View Full Version : 2250 Empire Competitive (maybe cheesy) list

19-12-2009, 20:10
Arch Lector
double handed hammer
meteoric armour
4+ ward
swap stats in challenge

army standard
plate armour
sword of strength

lvl 2 Mage
dispell scroll
reveal all magic items in 24' area

10 handgunners

10 handgunners

10 handgunner

15 Flaggalents

5 knights

5 knights

5 Outriders

Great Cannon

19 Great Swords
full command
(arch lector here)



Basic idea? The two blocks of infantry are either unbreakable or close to. opponent gets stuck in, then flank with knights. hochlands target mages. stanks ruin your opponents day, and outriders stops marches and hunts war machines. ideas?

20-12-2009, 01:45
You have some cool units in there. What are you planning on doing with them? How do you plan on moving around the battlefield? 4 of your units can't really move without losing their advantage. The Steamtanks are unpredictable as is the cannon at times. Your knight units could stand to be at least 6 to 8 strong just to shake off some magic and spells before getting into combat. Do what you want but make a game plan. 2 Stanks is a bit much though. You should be smart enough to pull off wins without 2 stanks. Also no shield for BSBs.

The Boy Harker
22-12-2009, 11:33
in addition to Dark Knight, you cant give any equipment to your BSB other than a barded steed or full plate armour, so you would have to drop the handgun & the shield.
The arch lector gets a 4+ ward save from his bound spells, so IMO the points spent on the ward save would be better spent elsewhere.
For example, dropping the ward save from the lector, the handgun, sword of might & shield from the BSB and the crystal ball from your 1st wizard, would give you 97 points, which will get you a level one wizard with a second dispel scroll, and then you can give the biting blade to your BSB so that he retains his magical attacks with an additional armour save modifier, and have 2 points spare.

22-12-2009, 11:46
Its classic anvil and hammer-the problem is deployment-its gonna be a wide line.

Pistoliers are much better than outriders and a second cannon and second wizard are needed.

Repetition is needed when stuff is a bit crap/unreliable to begin with so you can hammer home your point.

1 cannon worries a greater deamon.
2 and it hides
3 -it pops its base out and dies.

Mortars got much better when skaven arrived-mmmmm target rich environment.
Rocket batteries are too unpredictable but are fun to use.
Why no HBVG?

2 STANKS are good but most tournies now do not allow repeated rares.

Good luck,