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Storm Trooper
12-12-2009, 00:12
I dont know what IG tank to use. Demolisher,punisher, or exicutioner. The demolisher has an AP of 2, S of 10, large blast, and a range of 24in. The punisher has no AP, S of 5, and range of 24in. The exicutioner has S of 7, AP of 2, blast, and range of 36in. what should i choose?

12-12-2009, 00:15
The one that fits a specific role that you're after?

The one that plugs up a weakness in your army or strengthens a certain part of your force?

The one that looks the coolest?

Storm Trooper
12-12-2009, 00:17
Good on offense and deffense. no matter the army.

12-12-2009, 00:18
I would go for the Demolisher. IMO it's the best Russ after the standard one. If nothing else it's worth having when you need to deal with a pesky unit of terminators (or similarly armoured nastys); it is also effective against enemy tanks.

12-12-2009, 00:19
Depends on the rest of the army.
Personally, I choose to magnetise weapons. Also, I choose to use correct spelling, grammar and punctuation.

The Demolisher and Executioner are both excellent, the Punisher is dire in 99% of circumstances.
The only way I can think of to make it useful is to buy two kits, and take the cannons for use on the Valkyrie with twin linked Punisher cannons, which is much more useful, and a rather good looking model.

12-12-2009, 00:21
Demolisher or executioner, the punisher is a waste of time. It depends on what you want it for, the executioner is a better all rounder capable of putting out some frightening firepower per turn, the demolisher will put a very big dent in anything that cannon hits but that's the only weapon it will be firing. If it's just ranged fire support the standard russ takes some beating, it falls somewhere between the two main weapons of the executioner and demolisher in terms of strength, has a much longer range and costs less points (and pounds) than both.

12-12-2009, 00:21
it realy does depend on your preference and what you need it for

I still prefer the demolisher, punishers arnt the greatest so are generally avoided and the executioner is an excellent heavy infantry killer

Storm Trooper
12-12-2009, 00:24
Cool thanks for you're opinoins and tips. If anyone else thinks different or even the same post a reply.

12-12-2009, 02:33
If you face large numbers of monsterous creatures then take a punisher, with pask preferably. You can easily pop a daemon prince a turn. The punisher is also good at murdering low armor vehicles, again especially if you take pask. I know they have a bad reputation, but there are worse tanks that you can field. There isn't another Russ in the codex that has as good of a chance at popping a demon prince in a single round of shooting than pask in a punisher, and where I play, that makes it worth its weight in gold.

12-12-2009, 02:40
First of all, posting exact stats like that can be seen as breaking the Forum rules. Please be careful, lest you invite trouble no one wants.

I personally swear on the demolisher. I don't like the cost of the Executioner, though it is a beast, and I don't feel the need for the Punisher's specific niche to be filled, which is actually only killing single targets with good invul saves that are immune to S10 instagib. Anything else and you're better off with one of the other russes.

If you're uncertain, either magnetise or take the demolisher. It's the most versatile out of the 3 for the points.

12-12-2009, 02:42
Battle tank with 2 plasma cannons and a heavy bolter is the best way to skim points per gun and usefulness.

Otherwise demolisher.

Captain DD
12-12-2009, 03:55
I dont know what IG tank to use. Demolisher,punisher, or exicutioner. The demolisher has an AP of 2, S of 10, large blast, and a range of 24in. The punisher has no AP, S of 5, and range of 24in. The exicutioner has S of 7, AP of 2, blast, and range of 36in. what should i choose?

Demolisher. But don't limit yourself to those tanks just because that's what comes in the new box set. The standard Russ is top. Also, the Executioner has 3 blasts. Pretty damn good, apart from the cost.

12-12-2009, 04:12
Demolisher is the best all rounder at the shorter ranges.

Executioner is best for heavy infantry.

Punisher is best against monsters creatures normally, becomes the bane of MC's with Pask.

12-12-2009, 06:09
Gotta go with the executioner. Its just so cool :)

12-12-2009, 09:41
I dont know what IG tank to use. Demolisher,punisher, or exicutioner. The demolisher has an AP of 2, S of 10, large blast, and a range of 24in. The punisher has no AP, S of 5, and range of 24in. The exicutioner has S of 7, AP of 2, blast, and range of 36in. what should i choose?

The Demolisher is a good tank. It's been around a long time, so IG players, being the conservative bunch they are, tend to swear by it. We know it's ins and outs - short range, great power, able to insta-kill a lot of stuff that normally can't be insta-killed, but be careful against stuff that is immune to insta-kill (like the entire Tyranid army unless your opponent is a tool), it'll just be one wound on everything.

The Punisher has a poor reputation. The number of shots is daunting, until you realize that it's short-ranged, only half of them are going to hit because of poor IG ballistic skill, then you'll fail to wound with a couple of the shots - upwards of like 1/3 against T4. Anything with an Armor Save gets one after that. Against Space Marines, you're getting maybe 2 kills from all of that shooting. It's hard to defend the tank when it's performance is so lackluster.

The Executioner is a new tank, it seems very powerful. It's very expensive, so a lot of IG players are a little careful around it because of its points cost. However, it has a much more useful range than the Demolisher or the Punisher, which I think moves it towards gold.

14-12-2009, 21:18
Which tank you choose really depends on the armies you face most often.

Of the three I would say Demolisher initially though as it can take out pretty much anything with ease, the only drawback being its quite short range.

My advice would be to make the weapons on the model interchangable so you can pick which varient to use for each battle.

15-12-2009, 00:05
either demolisher with lascannon and no sponsons, or executioner with lascannon and plasma cannon sponsons.

15-12-2009, 01:31
I really want to link the punisher nut can't

20 shots, of which only an average of 10 will hit, and against a MEQ, only 6.6 would wound, and 2.2 make it past thier armour. ANd against vehicles it'seven worse, remember it has a -1 on the vehicle damage chart even if it does score a hit

252nd Fire Dragoon
15-12-2009, 01:39
if you get Pask for that Punisher, its +1 to armor penetration.. so cancels out. I personally have a punisher with pask, and though its ranted as awful, its such a bad @#$ model. Especially when you convert it to suit the tank commander :).

15-12-2009, 02:14
I've seen the most success from a Demolisher in my own experience. I wouldn't take a Punisher ever I think, but the Executioner Is also pretty nice.

Personally the standard Leman Russ is just about the best, along with the Demolisher.

15-12-2009, 05:27
If you were to post what you expect to field as the rest of your army, it would be far easier for us to give advice on which tank you should pick. Because really, both the demolisher & executioner are two great tanks, but they are very different. The punisher on the other hand is, as others have said, rather poor. It's not even that good against what it's supposed to go up against (low AS troops like orks, smaller tyranids, guardsmen, guardians, dark eldar warriors and similar units), and IG have access to good anti-light infantry weapons in so many other places that it's hard to justify brining a punisher.

15-12-2009, 07:25
I really want to link the punisher nut can't

20 shots, of which only an average of 10 will hit, and against a MEQ, only 6.6 would wound, and 2.2 make it past thier armour. ANd against vehicles it'seven worse, remember it has a -1 on the vehicle damage chart even if it does score a hit

That's why you take it with Pask.

66.67% hit rate (upping it to 13 hits).

Against vehicles you get +1 penetration.

Against MCs, you get to re-roll to wound.

No one mentioned using it against MEQs, it's well known that bog standard Russes are still the champ there (although Executioners could give them a run for their money)

15-12-2009, 08:17
Please don't forget the exorbitant points cost you gotta pay for that half decent Punisher with Pask. That being said, I woul not recommend using a Punisher, it's just too expensive for the small use you might get out of it.

I personally built an Executioner, but only because I already have a Demolisher. The Demolisher is a great tank, able to pop loads of things with insta kill and being reasonably cheap in points cost.

The Executioner on the other hand is THE bane of every marine player. After having used my Executioner for the first time, in the second game it was the single focus of a Space Wolves Drop Pod assault, cause my opposing player wouldn't take any risks with it anymore.

In the end it comes down to your choice. The Demolischer is a solid and affordable tank while I would deem the Executioner to be a brilliant but really expensive tank.

Just don't take the Punisher.

15-12-2009, 08:28
I prefer the demolisher. The ability to take out the likes of terminators reliably is too good to miss. It's also scary enough to make the enemy re-deploy to avoid it. As someone who uses large numbers of sentinels and squadroned russ tanks, there is simply too much armour for the enemy to take it all out.

The punisher would be great if it was cheaper. However, the model could be fantastic. I would potentially field one just for that reason alone. To bring one out of the bag with Pask and kill off monstrous creatures with ease is a valuable trick.

The executioner is good, but I prefer the basic russ.

Benigno (WE)
15-12-2009, 09:38
Demolisher with a Lasscannon is your best bet, 180 points is nice pointswise.

Never take the Fail-lisher, bloody expensive and you can take other stuff for his role and more pointswise.

15-12-2009, 10:17
The Punisher, with Pask, gets 13 hits, and only has a chance of penetrating AV11 if it remains stationary.
(2.2 penetrating hits, at -1 on the damage chart, probably won't kill anything. 2.2 glancing hits at -3 on the damage chart DEFINITELY won't kill anything)
That's pretty poor performance for a 230pt base tank, struggling to kill even a rhino.

Compare with the exterminator with pask:
3.5 hits, 0.6 glancing hits, 1.8 penetrating hits. ok, fewer hits, but only just, and each of those penetrating hits is twice as likely to get a kill result. Meanwhile it can also insta-kill T3 and ignore 4+ armour saves.

Toe Cutter
15-12-2009, 16:18
RCGothic pretty much beat me to it.

I wont make any sweeping statement to the effect that you shouldn't take the punisher because clearly some people like it and get mileage out of it.

I do however feel that putting pask in it and using it to take on monstrous creatures is rather like trying to hammer a very expensive square peg into a round hole.

I don't have the book in front of me right now so I'm not certain but I think you can get three (?) hydras for the cost of the punisher plus pask. You can certainly get two plus a load of change and they'll do a similar number on monstrous creatures and a much better number on all forms of transport.

Importantly they'll do it from much further away.

For pask to do his thing the tank needs to be stationary and with such a short range against winged daemon princes (for example) thats a recipe for disaster. The hydra can lay the hurt on daemon units from much further away (48"?) and so be less exposed to being jibbed by the daemon prince before it can start shooting at it.

EDIT: without wishing to appear both unhelpful and rude, this is one of those frequently recurring topics that can be found in threads gone by both on here and in the tactics section. Failing that, it is also discussed quite frequently in the imperial guard tactica. It has also been discussed in the PDF that Lord Cook has brought together from various sources (which can be found at the start of the guard tactica). Its a useful document, I reccomend you read it.

15-12-2009, 20:55
I love the demolisher powerful and efficient cannon. In all the games I played it always brought back its points and now my oponents fear it a lot. It is a staple in all my army lists and I'm building 2 more, just for the armor and wpn saturation.

Executioner w/ plasma sponsons should be the way to go but I'm afraid it will cost so much even a crew shaken may ruin your fire line and your firepower, for at least one turn.

Punisher is weak in comparison but never forget that's a freaking 20 shots a turn, and if you buy Pask, bolters and stubber, you get a 260 pts tank, but you get 32 shots for sure per turn. it should mow down every troop unit of the game.
AP none isn't an issue cause the many cover saves we get these times.

Paskisher is not a tank you should look at for one turn of shooting but on the whole game because it's a great 'average' tank, and statistics friendly. demolisher is very good but 1 time of 2 you'll miss the shot. executioner w/ plasma sponsons tends is a bit like the paskisher, you'll get the hit from its 5 shots.

My two cents, and sorry for the engrish

15-12-2009, 20:58
The one that ignores cover is great! because everything always have cover 4+, ignore it is great specially against ORKS, Eldar, Guard, Tyranids...

15-12-2009, 22:17
I personally run a Demolisher with lascannon and multi-meltas, a pair of regular Russes, both with a lascannon with heavy bolters on one and heavy flamers on the other, and finally a second pair with one plain Russ and one Executioner with a trio of heavy bolters. The Executioner is a recent addition as my Space Wolves now have a 210 point hole that my Guard have eagerly grabbed. I have found that I am still lacking in the armor department so I am looking to add another one, perhaps a second demolisher or maybe a Conquerer. I know a Forgeworld Stygies III Vanquisher turret or two will eventually be on the way eventually if only for variety of the stock Russes.

As for taking only one...that is difficult to decide. The ideal solution would be to do as others have suggested and magnetize it so you can use any one on a whim. Barring that, I would have to lean to the Demolisher, if only based on the fact that it has yet to let me down. Tanks are best when taken like Carnifexes; in large numbers. Honestly, you can never have enough of either.

15-12-2009, 22:54
Is All Of Them an option?