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27-12-2009, 06:25
I bought a dragon and have yet to use it and my friends are getting impatient so I put this list together. I figure if it's a 2000 point list with a star dragon, that doesn't leave much room for much but the offensive.

Prince, Star Dragon, Armor of Caledor, Vambraces of Defense, Great Weapon 612

Mage, Sacred Incense, Dispel Scroll, (goes in Swordmasters) 150

Mage, Annulian Crystal(or 2x Dispel Scroll?)(In Phoenix Guard?) 140

Archer x10 110

Spearmen x21, Standard Bearer 199

Swordmaster x10, Bladelord, Amulet of Light 177

Dragon Prince x5, Banner of Ellyrion 185

Phoenix Guard x15, War Banner 257

Tiranoc Chariot x2 170

There it is....I figure in 2000 with a dragon prince I should follow with 2 lvl 1 mages for some defense in magic. I have 1 unit of archers for some kind of range attack. Everything else, but the spearmen, is pretty much offensive. My only doubt for putting a mage in the phoenix guard is because they don't have a champion to accept challenges with. I think the mage may belong in the spearmen to give my opponents reason to charge them. All-in-all it's not my normal list, this seems very heavy on offense. Any thoughts?

27-12-2009, 08:22
Reduce the size of that SW unit maybe to like 7 or so, maybe move the Amulet of Light to the Prince or give him the Gem of Courage. Erm. Looks good otherwise. Don't expect Phoenix Guard to be very offensivey, they are definately an Anvil unit. Maybe take a second Archer unit rather than the Spears, drop the unit of Swordmasters to 7 and drop the upgrades then use the points to take a second unit of 7. More boots on the table. That's all pretty "opiniony" and otherwise list looks good from my angle.

27-12-2009, 09:54
Yeah I second that. Take the SM down to 7 keeping the champ as he is - they'll have the maximum attacks frontage-wise against the usual 5x5 rank and file unit and can run at ethereals. In fact, if your opponent plays ethereals, he will more often than not try to take down the swordmasters with them. The amulet of light makes them downright nasty. And still they are cheap.

Don't put the Incense Mage in the SM's. It's suddenly makes them a huge liability VP-wise. Drop the Spears to 15 with a champ and banner, and dump him in there acting as a nice bunker. Give him 2 scrolls to compliment the Annulian Crystal guy and you suddenly have a very decent magic defence considering you have two level 1's and a Star Dragon. Set this spears unit up in the corner to take a table edge and you have a very nice cheap bunker unit that still pours out the attacks.

Now Tiranoc Chariot I find very hit-or-miss. I'd drop them for a pair of Repeater Bolt Throwers to bolster the shooting phase - and why not, they are probably the best warmachine in the game.


Definitely give the Prince the Gem of Courage. If you whiff a charge, nothing is better than rolling on 3 dice that crucial time, like a Lizardman.

Dragon Princes are perfect - don't expect them to win head on, they need the flank but that's what the Banner of Ellyrion is for.

Phoenix Guard are nice but it would be nice for you find the points for a champion in there.

27-12-2009, 16:37
I don't quite understand the 7 SMs. Yes maximum attacks against a 5 wide unit. a unit of 7 Swordmasters is going to have super poor maneuverability. I've found that even a 5 wide unit of 10 WITH a mage in the front rank still puts the hurt on. To me if I want maximum frontage it would be on a weaker unit like the Spears. I might drop 1 chariot for a Bolt Thrower, maybe 2. I was just trying to go on the offensive, heck maybe I get a white lion chariot. Oh, and is whiffing a charge with a dragon a common thing?

I have to go back to the SMs...isn't a unit of 7 just going to get shot away?

27-12-2009, 18:22
I've got to admit that when I saw the thread title I gave a little groan, thinking `not another maxed out star dragon list' :(.

So I was actually suprised at how nice your list is :). There's not a great deal I would change to be honest, and I think you've balanced the star dragon, magic and ranked combat units very well.

I'll echo the previous posters with your mage placement and swordmasters though. I'd put the mage in the spearmen, and drop the swordmasters to 8 in the unit. Ok, so they'll probably get shot away, but while that's going on your opponent won't be shooting at your dragon or chariots, which is good news for you. As they are now more of a support unit, I'd then give the Amulet of Light to the Prince on dragon.

I wouldn't drop the spearmen any lower than 21 (in fact, I'd up them to 23 now you've got some spare points), and I'd bunker one of the mages in this unit. Also, as this unit is a bit bigger and can cope with more missile fire, I'd then drop the Sacred Incense and instead go more offensive with this mage... how about the Silver Wand and 2 Power Stones? Maybe going more offensive with the other mage might not be a bad idea either, and I'd take the Ring of Fury and a Dispel Scroll.

Overall though, your list is nice and doesn't need too much tinkering (especially when you consider that you'll be making it more powerful, which isn't all that necessary when you've got a dragon ;)). I think it would be a good laugh to play with and against.

EDIT: I notice that you're light on shooting, so don't forget to get stuck in ASAP!

27-12-2009, 20:38
if you change it to have a bolt thrower in then i would defo include a second one, for me it is either two repeaters or no repeaters :)

27-12-2009, 21:01
Personaly I like to give spearelves the warbanner & the PG Banner of Sorcery. Your list looks fine but I would give DPs the Amulet of Light instead of the SMs & put the mage in spearelves instead of SMs. I would give one of the mages ring of fury+silver wand & put him in the archer unit but.

Your list looks fine:)

27-12-2009, 21:24
No point giving a mage the Ring of Fury in a list like this - it will always be dispelled as two level 1's can't bleed the opponent's dispel dice sufficiently.


27-12-2009, 21:55
Something I've been doing latly with my Star Dragon, is puting the Bow of the Seafarer on him. then I take 2 or 3 bolt Throwers.

If your enemy has any Calvary units, he we try to be so careful with them first turn to avoid exposing a flank to a bolt thrower, all you do is fly the dragon up the flank, and shish-kabob some heavy Cav. This is also really good for picking off solo characters as the Prince is BS 6 basically hitting on 0, and he is shooting from a large target garanteeing him line of sight .

This makes your Dragon extremly usefull, and gives him something to do when you can't seem to find a charge that you feel is really worth taking. I mean, sudenly your Character on the Dragon has a 30" Threat range in addition to his 20" charge range.

Try Seaguard instead of Spearmen. they cost a little more, but being able to shoot is well worth it. (Note, if shooting at an enemy up on a hill, all your ranks can shoot. I'm talkin 4 ranks of Seaguard shooting 20 arrows up on that Cannon crew. your bound to wipe out a few crewmen.)

For a All-Comers list, Always take an Eagle. Sometimes they do nothing, and die horribly. But when your opponent pulls out a Frenzied unit you really don't want to deal with, Eagles are almost as good as Fast Cav, just alot cheaper. And if playing Orc's an Goblins, It is absolutly fantastic being able to draw out the Fanatics before the greenskins have made it anywhere near your battle lines.

27-12-2009, 22:06
Ok didnīt notice they were lvl.1s.

Canīt just the 2nd rank shoot from the hill???

28-12-2009, 08:38
If the Seaguard unit is on the ground, and their target is up above them on a hill, (Or is a Large Target) All the ranks may shoot.

Read the 2nd paragraph under "Hills & Elevated Postions" on page 9 of BRB.

28-12-2009, 12:37
I second the suggestion for gem of courage.
And advocate an eagle.