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15-12-2009, 05:19
Im looking to get into LOTR Miniatures, but my concern is the modeling quality compared to Warhammer Fantasy. Are they the same size models?

Is fantasy a higher quality models? (more small details, better details, ect..)

Is it just the rough paint jobs that make it appear this way?

Any help would be appriciated.

15-12-2009, 06:01
LotR minis are realistically proportioned, and thus a bit smaller than WFB minis. IMO, that's the great thing about them, they actually look like all the characters and troops out of the movies.
The plastics for LotR can be a little on the rough side, but it's probably due to them being largely 1-piece models, and I think they've made them much better over the last few years.

15-12-2009, 11:02
They are similar size - LotR are 28mm scale models, and Fantasy are "28mm heroic scale models" Lotr models are about a head shorter than similar fantasy models, but have proportions you might actually see on a person. As far as quality goes they're pretty similar, although I think all of GW's new plastics in all their ranges are pretty nifty. The fact that they're one piece models makes them slightly harder to convert, because simple part swaps are harder to do, but it also means you'll rarely if ever have a model that just doesn't fit together (I can't say anything about the metal kits, haven't put those together yet) The two biggest advantages that LotR has over fantasy is price - 24 Gondor infantry are $37, and 10 WHFB skeletons are $25 - and style. The style difference is that thanks to LotR being someone else's IP, LotR models tend to not suffer from Excessive Bling Symdrome.

15-12-2009, 16:35
LOTR are smaller scale than Fantasy(And 40K) but things like Dark Elf Crossbows have been used in conversions.
The metal modals are fantastic(On the most part) and are the same quality that the rest of gW do (Which compated to other internet baced people is still avarage). However due to the lOTR plastic being mainly 1-4 pices there isn't as much detail as you might get from lets say a box of Dwwarves or Space Marines. However things like the Ent and Trolls are fantastic multi-part boxes(I have got a total of 3 platic Trolls and another 2 Metal ones!) You will often ened jus tthe same or prehaps even more skill iwht a brush for LOTR as there is often not as much detail but smaller modals (Which explains why my Eldar are painted much better than my LOTR men/orc etc)

15-12-2009, 18:44
Ok can you help with one more thing?

What's the sizes for trolls, half trolls, Harad Abrakhân Guard, and Hill Troll Chieftain Buhrdur. Maybe use warhammer Orgres and Giants to compare because I know those sizes?

15-12-2009, 19:08
The sizes, again, are about the same as the warhammer stuff. A great unclean one and a mordor troll are probably about the same rough height and size (though one is fatter and greener).

The scales are basically comparable, in short. It's not like we're talking warmaster to inquisitor difference here or something. It's all 28mm; the difference is mainly that there's not a lot of clutter / bling on the LotR stuff, and that their heads and hands are normally sized. As are the weapons.

So that's basically the difference, in short, across the entire range. Is there something specific you are worried about?

Gilfred The Iron Knight
15-12-2009, 19:11
cave trolls they are on a 40mm round so about the same as an orge
mordor/isengard trolls are on 60mm and bigger than a cave troll but nowhere near a giant. they are about the size of a 40k dreadnought

half trolls, Harad Abrakhân Guard are on 25mm round they are same size as normal humans

Hill Troll Chieftain Buhrdur is a "cave troll captain" an is only "slightly" bigger than a cave troll