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24-12-2009, 22:43
Please feel free to suggest changes and provide constructive criticism for my proposed 2250pt mono-Slaanesh Warriors of Chaos list:

Sorcerer Lord
Slaanesh, Lvl4
Daemonic Mount
Infernal Puppet, Collar of Khorne, Enchanted Shield, Sword of Battle
Conjoined Homonculus

Exalted Hero
Slaanesh, BSB
Daemonic Mount, Halberd, Shield
Book of Secrets, Blasphemous Amulet

Slaanesh, Lvl2
Chaos Steed
Powerstone, Spell Familiar

Slaanesh, Lvl1
2 Scrolls

5 Marauder Horsemen (4 UNITS)
Slaanesh, Flails, Light Armour, Musician

5 Warhounds (3 UNITS)

5 Chaos Knights (2 UNITS)
Slaanesh, Standard

Chaos Giant

Comes in at 2249pts with 10PD (inc the Book) and 6DD

Any changes other WoC players would make to take it up to 3000pts?

I would like to try and fit another Giant or a Hellcannon in there.

Cheers :-)

25-12-2009, 21:35
You have a lot of pts in magic which will be useless against anything which is ItP (so DoC, VC and TK may all prove a struggle for this list).

Giants and Knights are great. But I'd consider something else to give your army more tricks. Maybe some dragon ogres/chariots?

Also...the Sword of Battle on your lvl 4 sorc...is +1A really going to make much of a difference? Or was it just to use up the pts - in which case wouldn't extra hounds/horsemen be better? Or even a warbanner for one of the knight units.