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Khazar the brave
16-12-2009, 16:54
I have just created a new armie list but i am new to warhammer, can you plz comment!


skink priest- lvl 2 _ 100points

saurus oldblood-light armour, sword of striking, enchanted shield,wardrums of xautec, talisman of protection _ 240points

skink chief- light armour, burning blade of chotec, enchanted shield, talisman of protection _ 107points

16 saurus warriors- spears, champion, musition, standard bearer _ 222points

16 saurus warriors- champion, musition, standard bearer _ 206points

16 saurus warriors- champion, musition, standard bearer _ 206points

12 skink skirmishers- skink brave _ 90points

12 skink skirmishers- skink brave, javelins _ 102points

24 skinks- skink brave, 2 kroxigors _ 238points

8 saurus cavalry- champion, musition _ 310points

3 terradons- terradon brave _ 100points

total= 1921 points

any suggestions welcome! :):chrome:

p.s. i like :cheese:

Khazar the brave
16-12-2009, 17:00
i forgot i play an against an empire armie! (and on rare occasions, brettonians)


16-12-2009, 17:13
hey there,

you say you like cheese, do you want a cheesy list? if so this isnt one..
A few things: Magic: If you arent taking a Slaan, use those priests for scroll cadies, one with 2 scrolls, and one with the diadem of power + a scroll. Now, for those points i suggest scrapping the unit champions of nearly/if not all units. I find them a waste of points, very much so on your cav. and skinks, they should go straight away! On the saurus, its 12pts for 1 more man with 1 more attack, +1pt for a spear, this is 13pts for 1 more attack, and a normal saurus with spear is 12 pts.

Also i would suggest trying to shoe-horn a steggy in, a skink chief with stegadon spear on an ancient steg is quite evil, 2d6+1 impact hits, thats an average of 8. Now i dont have my army book to hand, but if you scrap a sarus unit(you have loads, keep the one with spears) and perhaps sometinhg else, not sure of exact points needed, you should have enough

good luck


Khazar the brave
16-12-2009, 17:37
THANKS!, i might try your suggestions,
yours sencerely, khazar