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25-12-2009, 13:21

If have the following questions:

If I have formend with my 3 egales a line. Between each base is a 1 inch gap.

like this: X X X

If I have formed with my 3 eagles a line. Between each base is a 1 inch gap.
Like this: X X X

The rules say you need to have this gap of 1 inch between friendly units. Now a unit of skirmishers e.g. harpies attack my eagles from the front and they attack the middle eagle. Now they must bring as much models in contact as possible.

With a 40mm base this would be 4 bases. (2 direct, two over the corners) Now the two at the corners would almost touch the other eagle’s bases, as the distance it is under 1 inch.
Now the question, would the other two eagle become involved in into the combat?

Other question if I would attack the middle eagle with a cav unit which is e.g. 120 mm wide, can I force all the other eagles into combat?

The rules say that if the distance between units is less than 1 inch (after attack a move), they should be treated as they are in combat. Is this common sense in the Community?


25-12-2009, 15:20
first there are no rules for the distance between FRIENDLY units. only the maxium distance between skirmishers MODELS is 1 inch.
on your first question rules wise they only will be in combat with the middel eagel. there is how ever an appendix that sugest that you drwa the other eagels in combat if you are whit in 1 inch of them. you will have to make some house rules for this.

i think this also awnsers you last question.

Yellow Commissar
25-12-2009, 15:24
The rules say you need to have this gap of 1 inch between friendly units.

No. The rules say OPPOSING troops are kept at least 1" apart, not friendly units. You may position your eagles 1" apart if you like, but you may also position them right next to each other.

Yes, I play with the Multiple Targets rules from pg.24. If the Harpies would contact another eagle after charging the one they chose to charge, they would charge both, or all three in the case you describe.

The Appendices are a slightly different matter. I play with them. They appear to be rules to me. If a charging unit were to end up within 1" of another enemy unit, we count it as a multiple charge. There appears to be other opinions as to the validity of the Appendices, though. Many do not like to "slide" units to maximize models fighting, and some claim that the Appendices are just options or recommendations. :confused: I don't agree.

I think you are playing it right other than the 1" rule. It is only for opposing units, not friendly ones. :)

Gormereth, the Fearmonger
25-12-2009, 16:55
The appendices are nice but I dislike their 1" limit. It creates situations where an enemy unit just short of 1" and gets to/has to shuffle forward depending on the player enforcing it.

So maybe after maximizing there's this big stubborn monster that can't even see your unit and you just don't want to charge but it's juuuust within 1" so the charged player has it join in.
Or maybe there's a unit exposing its flank and a friendly unit slides up to make the flank charge impossible, but it's 0.95 of an inch back so the charging player slides it in and claims a flank bonus.
I'd personally adjust the limits for 1/4" to no more than 1/2" but that's just me.

25-12-2009, 19:51
Thank you for the answers. Yes the 1 inch rule was a misread.

27-12-2009, 03:00
On the same note, can you try to get a multiple charge?

Say you has a unit of skimishers next to a rank and file unit. As you only have to move to the closest model could you the hit from an angle so that you can hit the skimishers and the rank and file unit?

My group says that you're not allowed to try and get into multiple combats, and you have to avoid getting into multiple combats if you can.

now this can only really happen with skimishers because you dont have to slide like normal for base contact so you could in theory just hit both units cause it's better for you.

I see this as being tactical and taking what the enemy gives you. But they say it's cheating......

But what's the ruling on multiple combats?
1.Do you have to avoid them in you can?
2. You can never attempt to charge multiple units?
3. Is this tactic valid but, only when used against skimishers and a rank and file unit?

27-12-2009, 10:27
1 no only a rule to try and get in combat whit as many models as posible
2 no there is a very clear example in the brb page 24
3 dont get your point on this one but you can also charge multiple monster for example

on a side note slide is not normal it is in the appendex from the faq(you have errata faq and appendix. errata are rules faq are gw houserules and can be used as guide lines (sometimes) appendix is even below the faq. ) so they aren't rules just a suggestion that your group has as a houserule.