking, win the lottery so I can quit teaching. Read some good books. Eat less pies. Kill the wife's cat or stop it from vomitting everyday. Vomit on the cat. Nothing else springs to mind right now.

13-12-2009, 16:43
Have better work patterns, actually do proper work when I get home, try and get a part-time job, get a good grade in Chemistry this year, get fitter, stop being so cynical, write 750 words of my coursework before I go back, make less sexual innuendoes.

Yeah. Just a few.

Although most of them probably won't happen.... Bugger I just failed at one.

13-12-2009, 17:04
work less, have more free time
use the already limited free time in a more efficient way
start doing sports (gym, jogging) on a regular basis again
pick up playing tennis again
try to get back into WHFB once 8th edition is out
spend less time in front of the pc

Shadowseer Crofty
13-12-2009, 18:19
As we did last year, I had the thought of posting a link to last year's thread to see how we all did, so without further ado


So, how I did:
Failed miserably to get a job.
Did better at my exams, 4% off of a 2:1
Kept a regular exercise regime until may, then lost motivation
No where near finishing the novel. Kinda stopped writing at all.
I didn't even enter a BL short story competition
The Dark elves are built, but not painted yet.

So, not very well. Less resolutions this year though, maybe I can do them.

14-12-2009, 08:24
I havent made resolutions for a few years. There is nothing I seek to change about my life.

Fist of Crimson
14-12-2009, 15:31
Finish my Eldar army and start working out again.

Sign me up for that too.

I would really like to finish painting all my models so I can buy something new.

14-12-2009, 16:09
Sleep more then 5 hours a night.

14-12-2009, 16:21
Well for me its a simple list

Lose weight
Get a steady job
Enter golden daemon, with decent entry

I've decided as a weight lose motivation that I'll take a little trip to the titan section of the FW website should I hit my target weight.

14-12-2009, 16:35
Mine are:

Stop smoking

Start sports

Learn Dutch

14-12-2009, 20:26
Last year's:

Sensible ones:

Get a job - out of work since graduation last July...
Learn to drive - obvious.
Meet women - obvious.
Get fit - Not too bad, but I'm developing a bit of a beergut and a bad back, so I hope to stop the rot early.
Do some productive hobbies - brewing, painting, woodworking, guitar, etc etc ad infinitum...

Far-out ones:

Solve String Theory
Learn Arabic
Make a pile of money on the stock market (ha!)
Start a business

- Check, Software developer
- In progress, had 14 hours of lessons so far.
- Meh, chatted one up on friday night then bottled it. WTF?
- In progress, playing football every week and squash on and off
- Been too busy

This year?

Save some money
Buy a car (hmm, contradictory)
Stop drinking at home and save it for going out
Secure some additional responsibility at work and be recognised for it
Meet more women, and don't bottle it

15-12-2009, 09:26
Sounds like GW will have to up their security over the coming year then!

er, no they won't. You see for about 20 years I bought far more than I painted. As many collectors do. So it all works out.

15-12-2009, 11:25
Paint my Dark Angels before buying any more models. (Circa eight months of painting at the rate of a Unit a week :eek:... lets see how that goes shall we!? <I Smell a log!>

Start an OU Maths Degree. (Because one Degree and an NVQ is not enough!)

Evaluate Career Change, with potential for actioning said career change!.

16-12-2009, 09:25
Very simple
Start no more armies / warbands etc until all my current projects are 100% complete to a minimum game legal state or January 1st 2011 whichever occurs later.
Essentially this means buying no more GW models for at least a year, my backlog is really that deep!

16-12-2009, 11:53
Partial Success already!
Me = Enrolled and paid for MU123 in February.

(I feel like I am letting the side down, by partially completing a new years's resolution, before the New year.... *Scratches Head*)

16-12-2009, 18:15
Trade 10lbs of fat for muscle, finish my nids AND my White Scars, get better grades and find a good job, finish my arcade (have to wait till the snow melts for that though), become better at guitar.

Also, use the hype generated by Street Fighter 4 to get more friends to play Street Fighter 3.

... that was last year's.

I ended up losing 10 pounds but don't look any bulkier.

I still have nids to paint, but I can field 1500pts all painted, probably going to work on them again with the new codex.

I sold the White Scars to start a Death Guard army. I did convert and paint a Daemon Prince for them and am currently finishing my first Plague Marine squad.

I haven't finished my arcade, but I did update all the programs and added new functions. I should be able to hook the arcade controls to my PS3 during the holidays!

I did become slightly better at guitar, I actually try to lear songs and not just make up my own now.

I still play SF3 with the same one guy.


Now for this year:

Find a job related to what I studied in school.

Get a new car that I won't feel unsafe in.

Sleep a lot more and eat better.

Start exercising in my free time.

Finish my Death Guard and work on the nids again.

Play a lot more 40K games and relearn Soul Calibur 2.

Dwarf Supreme
17-12-2009, 17:06
The usual things for me: lose weight, play more, paint more. Now that I've been divorced for seven months I'd also like to find a girlfriend.

17-12-2009, 17:14
Seriously, I guess my resolutions will be:

Decide how I stand with uni, and either quit and find a job, or stay the course.
Loose a little weight
Buy no GW stuff that I haven't already planned for (1 SW venerable dread and 3 Sanctioned psykers.)
Own enough identical plain black t-shirts to never have to wear anything else (probably about 16 more...)
EDIT: I'd also like to play a number of 40k games in double figures...

18-12-2009, 21:06
To get back home.

I miss my home. :(

23-12-2009, 12:44
Not a resolutions kinda guy, but I can think of a few things I'd like to do:

- Get a new job/promoted
- Move in with my girlfriend
- Finish a song once I begin writing it (for once...)
- Get a new car (maybe... I quite like my current car but I'm looking to upgrade)
- Get at least 1.5k points worth of Wood Elves
- Start a Necron army

23-12-2009, 21:11

- take up running again
- start therapy, and not wuss out this time
- knit myself more things instead of knitting stuff for everyone else
- learn more delicious veggie recipies that aren't chilli or pasta-related
- learn to swim

23-12-2009, 23:09
To get into Canada!
To work on my rugby game
To finally truly organise my finances
To fit some new carpets in my place

Desert Rain
26-12-2009, 10:34
No new year resolution for me this time, I always forget them after about a week or so.

26-12-2009, 15:50
- start a log for my orks and get them finished
- find a new job
- get my room decorated and stick a load of shelves up
- fill the gaps in my dvd collection

not much really to be honest.

Disposable Hero
29-12-2009, 17:20
Hmm..lemme see.

1) quit all online game accounts for Warcraft, Age of Conan and EVE online. (Did that).
2) look for a job that does not see me as a serf, and make them stop calling me whenever some ridiculous tit decides the universe is out to get them. (Busy with that).
3) log more hours for my OU degree (Busy with that too).
4) sit back and watch my 9 months old daughter refuse to crawl forward and then watch her try to wriggle her diapered bum under the couch. She rocks!

31-12-2009, 02:17
1. Learn Japanese
2. Get a payrise in August
3. Decorate the house by spring
4. Make the front of my house into a garden by summer
5. Explore my area more
6. Do more gigs in Tokyo
7. Drink less
8. Read at least 25 new books (not the old ones I want to re-read)
9. Have my own book of photography and poetry published before next Christmas
10. Keep my health (visit doctor)

31-12-2009, 11:33
I'm doing something different this year. I've found resolutions don't work because I usually forget about them about 3 months later so for this decade I've made a list of 100 different things I intend to do in the next 10 years! My sort of 'kick the bucket' list. I'm not going to post them all here but I'll list my wargaming ones while we are here:

- Collect a 10,000pt army that's fully painted
- Attend a UK Grand Tournament
- Attend any tournament
- Take part in a HUGE game

01-01-2010, 18:08
Seriously, I guess my resolutions will be:

Decide how I stand with uni, and either quit and find a job, or stay the course.
Loose a little weight
Buy no GW stuff that I haven't already planned for (1 SW venerable dread and 3 Sanctioned psykers.)
Own enough identical plain black t-shirts to never have to wear anything else (probably about 16 more...)
EDIT: I'd also like to play a number of 40k games in double figures...

I have added a box of Space Wolves to this list of Warhammer I can buy.

01-01-2010, 19:08
Mine is pretty simple, to quit drinking Monster Energy Drinks.

01-01-2010, 19:30
I've given up on saying I'll get fitter, especially as I'm already started on the regime, or that I will paint X no. models by next year (I always get distracted, besides I'm trying to get my bigger FW stuff done first). Instead I've decided on two simpler ones

* Get on two wheels more - I have two bicycles and a motorbike in my garage I don't use as much as I should.
* Buy one album each month from a new artist (new to me that is).

01-01-2010, 21:30
Spend more time with family and friends :)

Nice to see C&H. Embrace the goodness! I totally concur.

05-01-2010, 18:29
Eat Healthier, do more excercise, spend less time on the internet, get my boiler fixed

Corn Berserker
05-01-2010, 23:55
Buy second hand land Rover (Defender - natch) convert it to LPG like they did on Wheeler Dealers, made it faster and cheaper to run, tax and insure. There was something about the enviroment too but stopped listening.