View Full Version : Alternative figures for Dark Eldar Grotesques?

24-12-2009, 15:52

I'd love to add a unit of Grots to my DE force, but I just can't stand the models - and bearing in mind that they're basically just brutes with knives and clubs, and nothing to mark them out particularly as 40k (ie no bolters, armour etc) I was hoping that there are some other figures, perhaps from Fantasy, which I could use as "counts as" Grotesques.

Do you have any suggestions, or have you seen anyone use different figures instead of standard Grots to good effect?


24-12-2009, 15:54
you can use whatever you like (the dark eldar use mostly slaves as grotesques). just carve up the front and use a really gory paint job on em.

24-12-2009, 15:59
I saw a guy use Vampire Count Ghouls as his grotesques. They looked really good too.

24-12-2009, 18:15
Try looking up the cryx range from Privateer Press. There are a few models there that suit grotesques and haemonculi (would guess you would have one leading the squad) really well.

24-12-2009, 19:06
Thanks for the responses guys. Those Cryx figures are fantastic, just what I'm after - think I'll get some in!

25-12-2009, 00:34
The Dark Age Skarrd or the Confrontation Dirz ranges might bring up some useful models. Theres at least one skarrd model that would make an interesting Haemonculus.