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16-12-2009, 17:32
Building army in 500 point blocks with friends. I bought the WoC battle box and have an idea for the first 500 pts, the later addition is going with what I have left. Need C&C before I start assembling.

Exalted Hero - Halberd and Shield - 119

Chaos Warriors (11) - Shields, GW, Musician and SB - 216

Chaos Maurauders (20) - MoS, Shields, GW, Light Armour, Musician and SB - 162

Total: 497

Exalted Hero - Halberd and Shield - 119

Chaos Sorcerer - Lvl 2, MoT, PF, BoS - 190

Chaos Warriors (11) - Shields, GW, Musician and SB - 216

Chaos Maurauders (19) - MoS, Shields, GW, Light Armour, Musician and SB - 155 (take one model out for Sorcerer in 1k)

Chaos Warhounds (5) - 30

Chaos Warhounds (5) - 30

Chaos Knights - MoK, Musician and SB - 260

16-12-2009, 20:08
The effects of the marks only effect who they are on.

The banner effects the unit so once the character joins he gets it too.

Being 2 points over depends on your opponent, not us.

16-12-2009, 21:29
For the second block, give your hero Favour of the Gods and buy a group of hounds. 3 pts to spare should cover your extra pts from block one.

I reckon the EH would get frenzy from the banner until he leaves the unit since the BRB says that he counts as part of the group in all aspects until he leaves.

17-12-2009, 00:22
maybe a sorcerer in there but looks k 2 me

17-12-2009, 12:42
Thanks, with the marks and standard issue cleared up I realized that taking MoK on the EH and MoN on the warriors was kinda bad. I swapped both for another Banner of Rage saving 10 points, granting benefits to the whole unit and also keeping my total points under 500.

Added additional 5 man Warhound unit just because, well why not have another screen/flank unit?

Sorcerers seem just so over costly with all the upgrades and items, and well, right now it seems I am placing all my eggs in one basket as it is.


17-12-2009, 13:29
ur gonna need atleast 1 scroll cady otherwise your gonna feel the burn of magic,

17-12-2009, 14:16
you can't have 2 banners of rage. I suggest the rapturous standard on the warrior unit.

I'd also suggest dropping the mounted exalted and a unit of hounds for a sorcerer with power familiar, book of secrets and mark of Tzeentch. You'll pump out 6 PD for a very reasonable cost at 1000 points and get another DD which will always be handy.

Also i'd suggest hw, light armour and shield for the marauders, great weapons with T3 and no save wont do anything. Also get a champ so ur sorc can go in this unit.

22-12-2009, 03:11
Ya, kinda went through the rule book and codex for the BoR. I have made changes to the list according to most of the suggestions, mainly adding the MoT Sorcerer and dropping the second EH and third Hounds.

20 marauders with just a 5+ armour save seems, well horrible waste of points. With WS 4 and S5, thanks to GW, I think they will be alot more useful and point effective.

Anything else?

22-12-2009, 17:31
Ok, well, you're both right on the Marauders actually; First off, Navi, remember that if you went with hw + shields it's only be a 5+ save against shooting and they'd actually have a 4+ save against close combat attacks. Something to consider. On the other hand yeah, one s3 attack each is kinda lame.

Personally, as long as you're having them naked and squishy like that, I think the better idea then gw's or shields would be to go flails; +2 strength on the first turn only sure, but in all rounds they're in initiative order. Which is nice seeing as your marauders have an initiative of 4 and no armour to protect their vittles. So kinda the best of both worlds.

27-12-2009, 05:29
Taken into account... So compromise? Marauders now have both armour and gw's at the cost of Warriors losing MoN. Kinda hoping for them to play a bit better roll on the field. Kinda figured the War's don't need it that badly as well. Original post is updated with new list.

Anymore suggestions?

27-12-2009, 06:38
Might not be in line with your gameplan, but I've had great fun with an Exalted Hero as support for the large group of marauders. Give him a great weapon and Helm of Many Eyes so he can kill off anything that charges the unit.