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Lady Hope
29-01-2006, 12:31
Edit: This is no longer a three week challenge, I have decided to take my time over this project instead of burning myself out over it. Still, comments and feedback are greatly appreciated.

Last year I joined my boyfriend to Winter War 2, a tournament arranged in Bergen, Norway. After a weekend of watching 40k I decided to make myself an army and participate next year. I decided to make an all-female Witch Hunter list and beat the guys at their own game ;) But it all took alot longer than expected, and I have found out that I'm a slow painter...

Now Winter War 3 is in just three weeks, and I still have alot of painting to do, not to mention the fact that I have to play a match or two with my army before hand :) But I am not giving up!

That is what this project log is about, the finishing of The Brides of the Emperor.

So far this is what it all looks like:


As you can see both the battlesister squads are painted, as is one of the rhinos, the exorcist is nearly finished, the inquisitor and cherub are done, and I'm hoping to finish the heavybolter servitors today.

The rest, rhino, exorcist, assasins, retributors and seraphims, are yet to be started. I am also missing a canoness, she is (hopefully) in the post from GW UK now.

I'm looking for motivation, help on how I can make things go easier and/or faster and general feedback on my first army ever...

Enjoy my work :)

29-01-2006, 13:26
Looking good so far! I like how you've made the extended flying bases for the Seraphims. I guess they add weight to the otherwise top heavy models as well.

How to make the painting go faster, and how to motivate?

What I do is to paint batches of 5-10 basic line infantry figures in one go. Then, once they are done, I do a "special" figure, such as a Sgt, commander or vehicle. It helps to break the monotony of the units. (By line infantry, I mean that I will try to get up to 10 figures that are about the same. in this case, I would pick up to 10 SoB that are all armed with the same weapons).

That's my tips.

When it comes to playing, we can fix that down at HBG. You need to play against somebody else than Alex, since you can pick up a vast amounts of experience by facing other people. Tuesday, anybody?

Hope that was helpful.

You can do this. You know that, right?

29-01-2006, 15:36
"You can do it!" is confidently encouraged by a hapless goober as inspirational music plays in the background. The best advice I could give you is too enjoy your painting. Rushing things leads to sloopy results and sharp looking models always stand out. I also play music when I paint and try not to let my mind get weighted down by big projects. Try that and see if it helps.

29-01-2006, 15:52
Might be more work but have you considered anothe Exorcist ?

Lady Hope
29-01-2006, 16:24
I already have two, I think three is abit much, so I'm using a retributor squad as my last heavy choice. And if I had to paint two more exorcists in three weeks, I'd give up straight away. They are a pain to put together and paint, but look great when they're done.

Pert and speedygogo: Thanks for the motivation. I do paint groups of 5-10 models at a time to keep a good speed, and I do try not to paint too fast. I really want the models to look good too.

29-01-2006, 16:34
Sorry only saw the one in the picture so stupidly only thought you where using one :)

One Exorcist is good, Two Exorcist is better, Three exorcist is straight jacket time :)

29-01-2006, 22:28
I am looking forward to the completed project. It looks and sounds like you are off to a good start.

29-01-2006, 23:02
Yay a SOB log :) I will be starting mine in a couple of weeks (have to move cities first :rolleyes:)

As for motivation, music works for me and I paint my mini one squad at a time assembly line style. Undercoat, paint the metals (I use ink so this saves inking anything that shouldn't be), then I paint from the inside out (paint all the hard to reach places first). I leave the squad leader to last :angel: and use that as a reward :D

Could you take some more close up pics as I would love to see the conversions that you've done for the heavy bolter servitors..

30-01-2006, 00:29
Cant add any more advise that would speed up your painting, but basically just keep at it, and keep your goal in mind tht should be motivation enough.
They look pretty good so far.
Look forward to seeing more.

30-01-2006, 00:30
Hey they are looking good, never seen an army painted by a woman before, its good to see. Last army I saw painted by a female was also SoB. I feel sure you will get them done in time since you have set yourself the deadline, and even that in itself is motivation to get things done. As altershape said, a few close ups would be nice, if at all possible. I would like to see the Battle Sisters in more detail, they look nice. White looks good on them. Keep up the work!

Lady Hope
30-01-2006, 10:14
Thanks for all the positive feedback guys :)

Here are a few more pictures, I did not manage to finish those heavybolter servitors yesterday, but still, here is a picture:


I wanted all the models in my army to be female, and I did not want any "machines" like they sometimes make the servitors. So my boyfriend converted those Repentia for me. They look very small beside those massive heavybolters, but they also look tough!

Here are some other pictures as well:



I have regretted the colourscheme many times, dark blue and white... Every time I miss a tiny little bit it takes three or four layers to cover it again. But the result looks good, atleast I'm proud of it.

30-01-2006, 11:26
They look really good, only thing I would maybe suggest is making the silver on the models a little darker, or the Inquisition symbols gold, to make them stand out and show off the detail on them more, the light silver blends with the armour a little, only a thought.

30-01-2006, 11:45
Kudos to you for the effort so far. If you want to give more definition to the metal and to the white armour, then artist's inks are your friend! A dark brown or black ink wash carefully applied to the metal area will give it more definition and a good sheen. A thin blue or yellow wash applied to the white areas will both given them more definition and (especially the yellow) a better sense of battle-field conditions. Highlights can be tidied up in pure white.

Artist's inks are water soluble, though, so you can blend very easily by just applying a dab of water. But a finishing spray of matte varnish is essential to preserve the look.

A red-brown ink like Burnt Sienna can also be effectively applied to flesh areas to define and darken, but it does tend top be a rather messy finish. Fine for a QAD, pre-tournament wash-up though.

Motivation is a tricky one. With a family, time with my brushes is valuable "don't disturb Daddy" time, so my motivation is kind of built in, but I mainly motivate myself by thinking about how much I'll be able to sell the finished army for once I've played with it a few times...


Lady Hope
30-01-2006, 12:11
Thanks for the tips on inking, but I am not planning on doing anything else to my Battle Sister Squads yet. They are in ok tabletop standard, and my first priority is to finish the rest of my army first. If I then still have time left, inking is on my list :)

30-01-2006, 13:12
Finish the army to tabletob standard first. Inking is not to be done quickly and carelessly on mainly white models...

30-01-2006, 19:13
Make a schedule. "By this day, I will have so many figures done to XXXX standard."

I did this for the last time I went to a GT. It worked, as I did my army in time, from very little ready to start with.

30-01-2006, 19:26
Good luck, thats a tough task, but you can do it. Chain paint, chain paint...chain paint.


30-01-2006, 20:03
They look good so far. Did you get the names Vilma from the flintstones and Veronica from Archie? I think it would be cool if your names were inspired from comics. Betty would be the next logical name choice as her name is in both.

Lady Hope
30-01-2006, 20:26
Speedygogo: No, I'm sorry the names are not from comics. Each member of a squad have a name that starts on the same letter as the rest of the girls in the squad, so Vilma and Veronica are in the same squad as 8 other girls beginning on V. All the names in my army end on A, except for the vehicles, which end on O. The transports for the squads also have a name starting with the squad letter. It is a way of making unit markings, and of personalizing my army a bit.

30-01-2006, 20:38
As others have said, a light wash of black ink over the metal area (perhaps dipped in water a little first) will do wonders for the models, even when done carefully you should be able to do ink all the metal pretty quickly.

30-01-2006, 21:00
Cheers for the pics Lady Hope, they're looking good. I like your heavy bolter servitors and naming all those models... :eek:

Keep up the good work, I know what its like to be running out of time to paint. I painted an ork army in a month, just in time for a tourny...

Post some more pics when you can. :)

30-01-2006, 23:38
Table top quality first. Then each unit can be embellished.

Easy E
31-01-2006, 04:06
I will second Pertinax's excellent advice about a schedule. Make a quick chart of how many days you have left, how long it takes to paint a model/squad and go from there.

01-02-2006, 19:59
Speedygogo: No, I'm sorry the names are not from comics. Each member of a squad have a name that starts on the same letter as the rest of the girls in the squad, so Vilma and Veronica are in the same squad as 8 other girls beginning on V. All the names in my army end on A, except for the vehicles, which end on O. The transports for the squads also have a name starting with the squad letter. It is a way of making unit markings, and of personalizing my army a bit.

Cool. I am a big fan of naming troops especially in 40k. My wife plays warhammer games with me but you are a rare gem in that you seem to have as much interest in the game as most male gamers. Kuddos to you! I am already very impressed with your sharp looking army. I am sure the completed project will look awesome.

Lady Hope
02-02-2006, 21:38
So, time to give you another update:

I am now sick and tired of painting little miniatures, so I started on my second rhino, and got quite far:

I know that it is not finished, but the worst is done. I still have to touch up my mistakes, ink the metal, paint the little windows and the nametag. I also have to paint the extra armour and glue that on. That is why the sides don't look done yet, they will be covered over. The white spot in the top beside the hatch is where my stormbolter lady goes, she is not painted yet.

I have also carried on slowly with the heavy bolter ladies, but it really is going slowly, still, they should be done by tomorrow evening. Here is a bit dark update:


I have dedicated the whole day tomorrow to painting, so I'll have another update ready in the evening.

Lady Hope
02-02-2006, 21:47
And because I can, here are some pictures of my nearly finished exorcist, I am proud of this model!


I still have a bit to do on it, write on the purity seals, finish the skulls and candles and ink it, but that has to wait a while. I (or acctually my boyfriend) converted it a little bit, I didn't like th e servitor in the back, so we just never put him in, instead we cut up part of an immolator and put another fleur-de-lys where he should have been. Here is a better picture:

I'm hoping that two of these on the table will make my opponent intimidated or blind so I can beat him more easily =)

02-02-2006, 22:25
Nice work on the exorcist, and I like the idea of taking out the servitor (I think I'll borrow that idea ;) )
Good work on the rhino and I look forward to see more pics :D

All of this is motivating me to get my sisters painted now :)

Easy E
02-02-2006, 23:28
Nice pipes on the exorcist! Your white seems very smooth on the exorcist and the rhino.

What's your time table now, and what still needs to be completed?

03-02-2006, 05:19
Your painting scheme really looks great on the tanks.

03-02-2006, 09:17
Keep going! Don't stop!

Lady Hope
03-02-2006, 10:17
My wife plays warhammer games with me but you are a rare gem in that you seem to have as much interest in the game as most male gamers. Kuddos to you!
Thanks :o To be honest I didn't have much choice, my boyfriend was already hooked on Warhammer when I met him, so either I had to start liking his hobby, or accept that I wouldn't be seeing much of him. I chose the first, and have not regretted it ;)

As for a timescheme:
This weekend I hope to get quite far on my seraphim squad, next week I'll paint my assassins, the chassis for the exorcist, and hopefully get a good start on the retributor squad. Then I have one week left to finish the pipes for the exorcist and paint my canoness. And of course finish all the little bits that are not quite done yet. I feel now that I'm on top of things, as long as I don't get a major setback in my motivation, I should have time to spare at the end. *crosses fingers*

05-02-2006, 01:15
Keep going, I know that feeling you are having now.... Last year I finished my EC 1 hour before WW2..... as Pert says keep the schedule and you`ll make it.

05-02-2006, 05:10
I always set a dealine for anything that I do because I find that I won't complete a project without one. The funny thing is that you almost always will meet the deadline too.

Lady Hope
06-02-2006, 23:42
Hi guys. Thought I should tell you that this is no three weeks challenge anymore. I have painted myself ill, kind of burnt out, so I'm going to slow down a little, finish my army at my own leisurely pace, and post pictures every now and then. I'll borrow some models from some friends for the tournament and do a Witch Hunters with inducted guards list.

Anyways, thanks for all the motivation :) I'll keep posting, and even if the army isn't going to get finished within the deadline, I will finish it off, probably alot better than I could have done in three weeks :D

14-02-2006, 08:54
I think that it is a great idea because feelings of burnout are the time to stop. The whole purpose of a hobby is too enjoy it.

14-02-2006, 11:26
But when the painting bug bites again we'll want a series: from table top to golden deamon for all the units...

god octo
11-05-2006, 16:58
it looks great so far, your theme is quite annoying, as i am now thinking about changing my list, again:D it looks brilliant so far and the seraphim bases are a stroke of genius, i hope you have fun painting.

Velkyn Kyil
11-05-2006, 17:10
Threadomancy! :)

11-05-2006, 17:16
Looking good so far Lady Hope - keep at it!

I should visit Norway one of these days - There seems to be a GREAT gaming community there as well as being a rather nice country to boot.

11-05-2006, 17:32
You're doing great! I love the paint scheme, and after just completing my own sisters last week, I can only say that I admire your dedication with all that white armor. I went the easy route and went with metal armor. I found that painting 2-4 sisters at the same time worked really well, especially if you grab the same models. Since there are only a handful of different poses, it's easy to group them up.

The vehicles look good, but I would suggest a black ink wash on the silver parts. They look a little too bright and flat. Personally, I'd also add some Blood Red highlights on the purity seals... but after painting several dozens of those, my views might be slightly warped.

Keep up the good work, and I am looking forward to more updates.

11-05-2006, 19:42
Looking good so far Lady Hope - keep at it!

I should visit Norway one of these days - There seems to be a GREAT gaming community there as well as being a rather nice country to boot.
Damn straight!

Bergen is where it's at! Bergen is where it's at.

god octo
11-05-2006, 19:50
could you please, if you have time, post your current army list. the models look very nice and neat, but i would like to know how you play or what your usual list is, please?

Lady Hope
11-05-2006, 22:39
I'll post my list tomorrow.
I had forgotten about this thread for about 3 months, but since it's been revived, I might have to finish my army aswell :) I'll just wait till my exams are over.

god octo
14-06-2006, 22:14
sorry to revive this thread, but i really want to see how your amry is doing, as it was a great influence on me and got me painting again. please say that you are there!

Lady Hope
15-06-2006, 00:00
I'm here all right...and I know I'll have to get back to painting sometime...so why not now?
I'll brush the dust off my miniatures, and get some work done tomorrow, I promise. Updates tomorrow then :)

Lady Hope
16-06-2006, 17:40
So, update time. As Warseer was down yesterday and part-time today, I have not been able to update before now...but I have been working :)

With a little help from my boyfriend, I glued the second exorcist (and my fingers :p) together. It is now having it's first undercoat of blue and brown done.


(Edit: inserted pic.)

god octo
16-06-2006, 20:46
yeah, your back!!!! i have just started a sisters army, and i saw this thread and it got me wanting to paint again. the exorcists look great. i like the colour scheme alot, its very contrasting. Sorry to ask, but could you please post your army list, as then we could see what you have yet to paint, and the like?

Lady Hope
16-06-2006, 21:29
I don't have a definite army-list yet, as I have never played with a full 1500 pts army, and can't seem to get everything I want in to 1500 pts, but it is something along the line of:

Inquisitor Lord with familar and heavy bolter servitors - painted
Canoness with jump pack - painted
2 sister squads in rhinos - painted
1 seraphim squad w/ 10 seraphims - painted
2 exorcists - 1 painted, 1 on the way
1 seraphim squad w/ 6 seraphims - not painted
1 retributor squad w/ 8 retributors, multimelta and heavybolters - not painted

This is the setup so far. It might change, but this is what I plan to paint first atleast.

16-06-2006, 21:53
Keep it up!!!!!

god octo
17-06-2006, 11:48
keep going, i find that painting the sister squads makes me go crazy after a while, so you've done an amazing job so far. the exorcists look sweet!

Lady Hope
09-09-2006, 22:38
So, once again I have picked up my paintbrush and started afresh on my sisters. I have now finished the blue on the exorcist and done the second layer of bestial brown under the gold. If I manage to keep my motivation up, I should have finished the exorcist within two or three days... Then the retributors are up next.

I have also looked at changing the armylist a little, eventually making the army a pure Sisters of Battle army without the inquisitor. I will then replace the small seraphim squad and the inq+retinue for a dominion squad in an immolator, but that is after I've finished painting everything so I have a 1500 pts army ready for battles.

Any motivation would be great, as I tend to give up on these girls on a weekly basis :)

10-09-2006, 09:54
Well I think Emily rocks!

Make a list of things to do. Post that list. Specify what needs doing, and what stage things are in. Lets see what you need to get done.

Lady Hope
10-09-2006, 10:41
Okay...here goes:

- Exorcist about 1/2 done
Needs doing: the gold , highlighting the blue, scrolls and skulls, the musician and her keyboard, tidying up where I've missed, and the tracks.
Should take about two or three days.

- Retributor squad not started
Needs doing: everything from undercoating to the final highlight.
This should probably take anything between a week and three, depending on how much I get done every day.

- Seraphim squad not started
Needs doing: everything from converting their bases and their inferno pistols to writing their names on their bases.
This should take about the same length of time as the retributor squad, so anything between one and three weeks.

When these are done I will have a 1500 pts army ready to field. And then I'll see if I still want to make that Dominion squad.

My biggest problem at the moment is an exam in 3 weeks, for which I have to read about 1000 pages. Why don't they make audio books of the stuff we have to read? ;) Then I could prepare for my exams while painting...
Anyway, I'll try to get stuff done. When I'm bored of stone-axes and fossils I'll paint some minis. :)

god octo
10-09-2006, 13:38
yay, its back!!!! i loved the first picture you did- it got me to have a go atr including assassins and an inq in my list and i restrarted painting my sisters again. I know how hard it is to paint the sisters, after a while, i feel like im going mad! The army looks likes its coming on very well, so good luck:D

10-09-2006, 14:34
So. Lets take one thing at a time. First of all - the exorcist.

Sit down, and look at it. See what short cuts can be taken. Look at it again, and see that infact there isn't so much to do after all. (Its the mental block that needs to be broken).

Then, sit down and go for it.

Either that, or bring some paints, brushes and something down to the shop, and paint with somebody else present. That always helps me. Talking and nattering about it breaks the monotony.

Lady Hope
10-09-2006, 14:46
Thanks for the support guys :)

I think part of the mental block on the exorcist is gone. I've started the gold and will finish it and touch uo the white this evening, maybe even get some highlighting done. I also found out that when I have the options to either read boring articles, or paint, I prefer the painting. :)

Lady Hope
13-09-2006, 22:03
So, finally time for an update:
I haven't come as far as I had planned, but I have got somewhere:

The second exorcist is now nearly finished, I have done the blue, painted the gold, done the black and put on the tracks. What remains is to ink the gold, do all the scrolls and skulls, the windows, paint the extra armour plates and finally tidy up the white where I have missed. And then of course line it all, and paint the little organist, and then it should be done!

This exorcist is called Extermino by the way :)

Here is another picture of her beside her sister, Purgatio:

C&C welcome...

Easy E
13-09-2006, 23:24
Looking good. White is a very ambitious scheme and I applaud you. it looks very smooth, which can be difficult with white.

The key is to plan your work and to work your plan. Then there will be time for study, painting, playing, and your bf.

If possible paint with him. My wife and I do that, and it's a great way to spend quality time together, share tips, break the mental block, and relax.

13-09-2006, 23:38
Your sisters was one of the more eye-catching at WWIII earlier this year, and I'm delighted you're expanding it.

You're doing good work here. Keep it up! :)

14-09-2006, 01:35
Awesome stuff, really like the colour scheme. It works well on the tanks too.

Keep up the great work, but remember to work at your own pace - don't rush things ;)

god octo
14-09-2006, 19:33
those exorcists look amazing- im almost converting to the GW models. :D Cabt waith for the next update!!!

14-09-2006, 20:02
Keep up the great work, but remember to work at your own pace - don't rush things ;)
That's the best advice so far.

Lady Hope
01-10-2006, 23:20
So, time for a little update.

I am useless at keeping schedules when painting, it seems when I make one I can't keep it... I haven't finished my exorcist, and I haven't started the next squads, but I have finished my loot counters and objective marker.

The colours in the pictures look a bit dead...in reality they're more colourful.

The idea for the loot counters are small shrines to the duties that I expect the Sisters worship, Faith, Purity, Justice, Courage and Honour.


It is difficult to see the items on the shrines, but they are:
Faith: Shield and Inquisitor mark
Purity: Flamer and Fleur de' Lis
Justice: Bolter and book
Courage: Melta and the heart in a box from Brettonia
Honour: Sword and Laurels.

I might paint sayings around the bases, like "My faith is my shield" a.s.o, but I'm not completely sure about that yet. Any input?

And my Objective marker is self-explanatory:


My big exam is on thursday, so hopefuly I'll have more time and motivation to paint after that.

02-10-2006, 01:22
Those are very, very nice and fitting objective markers and loot counters there. It's good to see objective markers that work well and fit in with an army proper.

If I'm ever in Norway I am so going to have to give you a hug for that. And good luck with the exam!

02-10-2006, 03:29
Very very nice SoB there. They kind of remind me of the WarSeer marines and i like that very much keep going~!~!


god octo
02-10-2006, 19:14
i love the model of celestine- the colours are perfect- im glad this topic is still running, that army sounds great.

Lady Hope
03-10-2006, 19:06
Thanks a lot for the feedback :) It's what keeps me going...

It's got me going so far that Exorcist 2, Extermino, is now finished, all except for the organist. I'll do her together with the next squad I do, as I can't be bothered to mix all the needed colours for one model.

So, proudly, I present Extermino:

And a picture of the two together:

Next up is my exam, and then the Retributor squad. I'll try to keep the updates more regular :)

03-10-2006, 21:07
Yay more updates:D !

Very nice there. Lovin the models keep it up we all NEED to see this finished!


Lady Hope
03-10-2006, 21:29
we all NEED to see this finished!

As do I, probably most of us all :) It's great with the motivation, it really give me a painting boost ;) Thanks to all of you!

Brush your teeth
03-10-2006, 21:46
just notices this thread here, and ive got to say, im impressed.

that colour schemes great, and well painted. cant wait to see the whole army done.
keep it up!

god octo
04-10-2006, 17:11
how many coats of white did it take you to finish the wonderful exorcist?

04-10-2006, 17:13
Keep going! Nail the exam! Push on through! Things starting to go fuzzy? That's the pain barrier!

Keep going though that barrier!

Go! ;)

04-10-2006, 18:06
god octo - I'd take a stab at it being over a white undercoat, with perhaps an ink over it. Likely one or two.

If not then that is pretty good white and your much braver then me - personally my immolators getting sprayed white in a few minutes...

Lady Hope
04-10-2006, 18:07
how many coats of white did it take you to finish the wonderful exorcist?
The exorcist is undercoated thoroughly with white spray, and then basecoated with another layer by brush. Then, when everything else is done, I go over the spots I've missed and put another coat of white on them. There are a lot more flaws on the exorcists than the pictures show...

god octo
04-10-2006, 19:11
thanks, and good luck on your exam. I have my GCSE's later next year.

26-11-2006, 15:59
I just found this log - I really love your objective markers!! They look great and I will be copying them in some form or another.

The exorcists look really sweet and I like many of your ideas. I would really like to see your canonness, if possible, I think you mentioned somewhere that it had been painted.

My only complaint has to do with modeling, but I am sure it was a personal preference, but I really don't care for the immolator hatch at the back of the exorcists. I guess it just looks out of place. The painting is great and you made it work, but I would have kept the loader, personally.

Anyway, great job, hope your test went well and that we will see more photos in the future.

26-11-2006, 16:07
I love that paint scheme on the Exorcist. It is Fan-friggen-Tastic !!! Keep it up man i want to see this to the end

26-11-2006, 16:27
The exorcist is fantastic!

26-11-2006, 17:35
First, fantastic work. I've been watching the progress for a while now (before it was resurected too) but never posted.

How are you getting such a crisp white on the RaF? Is it the same as the exorcist or do you use a different method? Soon I'll have to paint my troops (also white and dark blue) and need tips, never had much white with skaven, Goblins etc

26-11-2006, 20:03
Lady Hope, my hat is off to you!

Very very well done!


26-11-2006, 20:09
There are a lot more flaws on the exorcists than the pictures show... Quiet, you. You're being too hard on yourself. The white is impressive, and the highlighting on the blue is fantastic as far as I'm concerned. ;)

Did you use a pen for the lettering, or was it a brush? It looks great! :)

26-11-2006, 20:30
Very nice army, and it seems there is at least one more woman in your prediciment. My gf just recently got into the game herself, after watching a game between myself and a freind, and decided to start off with an all female Witch Hunter army (much like yourself). We haven't even thought up what her army list would be like yet, so I seek advice as I don't know anything about the sisters... other than they're hard. On the advice of god octo I came here in search of advice. Mostly what made you decide on taking the army list you have?

Lady Hope
26-11-2006, 21:35
Wow! I'd never thought that this thread would be resurrected before I got around to do some more painting, and I'm totally flustered at how much response it's got! Thanks for all the comments :) This means I might have to start painting again then...

How are you getting such a crisp white on the RaF? Basically the same as on the exorcist, I undercoat white and then paint a layer of white on top of the undercoat so that everything is totally covered. One of the reasons it looks so white is because it is lined with grey, which somehow makes it look cleaner and brighter.

Did you use a pen for the lettering, or was it a brush? It looks great! :) I tried using a pen, but found the brush was easier, I found the smallest brush I had, then practiced a bit to get the feel of it, it's actually not that hard.

Mostly what made you decide on taking the army list you have? The army list was basically just for fun, I had no idea whether it would work or not. I just took the units I wanted to. I didn't know much about 40k before I started that army, my boyfriend took me to a tournament where I decided to try to beat the guys at their own game. He's helped me with the list, especially the two exorcists (as one is unreliable).

I've played some games since then and just looked at what was missing to see how to make it more effective, but my best advice would be to take what you think is cool or interesting, and just learn how to make that effective.

Edit: Oh, and ekister101, pics of the canoness: (I was sure I had posted pictures of her before, but obviously not.)
I know that stripe on her sword is horrible, I keep meaning to fix it...

26-11-2006, 22:25
Nice Cannoness... but she looks a lil out of place floating in the air with a stance like that, would look alot better if her legs were together like those seraphim.

26-11-2006, 23:48
Or if she was bent so her right leg was in line with the wire...

*Best Ganondorf Voice*

Again, fantastic paintjob, the brown blends soo well.

27-11-2006, 00:36
Yeah, that would work too, but it's the leg's spread apart like that, that makes it look out of place.

Easy E
27-11-2006, 07:35
I would hubbly request that you paint more. It is pleasing to my old, tired eyes.


27-11-2006, 07:58
Its the legs rather then anything else - if you go have a look at this model on the website you'll notice its on a slight tilt, so it does look right its just the pictures dont show it.

However, the feet and legs are wrong, the feet should be down if anything then it'd work fine.

Apart from that, I think you know you have room for improvement, but its good keep it up and you'l have some fantastic looking ladies (which are a bloody nightmare to paint anyway)

god octo
27-11-2006, 21:07
yippeeeeee! Its back. Can we please, pretty please see a big piccy of all your army so far? Oh, and how did the exams go?

Lady Hope
27-11-2006, 22:30
As per request, here is the army picture of the Brides of the Emperor as it stands today. I've only included the painted, finished figures. Still to do is the Retributor squad which is currently on my painting table, and a little tank-hunting seraphim squad which is being converted and put on poles at the moment. They're next up for painting, but that might not get started before after New Year.

Sorry for the poor quality picture. Taking shots of a lot of figures at once was a lot harder than just one or two figures.

God octo, my exam went better than expected :) I'm happy with the result, a B, which means I'm still on track for my Masters degree in 1,5 years.

god octo
28-11-2006, 16:53
the colour scheme looks great and i love what you have done to the seraphim- they look much better then the normal ones.

Oh and a good show on your exam. Well done!

28-11-2006, 19:48
Legs together would be the most logical pose, or rather slightly apart if in that attack-position. Nice canoness, anyway.

28-11-2006, 20:08
is there a Lord Hope?:cheese:

28-11-2006, 20:29
is there a Lord Hope?:cheese:

I'll ask everyone with 'Lord' in their name if there is a Lady of Gruesome Flesh and Sprawling Bodies or whatever their names is.

Lady Hope
28-11-2006, 20:29
Well, yes, but not a Lord Hope exactly, his name is Lord of Skulls, but he is the equivalent to a Lord Hope ;)

As for the canoness, I have understood that a lot of you don't like her pose, I'm not perfectly happy with it either, but I have no intention of trying to bend her differently at the moment. Maybe when the rest of the army is done I'll do a new canoness, and give her some Seraphim legs, but until then she'll have to do.

;1107088']I'll ask everyone with 'Lord' in their name if there is a Lady of Gruesome Flesh and Sprawling Bodies or whatever their names is.
Is that in reference to my models? Or just totally out of context here.

28-11-2006, 20:38
Is that in reference to my models? Or just totally out of context here.

No! Not at all! I just reflected over that there is a lot of accounts which contains the word 'lord'. No insult meant, for God-Emperor's sake!

Your models looks great, so it was just out of context here.

Lady Hope
28-11-2006, 20:42
Ok, I just wondered for a second... No hard feelings :)
There are a lot of strange account names, that's absolutely true.

28-11-2006, 20:44
Such as mine - which derives from a Starcraft 'clan'.

* Shifts leg *

28-11-2006, 23:01
These are very nice, Lady Hope. Do you plan on taking them to Winter War 5?

28-11-2006, 23:20
Your army looks awesome Lady Hope!

You shame me into getting myself back to my painting bench and finishing my own Sisters. ;) :D


Lady Hope
28-11-2006, 23:47
These are very nice, Lady Hope. Do you plan on taking them to Winter War 5?
Maybe, unless Pert wants/needs help organizing WW5. And if I bring them, I'll show you that girls can beat boys ;)

29-11-2006, 00:09
I havent posted here in some time and i should have. An impressive army that surpasses any of mine in painting quality and number of actually painted models! Well Done!


29-11-2006, 07:52
How about we concentrate on WW4 first, eh? ;)

As stated before: Nice models!!!
Let's see a few new ones soon, please. We'll take WIP's too if that's all you've got to share...

29-11-2006, 09:21
Maybe, unless Pert wants/needs help organizing WW5.
I'll let you decide that yourself. If you want to play, that's what take presidence.

How about we concentrate on WW4 first, eh? ;)

Mr. T.Bullet said it best. First year first...

29-11-2006, 19:33
Silly me, and here I thought WWIV was the 2006 tournament...

Lady Hope
29-11-2006, 20:22
And dragged me down with you... next time I'll think before writing :)

I'll try to remember to post up pictures of my WIP retributor squad this evening, so watch this space...

god octo
29-11-2006, 21:18
Yeah im in a rather creative mood- ive just got my first set of greenstuff and ive gone a bit mad. My cannoness (who was armless after my cat introduced herself) now has a pair of arms, swallow-tailed sleeves , a braid/hair extension and a huge blessed weapon!!!

Lady Hope
29-11-2006, 22:47
So, as I promised...WIP pictures of my retributor Squad. They are 8 sisters, 3 heavy bolters, 1 multimelta and 4 extra lives... I love the look of these girls, they look hard as well as female :) At the moment they have 1 layer of blue on over the white undercoat, next up is another layer, then I start lining and highlighting.

And as a special treat, a WIP shot of one of my inferno pistol girls. I'm lucky to have a boyfriend who is very good at working with greenstuff.

30-11-2006, 00:03
Those are neat. I want a boyfriend like that too...

30-11-2006, 00:13
So, as I promised...WIP pictures of my retributor Squad. They are 8 sisters, 3 heavy bolters, 1 multimelta and 4 extra lives... I love the look of these girls, they look hard as well as female :) At the moment they have 1 layer of blue on over the white undercoat, next up is another layer, then I start lining and highlighting.

Say, what is the model in the left rear on the square base?


30-11-2006, 01:38
I've never liked fire being represented by plastic/greenstuff, just looks too cartoonish.

Light of the Emperor
30-11-2006, 01:57
I like the blue/white scheme. Very crisp too.
The seraphim looks good to me! I can't sculpt fire to save my life so I use ork topknots as flames which look quite convincing. Since Sisters love fire, you may find some use with them.

30-11-2006, 02:12
Too bad you don't have some clear plastic for your bf to carve.

30-11-2006, 02:19
Cant wait to see the retributor squad! They're looking awesome.


Asi the Red
30-11-2006, 06:47
Hey ya'.

Wow, the shot of the whole army is very impressive, as are the detail shots.
-The Exorcists are fantastic!
-Have you made more progress on the HB servitors, and if so can we see them?
-Excellent work so far on the Retributors, keep it up.
-The Cannoness looks great (especially the face)... except the leg thing, there I have to agree with the rest of them.
-Can we see a closer shot of Lucy, the Cherubim? Please?

30-11-2006, 08:35
Say, what is the model in the left rear on the square base?


She is the organist from the Exorcist kit. Part of the crew that is.

I expect that playing the organ shoots the missiles? Background check isle 3, please?

30-11-2006, 15:23
You've got a very rich blue there, and the retributors will look superb, I'm convinced.

30-11-2006, 15:40
Awesome army Lady Hope! I have not been on the forums for some time due to business and am most impressed by your Brides of the Emperor. It looks good even to inspired purchases a sisters of battles army. The color scheme you used looks outstanding and must have been had to pull off. If your gaming talents are anywhere near as good as your painting skill, I'm sure that your a formidable player. It would be awesome to see the Brides admistering a rightous beatdown in a game.

01-12-2006, 09:37
Looks good! I hope you finish it for WWIV. I second Pert in that you should play if you want to.

Lady Hope
05-12-2006, 09:38
So everyone, this isn't an update, it is just a message.
I'm leaving for my Christmas break today, and am not bringing my models or paint with me, so this project is put on hold 'till after new Year. By then I'll hopefuly miss painting so much that I can actually finish them.

So, untill 2007 then...

god octo
05-12-2006, 17:03
hope you have a good holiday!!!

Lady Hope
04-02-2007, 23:07
Guess who's back... and all that jazz :)

So the other day my boyfriend convinced me to play a 1500 pts match against his Space Marines, and I did with a minor victory to me as a result. That was so fun that I sat down to paint again! I've also been challenged by sralialo as to who will finish our army first...so here goes.

I have now highlighted the cloth on my 8 retributors:

The highlights do look over the top this close, but on the table they look better. Next job is to touch up where I've missed on their armour and then line them. I'll keep you posted!

05-02-2007, 12:58
Looking good! Just remember to take you time. :p

05-02-2007, 13:44
Ah, this is getting going agaiin! See, games makes you paint. :)


god octo
05-02-2007, 19:38
yay, yippeee, your back!:D :D Hope you had a good new year and its great to see you painting again. I cant wait to see the rest of your army again.

On the rets, i love the highlighting. Im awful at subtle in any form and i think that the highlights look perfect in those pics- they look crisp and bright! The white is, as normal, perfect as well. :)

05-02-2007, 20:52
Good to see you getting back into painting, which reminds me that I should update my log.

I really love that colour scheme you have, and the blue is awesome.

Lady Hope
09-02-2007, 18:25
As painting has progressed, I have encountered a problem, what colour should I do the Retributors weapon casing? The normal Battlesisters have blue weapon casing, and the Seraphims have white lined with gold. I thought I could paint the Retributors casing in white, to make them lighter than the normal squads, but not so "elite-looking" as the Seraphims with their gold trim, but plain white is just too boring... Does any one have any good ideas as to how I could make the weapon casing more interesting?
Here are some pics to show what I mean:

Battlesisters blue weapon casing:

Seraphims white and gold trimmed weapon casing:

And current Retributor casing: (I know the painting on the weapon looks awful, but keep in mind it is one layer of diluted black just to get an idea of how it will look eventually. The fleur-de-lis will be gold. As you can see I have now also lined the Retributors.)

Any ideas? Oh, also take into consideration that the trim on the Retributors armour will be gold like the Seraphims.

09-02-2007, 19:12
What a great looking Sisters army you've got! Very nice and clean ^^ I especially like the blue. I've never dared to paint over a white undercoat, hmm I wonder what it's like XD Doesn't it take a lot of time? With black you get so much shading for free. But then you have a lot of white on your coulour scheme so I guess it's a good pick.
As for constructive critisism maybe you should try to get some more contrast between the highlights and shades of the sisters' skin. It looks just a little bit flat.
And I'd also like to see some dirt or dust near the tracks of the vehicles. :) They probably ain't gonna stay clean for that long in a battle zone.

god octo
09-02-2007, 19:57
hi again Lady hope! On the rets, i would keep the scheme that you have there, but with a bit more touching up. You couild also add a tiny bit of silver or gold to them if you wanted. I also see the heavy bolters as more tools that are useful rather then the bolter, which i see a a method of bringing about the Emporors vengence, if that makes sense. So, i would keep them ulitarian and "Boring", to show that they are mearly bigger, more shooty bolters.

Hope that helps.

Lady Hope
09-02-2007, 21:01
Thanks for the comments people!

Anardakil: Yes, blue over a white undercoat does take a long time, but I still do it simply because Midnight Blue over black changes the colour drastically toward a purple-tinge, and I don't want that. Also as you mention, white over a black undercoat is not easy, and in my amounts of it, I'd be crazy to do a black undercoat. I've instead found some shortcuts to ease the blue over white, mixing Midnight Blue with blue ink instead of water to dilute it, takes at least two layers less than with it watered down.
Highlights and shading on the sisters skin might still be coming, I'm first aiming for a tabletop quality 1500 pts so I can play with painted figures, then I might add stuff like that.
As for the weathering (dirtying) of tanks and the sisters armour, I don't do that simply because I don't know how to do it so that it looks good. I'd rather field an army that I'm proud of paintwize that maybe looks a bit out of place in a battlefield, than field an army that looks like they've been fighting, but that I'm not satisfied with the paintjob. If you get what I mean.
I can always defend their cleanness with the fact that sisters are females and therefor have an urge to look good, so they use their time on their armour and tanks instead of manicures and pedicures that are never seen under their power armour ;)

god octo: Very good point there. Thanks :) I'll have a go at finishing a heavy bolter completely this evening or tomorrow with this colour scheme, and see when I'm done whether it acctually needs more colour.

bobert the great clen one
13-03-2007, 11:31
hello, has there been any progrees made on this wonderful army ?

Lady Hope
13-03-2007, 14:30
Hmmm...progress, yes a bit.
I am nearing the final touches on my retributor squad, and have got all the models I need for my last Seraphim squad. (Thanks to Pertinax).

I am hoping to finish my retributor squad during this week, and of course post pictures, but exactly when it will be is unsure as I'm reading for my Bachelor assignment at the moment. But I promise to have them done within the week!

So, expect updates with pictures soon :)

bobert the great clen one
14-03-2007, 14:36
cheers , how did you achive the 'perfect' white on your sisters of battle?

Lady Hope
14-03-2007, 22:04
Finally, it is Update time!

I have finished the Retributor squad(!), all but the bases. They will be done within the week.
They still look kind of unfinished, but that is the bases fault, I promise.

So, without further ado, the Squad:


Heavy weapons and Veteran Sister Superior:


Heavy weapons:


Still to do is, as mentioned, the bases and then names. I think this is my T-squad. (i.e all the names begin with T), but I am not sure.

So, what do you think?

Next up is the small (8 sister) seraphim squad with Inferno Pistols. :)

Bobert: I am sure that I have posted a recipe for my white somewhere in this thread. If you look around you'll find it. (*Edit: Page 9)

14-03-2007, 22:12
ooh excellent work, i like that you've kept the large part of the mini white, suits them ncely.

i did kind of think they looked unfinished before you mentioned the bases, i imagined them painted black and it all changed :)

good work

His Master's Voice
14-03-2007, 22:18
Imagine cleaning those white armour plates after a days worth of cleansing, purging and rooting out the evil and tainted. Must be a chore...
Nevertheless, a fine painting job and a nice, clean, uniform look in nonstandard colours (you don't see much white in the 41st millennium). I like it.

bobert the great clen one
14-03-2007, 22:49
thanks lady hope :D how many models do you have to paint before you have fufilled your targets

EDIT*** theres not a page 9 im afraid:(

Lady Hope
14-03-2007, 22:53
Bobert, so sorry, I guess not everyone has set their options to 10 posts per page. Here it is:

I undercoat white and then paint a layer of white on top of the undercoat so that everything is totally covered. One of the reasons it looks so white is because it is lined with grey, which somehow makes it look cleaner and brighter.

I only have the 8 seraphims left to paint before I have a 1500 pts army, but I am planning on painting a Dominion squad and converting an Immolator as well when I'm finished with the mandatory 1500 pts, so I can vary the list a little.

bobert the great clen one
14-03-2007, 22:54
no probs :D ty for the guide :D

bram kuijpers
15-03-2007, 09:03
nice stuf you got there just one thing the skin looks kinda od maybe you should flesh wash or highlight it.

Lady Hope
18-03-2007, 00:00
I have now finished the retributor squad, bases and all, here is the proof:


I was wrong earlier, they are my C squad, as the names reflect.

bram kuijpers: the skin looks horrible on these pictures, it's the cameras levels. In real life it is acctually mildly highlighted.

Next up is the smaller seraphim squad, who currently are at this stage:


They need flying stands made, like the spiral things on the right, then I glue those to a base, glue a coin underneath to stabilize it, then put the seraphim on the wire. they all have a hole drilled in their skirts for that purpose. Then I paint it all... I cannot say when this squad will be finished, but as it is the last mandatory squad, I might just get inspired to finish it fast. I'll keep you updated.

Oh, another thing. This seraphim squad is my S squad, so I need 8 female names the begin with an S and end with an A... any ideas? (I reserve the right to choose not to use a name if it doesn't fit into the grand scheme of things...) ;)

bobert the great clen one
18-03-2007, 00:48

thats it from me im afraid good luck with them!

Easy E
18-03-2007, 10:50
Don't forget Sabrina!

18-03-2007, 11:04
And Serena and Sara.

bram kuijpers
19-03-2007, 10:18
and sandra they look good btw

19-03-2007, 10:20
Wasn't sabrina a witch? Burn the heretic!

Lady Hope
19-03-2007, 12:32
That's a good point jasevx, I'll definately have to have a seraphim called Sabrina now :p I'll also take Sophia, Sara, Serena and Sandra. My Sister superior will be called Susanna, and then I'm only missing 2 names. Thanks a lot guys :)

bram kuijpers
19-03-2007, 13:05
sonja is also a name hmmm 1 left.... how about sita?

20-03-2007, 15:01
Serenity, Saffron, Sienna


20-03-2007, 15:08
sharona....please!!! my Sharona!


20-03-2007, 15:23
no, thats my ex-wifes name, burn the witch!

Lady Hope
20-03-2007, 15:26
Thanks for all the suggestions! I have now decided the 8 that shall be used: Susanna is the Vet. Superior, the two with inferno pistols will be Sharona (great name SC!) and Sabrina (just so she can purge her witch-friends). The other five will be Sandra, Sienna (instead of Serena, as I know a girl called Serena who I don't much like, so I'll drop that name) Sophia, Sara and Sonya.

I have now glued all the seraphims onto their perches, and will be spraying them later today. Pics to come.

And while you're in name mode, I need 6 names that begin with a T and end with an A for my Dominion Squad. Suggestions welcome...

20-03-2007, 15:35
Tanya, tara, tamara, tianna, teresa, tina, tabatha

20-03-2007, 15:49
tijuana ;)
tallya, taisha, (serious ones)
touch-me-there-a-tha :D

Sharona is a good name, and it's My Sharona! (nobody know the song?!)


20-03-2007, 15:55
Can't belive we are on Warseer discussing Girls names that have history! shoot me now...

20-03-2007, 16:04
Sharona is a good name, and it's My Sharona! (nobody know the song?!)

Off-course I do and I'm not even old ;)

Temerita, Thillia, Tasha, Tabatha..... uhm that's it for me I guess :)

bram kuijpers
22-03-2007, 08:58
tiffany? strange name for a battle sister i think. anyway hoping to see progres:chrome:

Penguin of Death
22-03-2007, 10:18
How come I can't convince my girlfriend to start on 40k? Admittedly I have the feeling her painting would be better than mine.

Anyway, nice looking army and it's great that you are pushing on with it's construction at a good rate, too many armies get started with good intentions and get bogged down along the way

god octo
22-03-2007, 18:03
Yay, your back! Your retributors look excellent as usual and i really like how you have done the weapons: they look very formidable :). Also, the hair is very good, as it makes all the sisters unique, but one, if that makes sense.

25-03-2007, 01:56
Tatiana, Typatia, Tira, Theresa, Tessa.

Or Tarabithia maybe ;)


10-05-2007, 03:45
LaFonda, LaKeisha, Shahnaynay, Imani, Ebony, Jazmin... those are all good names.

Lady Hope
10-05-2007, 08:09
Well since this thread has been revived anyway...

Sorry for not updating for a while, I'm into the last two weeks of my Bachelor assignment, which is taking more of my time than I like, but that's how it is, school has to come first.

But there has been progress, the seraphim squad is nearly finished! I still have to do their hair and drybrush the metal, but apart from that they are done. I'll post pics later today, I promise :)

bram kuijpers
10-05-2007, 08:14
yeez an update wow didnt expect that

god octo
10-05-2007, 16:54
Yay, I love this blog, and its been really inspiring. I hope you do well on your bachelor degree and I can't wait for an update.

Lady Hope
10-05-2007, 20:37
Update time!
Sorry it's taken so long...

Here is what my seraphims look like at the moment:



The gold doesn't come out well on these pictures, I'll take better ones when the seraphims are finished. There is still a little bit of work to do on them, but it shouldn't take to long.

dave is the best
10-05-2007, 20:39
They are looking really cool. I envy your ability to paint white so well.


10-05-2007, 20:56
I actually prefer the silver as it is to be honest, it works well with the blue although I would suggest going over the gold areas with a watered down brown ink.
If you're going to leave the hair white I'd suggest a light wash over the hair to make it stand out from the armour.
Great looking army so far. :)

11-05-2007, 08:55
Looks really nice, I like the color scheme on your models. Stick with it we are waiting to see the final product. :)

Lady Hope
11-05-2007, 15:11
So finally...here are the finished seraphims:

Again I have to say that the colours are not quite right. The highlights are too light, and the depth of their faces is completely gone, but you get the idea.

The Inferno Pistols:

Sculpted by the wonderful Lord of Skulls, and painted by me. I must admit that I could have painted the flames more carefully. I'm also aware that the flames are painted wrongly, with the brightest colour on the top, but I couldn't get it to look right the other way.

And finally, the little black ball with orange lining, that you see under this girls gun, is my version of meltabombs.

They are made out of Kroot bits, and work in two ways (well not in reality...). You can either press a button and they open up like on of Terrys chocolate oranges (mmm...) and you stick them on the tank and run, or you open up the tanks hatch, arm a bomb, throw it into the tank and close the hatch tightly before you run. ;)

Lady Hope
11-05-2007, 15:15
And with that, I have finally completed a 1500 pts army! It took me two years and about three months, but it is done!

Here are some bad pictures of the whole army together: (Sorry for the Scrollbar of Doom...for you whose browser does not resize the pics automatically)


The pics are a bit fuzzy, but I reckon thats what happens when you try to take pictures of an awful lot of things at the same time. Anyway you get the idea.

11-05-2007, 15:16
sharona....:angel: dreamy....

very cool stuff, i think the blue and white contrasts really well with the flame :)


god octo
11-05-2007, 17:05
Your whole army looks fantastic! The colour scheme really joins the whole force, and again, I have to say that it is fantastic!

Also, I think that the inferno pistols on the seraphim are really good.

11-05-2007, 18:15
Wow, that looks awesome, I think they definitely look better as a whole than on a unit by unit basis.

Easy E
11-05-2007, 19:18
Congrats on completing your army. It took you a bit longer than you planned, but you have accomplished something that many other gamers have never done. Enjoy the fruits of your labor.

11-05-2007, 22:03
It's too bad I didn't catch this until the tail end but it was nice to see another log with sisters in it. Seems like they are so rare around here.

Lady Hope
11-05-2007, 22:12
Thanks for all the kind comments...I must admit that I might have given up a long time ago, had it not been for the motivation from Warseer :)

Oh, and...this doesn't have to be the end. I've got a dominion squad in a converted Immolator, a Death Cult Assassin and a Callidus Assassin planned. But I'll just add them here gradually when I feel like painting.

12-05-2007, 03:58
Excellent stuff. Nice to see it finally done! ;)
Keep updating with the new stuff as and when.
Oh, and work hard on that degree!

12-05-2007, 12:31
I wish those army shots had been bigger. Anyway, now I have to find that "My Sharona"-cover by Pink Cream 69.

12-05-2007, 13:06
Woooo congrats on finishing the army!!!

Will you ever come back this army? or start a new one?


Lady Hope
12-05-2007, 16:40
Will you ever come back this army? or start a new one?

Well, I'm already planning extensions for this one, as per my post above, and the main reason I needed to finish this army was so that I could start a new army with a clean conscience :)

12-05-2007, 16:55
congrats, its a real good feeling to finish a fully painted army, hopefully one day I will know that feeling :)

14-05-2007, 08:36
Congrats! I can remember when you first started this army, and I must say I', very impressed that ou managed to keep ging for so long. It turned out great! Especially the clean crisp white goodness.

Can't wait to play against it again.

15-05-2007, 03:41
Lady Hope you do excellent work!

Those Inferno pistols are fantastic. If GW has any sense they will use those for the pattern and pay you a royalty. :)


15-05-2007, 08:51
Congratulations indeed! The feeling you get when an army is finished is simply wonderful. Enjoy it until you start another one:D

Lady Hope
03-06-2007, 22:06
Thanks for all the kind comments!

Having actually finished the army, I have started on a Dominion squad and a converted Immolator for fun. Pics will come later.

What I need your help for is to decide a colourscheme for the Dominions. I want them to fit well in with the rest of the army, and at the same time show up clearly as a different squad than the others. The same goes for the Immolator. To help I have this picture. It shows all my different unit types and their colourschemes: (Sorry about the size of the sister models, I must have resized the picture too small. Hope you can still make out the details, otherwise there are pictures of the different units throughout this thread, or I can take new pictures.)

What I do know is that the robes will be blue, and the armour white, but apart from that I am open for suggestions for the weapon-casing, details and such-like.
The Immolator will also be mainly blue and white, but where I should put the different colours and how to tie it to its squad...?

(just for help as I don't have a picture of the Immolator yet, it is basically a converted Rhino-chassis with the Immolator top and some extra bits.

03-06-2007, 22:18
I can't believe I missed this.:(

Excellent work there. Inspirational.:D

Have you considered swapping the colours for the Dominion Immolator?

Lady Hope
03-06-2007, 22:23
Thank you :o

Have you considered swapping the colours for the Dominion Immolator?

How do you mean, swapping the colours? The Exorcist and Rhinos are nearly opposite, except that the Rhinos have silver metal, while I've done it gold on the Exorcist. Could you please specify clearer? :)

03-06-2007, 22:32
Much like you did with the Rhinos/Exorcists, but with the silver of the Rhinos.

So you'd end up with:

Silver accents on the transports, Gold on the *tanks*.
Blue body/white doors/silver accents on the Rhinos, white body/blue doors/silver (gold for HQ) accents on the Immolators, white bodies/doors/gold accents on the Exorcists.

Basically the more *elite*, the more white and gold.

03-06-2007, 22:35
Great looking army and congratulations on finishing! Looking forward to the dominions and all the other variable units you will no doubt have to build now! lol

Lady Hope
03-06-2007, 22:35
So basically the exorcists colours, but with silver instead of gold? Sounds like a great idea! And then I can do the Dominions the same as the standard sisters, but with silver weapon casings or something?

03-06-2007, 22:38

That way they blend in with your (admittedly excellent work) and mesh with the army, yet they stand out as being *different* on the tabletop.:D

Lady Hope
03-06-2007, 22:40
The only problem might be that the Immolator will be too bright with a lot of silver and white...but I can try to sort that out by doing some extra parts in blue instead of white. Great idea though. Thanks again! :)

03-06-2007, 22:43

Use the blue to tone it down, much like the Exorcist, but still have it somewhere between the Exorcist and Rhino so it stands out as an *elite* transport. Smokestacks, PMSBs, trim, Extra Armour, Smoke Launchers, engine areas (hard to keep clean if white), etc.

04-06-2007, 09:11
The blie is amazing! Puts my inquisition painting to shame, seeing they have the same blue!

04-06-2007, 09:24
Sisters are always nice to watch...

04-06-2007, 09:37
I have no idea why.. But that silver, ecspecialy on you're tanks.. is just.. Phenomonal. Silver get's a A+.

Rest of you're army is very nice indded, lovely color scheme. A!

bram kuijpers
04-06-2007, 09:38
nice stuff you got there

06-06-2007, 02:16
This might make you chuckle:

I have not used my Sisters Repentia in quite a long time. I pulled them out tonight to finish them (basically they just need flocking) and I noticed I'd painted a blue dot on the ankle of their white 'half boots'.

Then I remembered that I did that so that they would resemble Converse Hightop Tennis Shoes.;)


06-06-2007, 03:58
I like the Exorcist, very nice tank, slightly different scheme than I have seen elsewhere. I really like blue highlights in particular.

Lady Hope
09-06-2007, 11:41
I have not used my Sisters Repentia in quite a long time. I pulled them out tonight to finish them (basically they just need flocking) and I noticed I'd painted a blue dot on the ankle of their white 'half boots'. Then I remembered that I did that so that they would resemble Converse Hightop Tennis Shoes.
That definitely did make me chuckle :D

So, another update.
The Immolator is now built and ready for priming, which should happen sometime today or tomorrow. Here are the pics:

There are some bits still missing on the tank like the SoBs head and an angel figure to sit and pray between the candles on the back of the tank. They have been held off to ease the painting.

For extra armour I am going to use these stuck on the front sides of the tank:
They will be painted silver, and be sort of figure heads as well as extra armour.

As for the colours, I have reviewed my last ideas, and changed them a little. I love the look of the Rhinos more than the Exorcist, so I'm going to paint this one like the Rhinos, but with more white and silver. It is a transport after all. I was initially worried about how to get enough white on the tank, as I thought the top would look strange in white, but I was convinced otherwise when I looked at it this way:

Hope you see what I mean.

So, next step, prime, and then start painting!

Edit: Photobucket resized my picture of the Immolators part, so here are the links to the separate parts for those that might be interested:
Front: http://i28.photobucket.com/albums/c227/saskia_pipo/Brides%20of%20the%20Emperor/immofront.jpg
Back: http://i28.photobucket.com/albums/c227/saskia_pipo/Brides%20of%20the%20Emperor/immoback.jpg
Side1: http://i28.photobucket.com/albums/c227/saskia_pipo/Brides%20of%20the%20Emperor/immoside1.jpg
Side2: http://i28.photobucket.com/albums/c227/saskia_pipo/Brides%20of%20the%20Emperor/immoside2.jpg

09-06-2007, 11:42
great work on that, looking the business!

god octo
09-06-2007, 11:55
That Immolator is looking nice, and its always good to see you posting here again, Lady Hope. On the dominions, you could paint them normally, but then roughen them up a bit, with soot and dust to show how often they use all those flame based weapons.

Lady Hope
09-06-2007, 12:07
Thank you both!
god octo: A nice idea about the dominions, but I think I'll keep them clean so to fit in with the rest of the army. I have consciously not used any form for dirtying or battle damage on any parts of the army.

Lady Hope
16-06-2007, 19:16
Update time:
Tomorrow I am leaving for a nearly two month holiday, and will be leaving the Immolator at home. So this will be the last update for about two months.

Here is what Torqueo, as she is called, looks like at the moment:

On that note, have a lovely summer :) New updates will come in August!

16-06-2007, 20:16
veeery nice, that blue is so vibrant.

have a good holiday!


17-06-2007, 03:22
Good to see your still making progress!

Good work Lady - keep it up:D

17-06-2007, 04:16
Keep up the good work Lady Hope.

Enjoy your vacation!


Lady Hope
13-10-2007, 20:34
Well, so much for updating this in August... University and a LotR Rohan army got in the way, but now I'm slowly picking up speed on these girls again.

My last project was these:


I finished the Death Cults this evening, and the Callidus has been around for a while. I know the Callidus is very shiny, it was a mistake. I've now understood that when the label on the matte varnish says "only one layer", it actually means only one layer :)

Anyway, comments welcome, and slowly but surely the Immolator and Dominion squad will get painted too. I'll keep you updated.

13-10-2007, 20:55
Nice to see you are back and painting the sisters again... I actually like the shiny bodysuit on the assassin it looks like a proper rubber catsuit :p


god octo
14-10-2007, 11:16
Nice to see that your still going Lady Hope. Those assassins are really nice- what colour is the brown? It goes really nicely with the greens and blues.

Lady Hope
14-10-2007, 11:40
Thanks for the comments.

Mutantdale: Yepp, had the same catsuit feeling. If I get a lot of positive comments on it, I might just try to make the Death Cults suits the same

god octo: I'll keep going till I'm finished, I promise :) oh, and which brown?

14-10-2007, 12:17
Everything looks ace, big ******* ace.

The one thing I'd like to see would be how a very deep, nearly wine-coloured (nearly mind you, I'm not talking purplish) red on some sort of cloth would look together with the rest of the models, could look bad, could look ace. You call the shots.

Now, could you please give a tutorial on that blue of yours mylady? :) Eller måste jag ta det på svenska med immiterad norsk brytning ;)

Lady Hope
14-10-2007, 13:26
Neknoh: Thanks! English works fine, men jeg forstår svensk også :)

The blue on the assassins is just midnight blue over black, so I reckon you mean a tutorial on the blue on the sisters and tanks.
I can try to take pictures while painting a model once, otherwise it is simple to explain. I start with Midnight Blue over a white undercoat. The white undercoat is important, otherwise the blue looks very purple, like on the assassins. I mix the Midnight Blue with blue ink to make it cover better, and when it has covered properly I start adding white in the mix and highlighting the raised areas. I do this again and again, careful not to get to big leaps in the colours, untill I have reached a colour similar to Enchanted Blue on the cloth, and Ice Blue on the tanks (as they have sharper corners). That is basically it.

14-10-2007, 13:38
And the almost black areas of blue on tanks then?

Lady Hope
14-10-2007, 14:22
That's just about 8 layers of Midnight Blue mixed with blue ink over the basecoat.

18-10-2007, 18:44
Lady Hope:

I have no idea if you have access to Testors products or not, but they make brush and spray enamel paints for plastic models. They have a spray on Dullcoat finish which should fix your shiny problem on the Callidus. Its what I use for a flat finish on all my miniatures.


18-10-2007, 18:51
Looking really good. I like the colour scheme alot.
generally i see sisters painted red black or some form of dark purple. Its nice to see a unique, bright scheme.
Amazing job on the Tank highlights and i love the silver on your rhino. Dont know why, it just looks really amazing

Lady Hope
18-10-2007, 20:06
Montford981: Nope, I do not have access to Testors, (not yet atleast) which is a great problem, as I need to coat my whole army at some point so it stops chipping. But I'm looking into finding a substitute that I can get hold of in Norway.

AbyssRaven: Thanks you! *blush*

18-10-2007, 21:34
Those objective/loot markers are superb. Nice work

31-10-2007, 15:11
AbyssRaven: Thanks you! *blush*

yay i made some one blush ^.^

Im hoenstly still trying to get a metal that sharp and clean looking. Been at it since i posted. Contemplating retreating formt he idea though. i just suck with metals

oh and a bump for your log, since its a good SoB one