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Captain Stern
12-12-2009, 10:05
He's one of Games Workshop's best artists and yet I can't find a single gallery of his work on the internet. If you don't know who he is he's the guy who drew these:




Very similar to, and just as good as, Kopinski and Dainton's paintings, don't you think?

Does anybody have any more?

14-12-2009, 20:14
I dont have any more of his work, but im sure some of the 4th Edition rule book artwork is similar to these two pictures so some of the work in there could be his.

From those two photos he looks to be a good artist so GW will probably have got him to paint more than just these two pictures.

I particularly like the Chaos marine picture.

14-12-2009, 20:17
He did a picture I really like, 'divine right' I even wrote to him at GW, twice a few years ago but got no response.
He didn't want my money clearly...!


17-12-2009, 14:57
He is a damn good artis and his orks are awesome its a shame there hasnt been a feature on them in WD.

17-12-2009, 17:28
'Very similar to, and just as good as, Kopinski and Dainton's paintings, don't you think?'

That'll be because those pieces you've linked to are Karl Kopinskis!

I agree Alex has done some beautiful work but since GW adopted their 'house style' several years ago it's become increasingly difficult for the untrained eye to distinguish between the contributing artists (John Blanche notwithstanding of course).
Whilst it gives GW's publications a strong, singular vision, I think it'd be refreshing to see a greater variety of artistic interpretation represented.

Although if that means an endless of parade of badly rendered 3D models, drowning in Photoshop effects (I'm looking at you Black Library), perhaps I should be careful what I wish for!