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20-12-2009, 15:44
I came up with the idea of theming my (new) empire army around being turned to chaos...Basically the story is a Chaos Warlord had is army defeated, and along witha couple of his henchmen have travelled round finding new troops, exiles etc. So, I'm going for mainly warrior priests as my characters, using chaos hero models, or converted chaos knights for the mounted ones, my swordsmen are a mix of beastmen and marauder models, handgunners are normal handgunner models, but thinking of using zombie heads, knights I'm using empire knight models, but painting chaosy, arch lector on war altar is a chaos chariot which I will convert extensively, Karl Franz on dragon/griffon is black dragon/griffon, with chaos lord model riding, all my great cannons will be leadbelchers instead of cannon and crew.

So what do you guys think? Would it work? Any suggestions? Any help with modelling ideas, or back story let me know!!

20-12-2009, 20:39
An idea for the leadbelchers would be to use 3 of the Gnoblars to act as the crew around each Leadbelcher