View Full Version : a few rules quetions for WOC

25-12-2009, 20:44
ok, just a few questions for WOC

1. what size base should a warshrine be on?

2. for the first nurgle spell, are you able to pick out banners in a unit?, or is it just characters and champions?

two pretty simple questions, would be great if someone could answer them :D

25-12-2009, 21:19
1. Most Warshrines are either on 50x50 or 50x100 bases but its nowhere written down. In the army book it is depicted as a chariot

2. Yes, of course you can. The problem is, that the banner is picked up by the next rank and file - killing the bannerbearer is like killing a rank and file model. Unless there is no rank and file left. Then