View Full Version : Fighting with Spears/Shields in Combat

26-12-2009, 15:16
When fighting with spearmen in Close combat do you still count the shields'

+1 for Armor saving throw or is it only used for shooting(protection) purposes?

since in the rulebook it says that a spear is not a "two handed" weapon like a great weapon or halberd right?

Shouldn't you get the +1 sv in Close Combat for fighting with spears as well as the fight in 2 ranks?

26-12-2009, 15:37
Yes spears and shields generate +1 save in combat (and also vs shooting).

However they don't generate the additional +1 for hand weapon and shield.

So wearing Light Armour would give them a 5+ save, both vs shooting and in CC.

26-12-2009, 17:07
okay thats what i thought just needed some clarification thank you.