View Full Version : Tallarn resculpts - can it be?

30-01-2006, 01:19
Sadly, I think not.

Just nosing through this months WD (UK). Look at the advance orders (p141).

From January 28th (released 11th March)

Tallarn Squad 20
Tallarn Officers 6
Tallarn Speacial Weapons 6
Tallarn Troopers 6
Tallarn Rough Rider 5

What the hell is going on? I presume these aren't actually new, just a reboxing of the old models. Why advertise them as new? Bah. :mad:

30-01-2006, 02:46
Nothing new, just repackaging the oldies into new boxes to concur with FW's Taros Campaign.



30-01-2006, 05:23
Please try and take at least a few seconds to look at the forum it would be obvious there are already threads on this subject.

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