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22-12-2009, 21:19
apologies if this has come up but i couldnt find anything...
Is it actually legal to have different bases sizes in the same unit in WFB (aside from Krox/Skink etc) Specifically, i'm curious to know if you can have an orc hero or lord leading a unit of goblins, or other equivelants like a Chaos lord in Ogres.
I cant seem to find anything in the rulebook or otherwise that gives a yes or no or even seems to mention it.

Thanks in advance for any input/opinions

22-12-2009, 21:23
You can integrate characters with different base sizes into units. Please see the "Warhammer FAQ Feb 2009" for further information.

Link: http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/content/article.jsp?categoryId=1000018&pIndex=1&aId=3000006&start=2

22-12-2009, 21:37
cheers very muchly, i knew it had to be around somewhere, just couldnt for the life of me figure out where.