View Full Version : Empire Mercenrcy list 2000 points

23-12-2009, 21:32
Basically ive decided to stick with an empire list with fantasy with an horde/outcast look mercenary look

General with warhorse dawn armour barding sheild holy relic and lance
2 wizards with a scroll each
master engineer with light armour and long rifle

20 halberdiers with fc
20 swordsman with fc
10 free company detachment
10 free company detachment
20 halberdiers with fc
10 archers detachment
10 handgunners with marksman and rifle
10 crossbows
10 handgunners

8 inner circle knights with fc
5 outriders

Helblaster and Helstorm

Thats it at 2000 think its quite a good list any advice is helpful as i am new to fantasy army building

Thank you in advance

24-12-2009, 00:45
first off, dotn bother with halberdiers, they are one of the worst state troops, my personaly fav is swordsmen, but it is quite possable to have spearmen, but deffinatly replace the halberdiers.

also as cool as engineers are, they are one of the worst heroes in the game, i would replace him with a captain with BsB.

24-12-2009, 10:50
Okay then but the engineer is just a bit of fun anything else you would change what magic would you take?