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Dooks Dizzo
15-12-2009, 14:37
So I am building my 'Trophy' army of Ogres. I bought all the models in my store practically to build my 3000 point list.

I want the list to be somewhat competitive, lots of fun and to look really good. I fully intend to track the battles of this army and write up story style battle reps for them.

The theme behind the army is an enforcer tribe for Greasus Goldtooth who also hire out as mercenaries when the mood strikes them. The army is very well equipped and enjoys their high status aomg their kin.

Recently the Tribe has been taken over by a new Tyrant, the old one failing to be quick or ruthless enough to keep his position. (His head now addorns my Battle Standard.)

The Titan Jaw Tride

Gorefist Iron Jaw the Lack Witted, Favored of the Maw
Luck Gnoblar
Sword Gnoblars
Magic Items:
The Tenderizer
Greedy Fist
Wyrdstone Necklace
Big Name: Mawseeker

Bloodglut, Slaughtermaster to the Titan Jaw Tribe
Tooth Gnoblars
Magic Items:
Halfling Cookbook
Powerstone x 3

Golg the Horribly Ill Tempered, Standard Bearer of the Titan Jaw Tribe
Battle Standard Bearer
Magic Item: Great Skull
Big Name: Wall Crusher

Brig the Unkillable, Gorefists' Cheif Enforcer
Magic Item: Siege Breaker
Big Name: Death Cheater

Slorm, Butcher of the Titan Jaw Tribe
Magic Item: Hell Heart

Skrimgraw, Butcher of the Titan Jaw Tribe
Magic Items:
Dispel Scroll

Iron Guts x 4
Standard Bearer, Warbanner

Iron Guts x 4

Bulls x 3
Light Armor/Ironfists

Bulls x 3
Light Armor/Ironfists

Yhettee's x 3

Leadbelchers x 2
Leadbelchers x 2

Maneaters x 3
Heavy Armor
Brace of Handguns x 2
Great Weapon x 1


Even though it's a themed army, I'd still like to take a run at the 'Ard Boyz with it. I am pretty sure I will have an instant advantage when I put them on the table because most people will instantly assume that they're going to have an easy win and play sloppy because of it.

Dooks Dizzo
15-12-2009, 23:18
No Ogre love huh?

16-12-2009, 01:16
In my opinion, i think ogres do horribly in competitive tournaments. It is in my belief that they are bottom tier along with BoC.

16-12-2009, 01:23
I don't know. I managed to win Best General and tie for second best overall at a pretty prestigious GT with a very compy ogre army. I even had to beat two nasty daemon armies in order to do it.

16-12-2009, 01:48
Your list looks though out, i like it so far though i went a different direction the one time i took a buddy's ogres to a game. I had great success against lizard men by using a hell heart and by using lots of man eaters and braces of hand guns. The shooting worked well. In general i'd just drop the bulls and try for more iron guts or just anything else. Bulls just don't work in my opinion.

Dooks Dizzo
16-12-2009, 02:42
In my opinion, i think ogres do horribly in competitive tournaments. It is in my belief that they are bottom tier along with BoCThis is opne of the single greatest advantages I will have at a tounament, hands down.

As soon as I put my army on the table my opponent will be rubbing his hands with glee at the 'free' win. Overconfidence will lead to sloppy deployment and early game mistakes. I've seen it time and again and have even fallen into the same trap myself on occasions.

After having absolutly crushed several WoC armies in a row I failed to take one of them seriously and got my butt handed to me. See also Wood Elves. I could have beaten both armies handily if I had treated them with as dangerous opponents.

My Tyrant is more than a match in combat for nearly any Lord level character you can name. A fully tricked out Blood Thirster is about all that I really have concerns about, and even then T6, 5 wounds and a 5+ ward is hard to kill at a single go.

The Bulls are in there to redirect charges for the most part. I can get some decent combat res out of the BSB and the Warbanner unit. +3 before blows are struck gives me fair odds against most static combat res.

The Bruiser with Siege Breaker will put paid to Steam Tanks, Screaming Bells and Plague Furnaces nicely.

I can attach characters to the Maneater unit as needed to keep them from running off and Yhetee's to chase around annoying scouts and such.

Though I only have 31 models I have 102 wounds in the army. I've even got enough Gut Magic to be able to count on a couple of spells actually sticking for half a turn :)

16-12-2009, 17:25
I was worried about the lack of units your getting at 3000 pts - top of my head my 2250 list runs like

Tyrant, almost same set up as yours
brusier BSB, brace of pistols, rune maw
Hunter, 2 Sabre Tusks, Mastadon Armour

2 units of 3 Iron Guts, bellower
2 units of 3 bulls, add HW, bellower
2 units of 20 gnoblar fighters
2 units of 8 trappers
2 units of 3 Yhetees
2 units of 3 Maneaters, brace of pistols

The game plan is to create my deathstar unit with brusier, tyrant, and 3 maneaters - all have brace of pistols so they can shoot like crazy, they hit like a ton of bricks, and reroll their stubborn ld 8 - hard to dislodge.
The 2 units of yhetees act as the games best flankers, and the rest of the army is there to protect and serve my deathstar.
The second unit of maneaters is there to provide support, and if the 1st one gets shot the characters abandon ship to the 2nd unit.
If it was a 3000pt game I'd then load up with butchers and fill out my core units.

16-12-2009, 17:26
PS - love the theme!
If your not getting enough feedback (as I find as Ogre players we dont!) try your luck on posting the list on Ogre Stronghold in addition to Warseer - they have some good posters there who are experianced with Ogres obv!

16-12-2009, 19:54

Interesting list. Subtle changes I would go for:

The lord can't use the greedy fist (it is either a shield or an additional hand weapon) with the tenderizer (it is two handed). Nor can you opt to use the greedy fist instead of the tenderizer as per the rules for magic weapons.

Why not equip the slaughtermaster to fulfill more than just the offensive magic role?
- I would run with the skullplucker and 3 thiefstones to enhance offence and defence in stead of the stone - keep the cookbook. This provides excellent protection for whichever unit he joins (I assume the maneaters.)

Regarding the BSB, I have always found that the rune maw and a unit of gnoblars provides excellent protection to your secondary hammer (the WarGuts)

There is no need for the second bruiser when a butcher is available for the same points cost, preferably equipped with the skullmantle and siegebreaker.

Champions in Ogre or yhetee units are not a great investment. I would drop both of these and the equipment on your bulls and invest the points elsewhere, like upgrading the second unit of bulls to guts and adding 20 gnoblars.

I have no real issue with your maneaters, but I prefer cathayan longswords to the other options. WS 5 In 4 and St 5 armour piercing is sooo good. Personal preference is all. ;)

Carlos the Craven

17-12-2009, 10:33
I agree with Carlos' advice and also think you're way to light on units (and heavy on characters).

17-12-2009, 11:47
Just a couple of thoughts though I've rarely played OK at such high points when I have I've found that one 5 strong unit of leadbelchers is great because no ones quite sure how to deal with them. As Ogre players we know they have as much chance of wiping themselves out as they have of taking out their target (keep a butcher near them for regen) but for the enemy they are a unit that can potential pump out 50 strength 4 armour piercing shots a turn. This makes them great for area denial and throwing a bit of a curve ball to unsettle your opponents. Plus one good game where they actually do something tends to stick in peoples minds more than the other nine games where you may not have even fired them. Mine once gutted a friends entire coldone cav unit and he now worries about them far too much (drawing a lot of heat off the rest of my army) despite the fact that that was the only time they ever really accomplished anything.
I also agree with Carlos about dropping the 2nd bruiser for an extra butcher. I personally find a CLS/GW mix works best for maneaters but I guess its a preference thing. Finally think about running naked bulls with bellowers as bait uniits this will save you a few points for other stuff and remember bait units need to be able to rally which the bellower will help and also cost few enough points that you can sacrifice them happily. Small two man units of LBs are also good bait units.
Hope this helps but definitely check in with the stronghold for more in depth advice.

Dooks Dizzo
17-12-2009, 16:06
Thanks for the input guys. I LOVE the idea about the Leadbelchers, and you're absolutely right, it only takes one freak occurance to stain people's memory.

@Carlos, the Greedy Fist is msgic armor and is totally uneffected by the weapon choice if the Tyrant. :) ( I think you're refering to an Iron Fist.)

Otherwise that's some great advice. For some reason it just doesn't occur to me to equip a butcher with a magical greatweapon, but there's really no reason not to.

Consider the unit champs and such stripped from the army.

I'll tweak around with it some. I hope to test play it today.

Dooks Dizzo
18-12-2009, 02:38
Played my first game with these boys and it was a hell of a lot of fun. A buddy running an all Minotaur army threw down 2K with me. My Ogres yelling 'Steak!!!' for the whole battle.

I managed to pull out a victory when it looked like all was lost by some last minute repositioning and catching his largest unit in the flank with my Iron Guts. High point of the game was when my Tyrant challenged his Doombull and wiffed all 5 attacks :)

18-12-2009, 07:06
My tactic - taken from another player

Maneater Deathstar - 3-5 Maneaters with a tyrant, brusier BSB, as many brace of pistols you can field

You have a unit which can shoot a minimum of 25" to 30" on the 1st turn hitting targets on a 4+ (as theres not many to hit modifiers for pistols other than muliple shots). Str 4, armour piercing, they pack a leathal punch! And if in close combat - hell they count as additional hand weapons so now each man eater pumps out a staggering FIVE str 5 attacks! the BSB allows them to re-roll their stuborn ld test so not likely to break either!!! Oh, they can stand and shoot as a charge reaction if anyone is crazy enough to want to take them on in combat!!

Immune to psych so they can be counted on to charge anything on the board, and the fact they are T4 v's the tyrant/brusier T5 means enemy attacks have to be allocated - weaking their dice rolling!

Its a tough unit - not one that many warhammer units can take on - especially with the death dealing tyrant swinging left and right! A butcher nearby will help out big time as he can boost the units natural abilities.

The rest of the armies job is to ensure the death star connects with the enemy, and then leave it to the maneaters to win the day!

I got this from an ogre player whose been using them in tourments since they 1st came out and he did really well - even managed to come up pretty high in the UK GT a while back so laugh at anyone who belittles our fat boys!

OK - back to work!

Dooks Dizzo
19-12-2009, 04:42
Jind, thanks for the advice!

I played a 2250 game today against Daemons, Slaanesh Leadership Bomb style and managed to crush them into the dirt.

I went with 4 maneaters with handguns, tyrant and BSB in one unit. One good redirect took out a unit of fiends and eventually his keeper got caught in combat with my tyrant and got Tenderized :)

And for the record I had god aweful dice for most the game :)

19-12-2009, 08:39
Looks like it was a good day for us both, I came in 1st place at a local 'Iron Man' tournment with my 5000pt Greenskins!

Dooks Dizzo
20-12-2009, 15:10
I forgot to mention that in the game against daemons 3 of my 4 lead belchers misfired the same turn, killing 3 of them. The last one got off a measly 4 shots and missed with 2 of them :)

Dooks Dizzo
21-12-2009, 12:09
Managed to pull down a win against Brets yesterday. Admittedly the person I was playing was very new to the game, so I won't break my arm patting myself on the back or anything :)