View Full Version : 1000pts O&G vs Dwarfs

26-12-2009, 04:23
This is for a few friendly games with a friend of mine. Comments most welcome!

Black Orc Big Boss - Boar, hvy arm, sh, best basha

Orc Big Boss - BSB, Boar

20 Orc Boyz - SH, FC

19 Orc Boyz - extra choppa, FC

20 NGobos - mus, fanatic

5 Wolf Riders - spears, mus

5 Spider Riders - mus

Boar Chariot

2 Chukkas


Hoping to use my fast cav to rush warmachines or to shield my chariot. Thoughts?


Playing around with things a bit:

blk orc big boss - hvy arm, sh, boar, best basha

blk orc big boss - hvy arm, boar, bsb, nogg's bannerr

22 Orc boyz - sh, fc

21 Orc boys - extra choppa, fc

21 N gobos - mus, fanatic

boar chariot

5 wolf riders - mus, spears

2 chukkas


Is it an awful idea to plant my bsb with nogg's banner in with the 2 choppa orcs?

26-12-2009, 07:22
personally i would have taken a another rock lobba or doom diver over the 2 spear chuckas - they only hit on 5s for pretty much the entire game!
single boar chariot wont do much v's the hated stunties - single cannon shot will reduce it to kindling.
I say get squig hoppers - a massive -2 to shoot at (long range, skirmish) they will hit most stunties on 4s and wound on 3's. Wonder if they also get hatred as most night gobbos hate stunties.
I would have also leant towards a small unit of black orcs - great weapons are your best friends!
Another item to consider would be increasing the fast cav - your speed is your greatest weapon - you can march the big blocks towards the stunties and then surround them with flanking units - wolf riders and spider riders.

sumfink like

big unit of boyz - 190?
black orcs - 260pts for 20

fast cav 2-3 units 72-90pts a unit
squig hoppers 75-150pts
lobba - 70pts?

You could always stick with 2 units of orc boyz to get more units in - your call mate! have fun