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15-12-2009, 14:05
Hi all! I am starting up War of the Ring with a couple friends, and was curious about how the different armies feel. I've looked around but can't find anything really solid about the armies, so any help would be appreciated. I was liking the army of the dead, but I waned to make sure they aren't insane (a la Vampire Counts) or just useless.

Avatar of the Eldar
15-12-2009, 15:55

I think you'll really enjoy WotR.

As for armies, here are a few thoughts:

- Army differences in WotR are more subtle than in WFB. The different units in different armies have different stat lines, but those differences a) smooth out in mass and b) it's all about how you apply your Heroes and Epic Heroes might points to buff up your line at a key place at the right time.

- That said, you can choose the army that appeals to you with confidence knowing you're not going to end up with the WFB equivalent of choosing O&G in a group full of VC and DoC. It just doesn't work that way in WotR.

- As for Army of the Dead, those are just rare troops WITHIN the Gondor army. Speaking personally, I don't and won't use them in my Gondor army. Mostly for background reasons. Some here would say that they upset game balance.

- However, if the idea of a dead army attracts you, then you can do that in a totally legit fashion with an Angmar army.

- My advice would be for you and your friends to figure out which armies each of you likes most and try to balance those choices to give your group the most thematic gaming options. E.g. Gondor-Mordor is the most classic match up. Gondor-Mordor-Fallen Realms. Gondor-Rohan-Mordor. Gondor-Rohan-Mordor-Isengard. Dwarves-Misty Mountains. Elves-Misty Mountains.

I'll let others weigh in here. Have fun with it!

15-12-2009, 17:50
Thanks so far! Yes, Angmar was what I was looking at initially, I just wanna make sure they aren't super broken or anything. If they are, the other army I was considering is the Fallen Realms (I think it is the Easterling people.) Are they OK? I don't want to make the same mistake when I started WHFB, I picked Tomb Kings and my friends would never let up about them lol.

15-12-2009, 19:11

In short, no army is broken.

I can't emphasize that enough. There are individual elements within each army that are quite good, but here's the trick:

Evil armies can take 25% of their list from another evil army. Good armies can take 25% of their list from another good army. (% of points, that is, so say 250 out of 1000)

That means if there is anything overwhelmingly useful, you can take it. This balances out a lot of the flaws if people get competitive, because you can borrow from other armies. Think of an Empire army being able to induct demons in fantasy, for instance, to combat VC.

I play Angmar, and my only caution to you about the army would be this:

It's probably the hardest army to play and balance out of all the lists. The undead are, if anything, a touch underpowered, and there is less variety in the list than one might initially like. As a result, the bottom line is that they are not as flexible as they could be, lack some basic options (like a cavalry unit to put epic heroes in) that you can find in other forces, and do run into unfavorable matchups sometimes. With that said, I have a pretty good record with them, but the bottom line is that if anyone complains that they are "too good", that person is a twit.

You'd be fine playing them, and I encourage you to do so if that is the force you like, because it will teach you quite a bit about the nuances of the game.

Also, Buhrdur is the man.

Gilfred The Iron Knight
15-12-2009, 19:16
Angmar has only two problems from my experience.

1) the ghost units cannot be joined by epic heros

2) The lack of overall diversity leading to allies being required.

As said before thou no army is under/over powered compared to the next like fantasy. It just happens imo that some armies have an easier job making a solid balanced list.

15-12-2009, 19:59
Thanks for all the help, it is greatly appreciated! So what about the Fallen Realms? I saw a picture of a Mumak model and lost it, how do they play? I understand that a lot of the armies are balanced, but do they primarily shoot or something? What is the uniqueness of them and Angmar? Also, who is Bhurdur? lol

15-12-2009, 20:56
In short:

Most of the armies can play however you want.

Fallen Realms is actually one of the most versatile - light infantry, heavy infantry, shooting, light cavalry, heavy cavalry, and elite infantry / special models (chariots, mumaks) are all in the list. I think Fallen Realms, Gondor, and Mordor are probably the three most versatile lists.

In short, you can play however you want, and it can work with that list.

As to Angmar, they are the only army that can be mostly / all spirits. This would be pretty decent if they weren't also overcosted a bit, so you can do it, but I doubt you will see much success... I've tried, and it seems to work better with spirits as the spearhead, but orcs and barbarians to back them up.

Buhrdur is part ninja, part troll, and all awesome.

15-12-2009, 22:09
An Angmar army based around the dead can be very playable and enjoyable.
Couple of quick points:

- you get the most out of dead units by using them in conjunction with your non-dead options, such as Men of Carn Dum or those often-overlooked Angmar Orcs

- Court of Fallen Kings are an awesome unit

- most dead units have We Stand Alone, meaning epic heroes can't join them. The exception to this is the Spectral Host, but other units represent better value. If you want to keep with the terror theme, you could use allied Black Numenoreans, for example.

-Angmar doesn't have much shooting, so magic that increases your speed and reduces your opponents shooting (Darkness) and magic that reduces your opponent's Courage (Dispair) are both useful. All Nazgul know both Darkness and Dispair :).

Buhrdur is a Legendary Formation, an ambushing troll who kicks butt and doesn't bother taking names. Well worth including, unless you'd rather use Shelob for the 'creepy' aspect.

24-12-2009, 21:37
I'm building a 1,000 point Angmar force and plan to eventually expand it to 1,500.

I want a spirit themed, balanced and versitale force. Here is what I came up with for 1,000 points. Any tips, pointers, tactics, and suggestions would be very helpful.

Ghostly Legion (3 companies with 1Captain and 1Standard Bearer)
Ghostly Riders (2 companies with 1Captain)
Spectral Host (1 company)
Court of Fallen Kings (1 company)
Morannon Orcs (2 companies)
Orc Trackers (1 company)
Shade (1 company)
The Tainted (Hero)
Wormtongue (Hero)

It seems like the Ghostly Riders and Ghostly Legion are incredibly expensive for what they do and also seems like I ought to have more companies of infantry. I'm worried about how this force will fare against armies that deploy infantry formations of 4-6 companies. Seems like I would be incredibly outnumbered. Also worried about how this would do against powerful Heroes from the Good side. Also heard Elves are dangerous against Angmar. What the best way to deal with them?

Not a big fan of placing the Orcs in the army because it sort of goes against the spirit theme but it seems like I need some shooting (Orc Trackers) and a few living units to fill out the ranks (Morannon Orcs). Alternatively I could replace the 2 companies of Morannon Orcs with 3 companies of Angmar Orcs (but their stat line is slightly weaker).

I was also considering a single company of Morgul Knights or Black Numenoreans to replace the Orc infantry but not sure. Also was considering wargs, werewolves, and spider swarm broodlings. Maybe these are elements that could be used in 1,500 if I can't fit them in with 1,000.

I want to keep Wormtongue, even though he is expensive I feel he is an important part of the force to frighten enemies (lower courage). The integral mechanic that spirits have is they attack courage rather than defense, so lowering courage would be a good thing and fall within the theme of causing fear and dread.

I'm planning on playing the Spectral Host with the Shade. I'm curious how that will work out. The Spectral Host also seems to be overpriced, but they can nullify any high strength unit.

The total of the force is 995 points. I'm not looking for a force that will nessesarily win every time but one that will be fun to play and yet still be competitive.

25-12-2009, 04:40
Since you posted this here as well, I will paste in my reply to your thread at the One Ring.

First off, when the game first came out I decided on Angmar as well, so welcome to the very small group of people who play it. Second, its not a great choice for an army to start WotR with due to the extremely high learning curve of the list, so beware.

I like everything except the ghostly legion and to a lesser extent ghostly riders.

Spectral host have shown that while they are more expensive, they are far superior to ghostly legion. They can have an epic hero attached to it. This is one of many reasons why spectral host should be considered over ghostly legion.

Ghostly legion are nasty expensive, but if youre going with the spirit theme, you may as well just spend the extra 20 points per company and just take spectral hosts.

Plus, if you have no ghostly legion, then all of those sweet plastic ghosties can now be used as spectral host instead of using the three poses offered by the much more expensive metals.

I would take morgul knights over the ghostly riders simply because they are better in every way and look just as evil if not more so. They are also slightly cheaper monetarily.

Wormtongue can be fun to use on occasion, but he ultimately suffers from being too expensive in general against most opponents. While he is an epic hero,it is debatable if he can hop around other enemy units or simply has to stay in one formation. It also uses valuable points that could otherwise be used on allies that will help make the rather subpar angmar list more competitive.

To deal with elves:
Its a very hard matchup, especially when they take heroes such as gil galad. To combat this, take a epic hero assassin such as gulavhar or outflank them with druzhag the beast caller abilities (spiders and wargs do indeed come in mighty handy). A Dragon with spellcaster upgrade should also be considered when playing a 2k point game. Dragons fit very well with the angmar theme, even though they arent part of the main list.