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the iron king
22-12-2009, 10:30
in the last meeting in my community we had a discussion.
if there is a mage that cast a spell that needs 3+ to cast and he has +1 to the casting(like starwood staff)and he cast with one die,and it was 2,but because the staff it's actually 3,the spell is cast or no?

Necromancy Black
22-12-2009, 10:31
Don't the rules say the dice must be at least 3 for it to cast?

Ultimate Life Form
22-12-2009, 10:34
Yes, the rules say exactly that. No need for a discussion.

the iron king
22-12-2009, 10:50
thank you!

24-12-2009, 00:27
3 it is... sucks but the VCdont need any more help...lol