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25-12-2009, 11:48
Can you use a skimishing unit to block charges? Like if I were lizardmen and had a unit of 20 skink skimishers surrounding a stegadon would it make it so that you cannot charge said stegadon? Is this a valid tactic?

(This may get moved to rules but that's ok)

And on that note, if you had such a stegadon right up against the rear of a saurus unit could you then not be charged from the front due to the fact that the enemy model can't actually be placed in the front of the stegadons base? (Now of course this would only arise if you had a flying unit that charges the stegadon. But as I see it the model can't fit thus it can't charge.

Any tricks and or tactics for keeping large targets alive a littlebit longer like this?

25-12-2009, 12:29
You can do both of these things. You can't charge a model if you can't get the unit into contact with it. It's a good defence against large flying models.

(You can charge a unit if you can get some models into contact, but other models/terrain prevents you from making the free wheel to get more models in. A Bloodthirster can hit a corner instead of a side.)

There are risks, though - with the skink example, it's still perfectly possible for an opponent to declare one charge against the skinks, then another against the stegadon, with the knowledge that the skinks will rank up against their charger and allows the second charger a clear path to the stegadon.

25-12-2009, 22:55
Although keep in mind that if the Stegadon wasn't a large target (i.e. perhaps you're protecting something other than a Stegadon), you wouldn't have line of sight through the skinks (if they're placed properly).

Chicago Slim
26-12-2009, 02:12
Correct all-- and note, too, that the stegadon won't be able to *declare* a charge in the case you've set up, unless the skinks declare a charge *first* (or simultaneously, at the same target).