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19-05-2005, 02:19
Want another "boring question"? Here's one.

What year is it in the 40K universe "present".
I know its in the 41st Millenium, but what year specifically.
I'm begining to write some fluff for an IG army, though it would be better if i put some dates down, but i cant count backwards from the present because i dont know what year the present is.

This should be an easy one to answer.

19-05-2005, 03:05
I don't think it's gone much farther than 40,999...mind you I've not really read much fluff since the end of the Eye of Terror campaign which was set in 999 M40.

It would probably be best to start the history from action during defence against the last black crusade...though I could be totaly wrong and heaps might have happened since then.

19-05-2005, 04:47
The "present" is sometime in 999.M41 or just after at the turn of the millenium right in the aftermath of the online Eye of Terror Campaign which was a Chaos victory. Basically it is a sort of "one stroke before midnight" at the dawn of what is looking to be a gloomy 42nd millenium for the Imperium, with more distant areas of the Imperium having their defenses stripped to reinforce Cadia.

19-05-2005, 12:52
Yep. GW advanced their timeline very rapidly to allow for worldwide campaigns like Armageddon and Eye of Terror, which was bad planning as Warhammer 41,000 doesn't exactly have the same ring to it... in reality GW will probably never drastically change the 40K universe, if the Tyranids actually did devour the imperium or the C'Tan harvested everyone it'd kind of ruin the game a little.

19-05-2005, 13:25
While GW seems happy with 'updating' old fluff with suposedly 'cool' concepts (or so they think) they clearly have no idea where they are standing nor where they are going. The same is equally true whether one discusses about 40K or FB - the recent focus on 'historical' battles in both games in evidence enough. The studio painted itself in a corner with all their talk of 'end times' and apocalypse, while trying to disguise the lack of coherent development of their universe (fluff-wise) with talks of 'dark secrets' so present in the recent 40K background (especially in the IA articles).

And don't get me started on the Black Library...

19-05-2005, 20:04
It must be remembered that 40k isn't so much a narrative, more of a background for fighting. There is a lot of history, but there are no plans to continue 'storylines'. Everything would be knocked out of balance, with one race disappearing for another to supercede. Even campaigns seem to be orchestrated so nothing really happens.

20-05-2005, 02:40
Like both Armageddon and the Eye of Terror ending in *gasp* "draws".

Mind you, if either campaigned ended in one side winning, it would either be because somone rigged it, or the armies are very unblanced.

20-05-2005, 05:01
Eye of Terror was not a draw, but a Chaos victory. It was said quite clearly in the article. Those that actually understood the campaign system will also understand why Chaos won. It was not due to any unbalance on the army level or any rigging but due to superior placement of wins at the campaign level. Read the fan site that charted the progress of the campaign and they will talk about the mechanics.

The size of the campaign meant neither side was likely to win anything like a decisive overwhelming victory but superior Chaos grand strategy in that campaign meant it was a Chaos minor victory instead of an Imperial one.

20-05-2005, 05:38
according to white dwarf 90-something it is may 20th 41,005 (if you are in the ecclesiastical palace on holy terra) (i.e. the 4nd millenium)

20-05-2005, 12:07
In the new WD, GW have announced an Ichar IV campaign, which is actually going back in history from the 'present'

20-05-2005, 13:02
Think the latest dates are in the Tau book and the Ciaphias Kane books (as these are written from the point of view of someone doing their memoirs. Think it also might cover the Imperials attempting to reclaim some of the tertiary colonies

13-06-2005, 15:57
In the new WD, GW have announced an Ichar IV campaign, which is actually going back in history from the 'present' Seriously? The Battle for Ichar IV was years ago!

13-06-2005, 16:01
We are entering M42 now right?

13-06-2005, 16:13
Seriously? The Battle for Ichar IV was years ago!

Oh, wait. Turns out it was a local one, not a major campaign.

13-06-2005, 16:59
Current year as said before and in rulebook is 40,999

14-06-2005, 05:31
The rulebook states it as M41.999. GW refuses to advance the storyline much farther, and 40k always has been a setting more than a storyline. The best stories are the little ones, and its those little ones that are made into novels.

Look at Lysander, it's an advancement of part of the storyline without going into the future. The Imperium and galaxy as a whole has existed as it does now for the past 10,000 years. No matter when someone was born, their life experience and the stories that surround them won't really differ all that much, it's not like someone born in the 60's and the 90's.

That's the beauty of 40k. Complexity within simplicity.

Delicious Soy
14-06-2005, 05:39
I think the latest official date I've read was something EoT related and was 002.M42, but that just off the top of my head.

14-06-2005, 12:47
As i stated before the year is M.41,999 and it will always be this as GW are refusing to advance into M42 as they say they have thounsands of years to play with so expect to see some more storylines that started in the past.

14-06-2005, 13:17
Does anyone else feel that GW should continue the story-line instead of delving back into the past over and over?

14-06-2005, 14:37
No, it would just encourage more of the stalemate style continuations where lots of things threaten but nothing actually happens.

Unless of course GW allow the Imperium to collapse or the Eldar to die out, or the Necrons to enslave the galaxy, or the Nids to eat everything, all of which seem somewhat unlikely.........

14-06-2005, 16:33
Does anyone else feel that GW should continue the story-line instead of delving back into the past over and over?

If they do that and are not careful they could annoy alot of gamers look what happened last time they advanced the universe and killed the squats.

14-06-2005, 16:52
Aye, don't get me started..!
Cute bunny - can you do a Squig, like the one in my head, working the controls?

15-06-2005, 12:04
The quotes inserted in the latest Commissar Cain novel are dated in the second century of M42. Therefore, I assume the Imperium is still standing!!

Sir Charles
17-06-2005, 20:34
You now this is propably a little of topic but what year would "now" be concidered to be? I mean is giving the date as 41999 meant to mean that it is 41999 CE (or AD whatever you prefer) or are they counting up from another point, say the birth of the Emperor, seeing that he was around to tell them when that was.

Delicious Soy
18-06-2005, 02:29
I think they're still measuring from the AD timescale, they've just forgotten what they were counting from.

Brother Othorio
18-06-2005, 10:19
If they do that and are not careful they could annoy alot of gamers look what happened last time they advanced the universe and killed the squats.

but.. they didnt wipe the squats out in a timeline advancement.. they just pretended they never existed.. then when people kept bugging them about it came up with "um, er.. the Tyranids ate them! yeah that works, the Tyranids ate them, now leave us alone" they didnt have a commitee meeting and say "i know chaps, lets move timeline forward 10 years and have the Squats eaten by Tyranids in meantime"