View Full Version : 2250 post tourney list

26-12-2009, 00:53
520-Slann Mage Priest
-1 lore, +1 dice to cast, Ethereal, Magic Resistance 3
-Plaque of Protection (2+ ward), Cube of Darkness (dispel scroll with 50% chance of ending enemy magic phase), and a Dispel Scroll

150-Skink Priest
-Lvl 2
-Dispel Scroll, Diadem of Power (store up to 2 dice from casters dice to dispel pool)

141-Skink Chief
-Light Armor & Spear
-Staff of the Lost Sun ( S:5 x3 Short Bow), Enchanted shield (+2 to save)
-Terradon (Flying Mount)

-Light Armor
-Burning Blade of Chotek (-2 to armor save and flaming magical attack), Shield of the Mirrored Pool (2+ redirect magic missiles to caster)
-Cold One

500-Saurus Warriors
-2 units of 20 warriors with full command

220-Skink Skirmishers
-2 unis w/ blowpipes
-1 units w/ shield and javelin

-3 Terradons

-2 Stegadons

~not one of my newer lists, but one that won me 3rd in a tournament, and i'd just like to know what you guys think. play wise, comp wise, and all around aura of competitiveness?

~for the record of this lists i massacred an O&G and OK army, and had a minor loss against a tzeench daemon list with kairos. so 2/0/1