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24-12-2009, 14:48
We decided to have a battle using the winter war rules that GW have published this week.
We used the frozen lake scenario as well as the Avalanche and DoomHail environment rules.
I used a Skaven Army (still trying to learn their ratty strengths and weakness) against Tom's Warriors of Chaos
Tom is the youngest and least experienced member of our group but tends to make up for lack of experience with killer dice rolls.

Grey Seer Damo On Screaming Bell

Plague Priest Pox L2. Add Weapon, Tail Weapon, Poison

Engineer Squeedamn L2. Condenser

Chieftain Sancheese BSB. E shield. Talisman of protraction

29 Clanrats w Ratling Gun
30 Clanrats w Warpfire
21 Slaves
21 Slaves
21 Rats, 5 Masters
24 Stormvermin - WarBanner & Doom Flayer

5 Runners, Champ, Bombs
24 Monks. Plague Banner
5 Jezzails
5 Globes w Mortar


Warriors of Chaos

Galrauch the Great Drake

Chaos Sor lv2 MOT DISC T Puppet
Chaos Sor Lv2 MON Palanquin Power Fam Esheild
Chaos Sor LV2 MOS Steed Slan spell fam Book of Secrets

25 C Marauders light armour and shields FC
5 M horse men MOK light armour shields M
12 Chaos FC Warriors ad hand weapon
11 Dogs

3 Ogres add hand weaps
3 dragon ogres add hand weaps

Spawn MOS
Spawn MOS

We use the Realms of battle game board and allocated the frozen lake as the 2 flat boards (a 24"x48") area on the far left on this lined up the Marauders, Marauder Horse and War hounds against Slaves, Clanrats and Giant Rats
Tom was concerned about the thin ice so left his heavy knights (his usual favourites) at home
He was further dismayed when he failed to roll Infernal Gateway.

Warriors won the first turn

WOC Turn 1 - Army moved up. Galrauch miscast and used the puppet to change 5 to 4 so the Skaven couldn't have a free spell. Hellcannon falls short

Skaven Turn 1 -Giant Rats Charge Hounds. Magic doesn't happen. Catapult misfires and can't shoot. Mortar Misfires and destroys itself, a Globadier and 3 Stormvermin. Ratling Gun kills 3 Marauder Horsemen. Giant Rats kill 6 hounds who roll snake eyes

WOC Turn 2 - Ogres Charge Plague Monks, Warriors Charge Doom Flayer who flees and never rallies, Marauder Horse Charge Clanrats. Magic kills a few rats. Hellcannon over shoots landing on Galrauch - Tom rolls a misfire and a 6 - A S10 hit to the great drake and the cannon can't shoot again. Galrauch takes 3 wounds. He promptly breath attacks and fries 8 Stormvermin.
Ogres and Marauder Horse both lose and run, Ogres just get away, Horsemen are run down. Rats finish off hounds.

Skaven Turn 2 - Night Runners appear. Doomwheel charges Galrauch, Stormvermin charge Chaos Warriors, Plague Monks Charge and run down Ogres. Clanrats charge Dragon Ogres. Magic - Engineer wounds himself on Warp Lightning. Ratling Gun shoots disk sorcerer down, Doomwheel slays Galrauch. The other combats are worse ideas as the Stormvermin lose 8 against the Chaos Warriors and the Clanrats lose 6 against the Dragon Ogres, however the BSB with then cuts the Slaneesh Sorcerer down in a challenge and they flee.

WOC Turn 3 - Avalanche! 4 Gutter Runners are killed, the last one panics and runs. Doom Hail kills 2 Jezzials who also leg it. Marauders charge and wipe out Slaves. A spawn gets stuck into the Stormvermin, the other tries to charge the Globadiers but is shot down. The Hellcannon charges the Plague Monks.

Skaven Turn 3 - Avalanche! 12 Clanrats are killed. The BSB leaves the unit, this turns out to be a bad plan. Engineer cooks himself with Warp Lightning again. The Dreaded 13th Spell kills all bar one of the Chaos Warriors saving the Stormvermin. Doomwheel loses 4 wounds to a misfire The Warpfire thrower misfires, killing 4 slaves and the BSB. The Catapult shot scatters smashing the ice, 2 clan rats are killed and Ratling gun has a lucky escape. The Hellcannon and monks continue to maul each other. Stormvermin send the Nurgle Sorc running but are pinned by the spawn and down to 2 men

WOC turn 4 - Nurgle Sorc rallies and Buboes the Doomwheel to death.. Stormvermin kill Spawn, Plague Priest kills Hellcannon.

Skaven Turn 4 - Clanrats charge Marauders who flee but get away. Slaves flank Dragon Ogres and actually win, but the scaled beasts hold

WOC Turn 5 - Avalanche! The Dragon Ogres are fine, but the slaves lose 8 and without ranks are cut down. Nurgle Sorcerer charges and kills Globadiers.

Skaven Turn 5 - Avalanche! 8 Marauders are killed. Giant Rats charge the Sorcerer who loses, runs but escapes. Catapult kills a Dragon Ogre (his first and only kill of the match) Clanrats Charge Marauders and finish them

WOC Turn 6 - Dragon Ogres can't reach the Catapult, Sorcerer rallies

Skaven Turn 6 - Rats charge Sorcerer again, but he holds. The game ends.

Final Score Skaven 2154 vs Warriors of Chaos 1355
Result - Solid Victory to the Skaven.

So what did we think of the winter rules?
The avalanches were certainly fun and always seemed to pop up on the right edge at the right moment for dramatic effect, both the Slaves and Marauders would have probably held on if it hadn't crushed them at key moments.
The hail never seemed to hit much as we had awful luck with scatter.
The Frozen lake was more interesting as it altered the armies we picked and the way we deployed. I think Tom should have put his Ogres on that side to use their smash attack.
He was also disappointed with Galrauch who had some awful luck miscasting, being hit by his own Hellcannon before a Doomwheel in the face gave him a very bad day.

24-12-2009, 17:50
What a crazy game ! from scores of infantry dying to avalanches to a crazy chaos army whose hellcannon had a traitorous bent, to self destructing skaven, this game had it all. I'm interested to know how the mission affected the armies you took.

Looks like I'm going to have to pick up a copy of white dwarf :)

24-12-2009, 20:06
All the rules can be found on the GW website.
Yeah it was a pretty crazy game - in terms of army selection Tom usually takes 1 or 2 units of Chaos Knights but as we knew the scenario beforehand left them behind.
I suppose it would be a very mean scenario for heavy armoured armies like WoC or Brets if they didn't know beforehand what would be played.

26-12-2009, 12:10
ncie rep, and congrats on the win. Galrauch may be cool, but he is a bit expensive.

will check out those scenarios, sounds like home (had to dig my car out of the snow to get home this morning)

26-12-2009, 18:25
I'm being dense, where on the website? (I am a registered member)

27-12-2009, 04:21
The links for the articles and rules are: