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16-12-2009, 17:57
I'm going to be starting a new dwarf army soon and I'm looking for some tips and advice.

I havn't played fantasty in a fair while and my regular opponents will be skaven and high elves.

Heres the army list I've come up with so far.

Dwarf Thane.
Shield. 65

Dwarf Warriors x 20. 195
Full command.

Dwarf Warriors x 20. 195
Full command.

Thunderers x 16. 224

Iron breakers. x 10 148
Full command.

Cannon. 90

So what would you add or take away? I have a few spare points to play around with for runes and thing I would like to take the army up to 2000 points.

A couple of questions,

Are flame cannons any good, how do you use them? Do you walk forwards with the rest of the army until your within range or is the range not as abad as I think it is.

Do you need a full unit of 20 dwarfs? When I played everybody had units of 20 for the rank bonus but I've seen people using smaller units recently.

Is the iron breaker unit to small for 1000 points? I've included them to go with the Thane and because I just love the models.


Red Metal
16-12-2009, 18:31
It's a good start for 1K. Just a few things I would recommend.

The Thane needs a GW. You'll hear it mentioned alot - Dwarves win thru static combat res. Maybe add a couple of Runes to him, as well - especially defensive types. Thunderers need to be run in lines of ten. Sixteen is too many, as not all will shoot and you probably won't be able to field them in one line. Also, shields for everyone - even Thunderers. They will always come in handy. Lastly, drop the Ironbreakers. For their points, it's alot in a 1K game. You might think about Longbeards instead for a decent close-combat unit. You could probably use the points to add more Thunderers and then you could field two lines of ten.

As for your questions.

I don't use Flame Cannons. I've never liked them and the Dwarves have alot of better alternatives - Cannons, BTs, etc.

I like to run Dwarves in unit of twenty. I do run Hammerers at fifteen. Twenty will give you great combat res and anything less, really gets run over thru flanking and whatnot.

Ironbreakers are great, but not needed at 1K. My 1K list has a block of Warriors and Longbeards. Only when I get to 1.5K do I add Hammerers and then at 2K, they are a must. Basically, you're fine running Warriors and Longbeards, because you probably won't be facing anything too mighty that they won't be able to address.

Good luck. Go avenge some Dwarf Grudges.

16-12-2009, 18:33
Welcome to Dwarfs. They are my only Fantasy army, and have been now for going on three years.

Just as fair warning, Dwarfs have fallen a bit in terms of competitiveness. It's becoming more of a tactical game as a Dwarf general, which I feel is great for those that stick with the army.

First thing is first; especially if you're looking at taking this army to the 2k points range. You need to decide what your general character will be. Naturally, this choice will lay the foundation for the rest of the units you'll include.

I like the basic units you've included. Solid combat blocks and some missile troops and war machines. I think that as a rule, you generally want to have a 50/50 split between combat and missile units with a Dwarf army. That being said, I'd consider dropping the Ironbreakers and adding another cannon, or warmachines from the special slot (BTs, GT, Cannon). With the points saved, I'd upgrade a unit of your Warriors to Longbeards; they're elite combat units with higher WS and S. You can also slap runic standards. These are just some general critiques right now; if you'd like more, feel free to post.

For your questions:

Flame Cannons are generally considered to be a waste of points for the Rare slot. This is based on the proven perfomances of Gyrocopters and Organ Guns. For those just starting a Dwarf army, an Organ Gun is considered a staple so it would be a good place to start.

I never run Dwarf combat blocks of less than 20 Dwarfs. Sometimes, I'll take a detachment of 10 to act as flanking units, or diversions for fast cavalry and flyers, but this is rare; my missile troops are always composed of 10 models as well. Part of our general strategy and tactics centers around our units being durable with effective CR.

I'd wager that the IBs are indeed too small. As stated, it's always best to run with at least 20 Dwarfs in a unit. The models look really sweet; I suffer from the same issue. But the fact that Hammerers with shields are the same cost, and are also Stubborn makes Ironbreakers often collecting dust on my shelf. As someone who enjoys Dwarfs, and confident that I'll never play another Fantasy army, I naturally have a unit. They are fun to pull out if you're doing special scenarios, etc.

17-12-2009, 12:21
Thanks for the advice so far guys its been very helpful.

A thane with a great weapon it is then! I will also drop the thunderers down to 10 men and add in a Organ gun :D I didnt realise how good it is!

Some more critique from you Graymer would be great.

As I have the Iron breakers already and the lord model that I want just suits them so well I will definetly be using them at some point in the army.

I love the idea of hammers, the fluff and rules but I'm not a fan of the models. I hope they decide to redo them when the dwarf army book is redone. But that might just be wishful thinking.

Onto the new army list,

Thane. 69
Great Weapon.

20 Warriors. 195

20 Warriors. 195

10 Thunderers. 150

Cannon. 90

Organ gun. 120


So thats 181 points left to play around with, I've come up with a few options off the top of my head. I could upgrade a unit to long beards, add shields to the thunderers, add a unit of iron breakers :angel: , a unit of thunderers, a runelord...

What would you do with the spare points?

For the runes I was thinking of using the rune of Forging on the organ gun and perhaps the rune of reloading aswell. It would add an extra 45 to the cost though.

For the lord I was looking at the rune of gromril or the rune of resistance (both 25) But the rune of stone is cheap so I could just put two of those on him to give him a good armour save.

Just a couple more questions,

How neccesary is a runesmith / runelord?

What good is the master rune of Kragg the grim?

It breaks the rule of having 20 but would a unit of 10 Miners be effective? I presume most people use them to come on from the rear and disrupt the enemies artillery.

Thanks once again.

17-12-2009, 14:04
Add a grudge thrower with the rune of accuracy a bolt thrower with rune of burning and master rune of gromil to your thane and your list is good to go ;)

How you setup your runesmiths/lords depends on how you plan to use them. I'd suggest to not try and make them combat heros and just stick with the master rune of balance and a rune of spell breaking.

When you rune a weapon counts as a hand weapon, so the only way to keep your great weapon as a runed great weapon is to take the master rune of kragg the grim.

10 miners are fine for taking our warmachines or threatening a units flank once they reach your line.

17-12-2009, 15:48
For the Thane, as Malorian suggested, I'd slap on the MRoGromril. 1+ AS and 3 S6 attacks should be more than enough at 1000 points.

To round out the rest of the list, I'd go ahead and upgrade one of your units to Longbeards. Give them Rune of Determination and Full Command. Consider adding the Champion to the Warrior block as well.

Whichever unit you're running the Thane in, I'd drop it to 19 models so you have an even 20 in each.

Organ Guns cannot recieve runes. That being said, RoForging on your Cannon would be great; RoReloading is a nice, cheaper substitute if you're shy on points.

With the remaining points, a unit of Miners would be cool. If you're shy on points, I'd go for 8 of them, with a frontage of 6. Purchase the Prospector upgrade.

All in all, that should set you up with a solid Dwarf army at 1k points. On to the other questions.

In regards to Runesmiths/Runelords, as point levels escalate it will be necessary to take these. If you're running a Lord list, go with the Runesmith. Never bring a Runelord unless you take the Anvil. As Malorian also pointed out, Runesmiths are not offensive characters. I just use them as dispel scroll caddies and usually place them in a warmachine that's sandwiched in between my combat blocks.

MRoKragg is great if you're looking to have a great weapon, but also slap some runes onto it as well. It's a lesser used rune, and often reserved for offensive Lords. A build I've used is MRoKragg, RoSnorri, and RoFury.

Miners are a great unit for our army. They offer a unique method of getting to spots on the table that we normally can't due to low movement. When I include them, it's for warmachine and missile troop hunting; also to claim table quarters.