View Full Version : 2,000 point Skaven army, REALLY needs C&C

Rabid Bunny 666
22-12-2009, 00:49
Hello, i've been collecting GW for coming on 12 years now, i've never really found an army that fits my personal image of Warhammer. I've dabbled in other armies, but never really got into them, the only real one has been Skaven, but I only ever played Mordheim with them. With the new book and clanrat miniatures, i'm going for the one army I intent to use in Fantasy.

Grey Seer: Screaming Bell, 2 Warpstone Token, Foul Pendant, Rat Hound Bodyguard: 505

Warlock Engineer: Level 2, Warpsone Token, Warpmusket: 130

Warlock Engineer: Level 2, Warpsone Token, Warpmusket: 130

Chieftan: BSB, Shield, Grand Banner of Clan Superiority: 105


30 Clanrats: Full Command and shields: 155
Ratling Gun: 55

30 Clanrats: Full Command and shields: 155
Ratling Gun: 55

30 Clanrats: Full Command and shields: 155
Ratling Gun: 55

30 Clanrats: Full Command and shields: 155

5 Poisoned Wind Globadiers: 50

Ratling Gun: 55

Doomwheel: 150

Warp Lightning Cannon: 90



Basically the army was going to be a Skryre army, but this changed into a Warlord Clan, now into the pawns of a Grey Seer. The rough tactics will be Doomwheel and WLC on flanks, with the blocks of Clanrats in the centre, one pushing the Screaming Bell. Engineers will be in the units, or running alongside. The chieftan will be deployed away from the Screaming Bell to help keep the horde from running away. PWGs to run alongside the units and bombard enemies when need be.

One thing i'm concerned about is punch, the army lacks it. With only Clanrats for combat and one Doomwheel all I can do is hope that static combat res will carry the day or break one unit on the charge. The weight of magic the Seer and Engineers can put out are also going to be relied upon a fair bit, which worries me.

22-12-2009, 01:47
bro, you need slaves.

more units = better.

that unit with the bell will have take up the space of 45 clanrat. too big to be manuverable.

warprokens are overpriced. don't put too much on your lord ethier.

4 ratlinguns used to be broken, now that they roll to hit, and have a different misfire chart, they arrt as bad.

the doomwheel is hella-random.

The SkaerKrow
22-12-2009, 13:06
I would drop the Bell unit to 20 or 25 Clanrats, and implode one of the other Clanrat units entirely. With the points, get yourself a couple of blocks of Slaves. I'm of the opinion that Warpfire Throwers and Jezzails are more desirable than Ratling Guns for just about everything, so I'd also find a way to work them into the army as well.

22-12-2009, 13:46
Foegnasher, i'm ashamed really, you failed to mention that when warlocks are moving/with units, the warpmusket is a waste :p

Seriously, drop the warpmusket, because when he's walking around, no use. If he's going to be up close(ish) i think a brace of pistols would be better (buy one from his unit entry, and the other from the scavenger pile :))

Also, number number number! Good, unfortunatly (if there is a thing) too many of them are in Clanrats.... I'd do what the others said: ditch a unit, and buy one hella-tonne of 21 man slave units. You need them, cannon-fodder= win. Charge bait = win and most of all slaves (charge bait + cannon-fodder) = win.

Also, if you were to drop the Bell-pushing Clanrats, i wouldn't go below 25. At all. They're probably going to be deathing. Alot.