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27-12-2009, 12:50

Chaos Sorcerer
## lvl 2, MoN ##
## Book of secrets, Dispel scroll ##
(with the MoN warriors)

Chaos Sorcerer
## lvl 2, MoT, Disc ##
## Power familiar, Dispel scroll ##

Exalted hero
## BSB, Chaos steed, Shield, MoN ##
## Banner of the gods ##
(with the MoN knights)


17 x (6x3) Chaos warriors
## MoN, Shields, Halberds and FC ##
## Festering shroud ##

10 x (5x2) Chaos warriors
## MoK, GW ##

5 x (5x1) Marauder horsemen
## MoK, Flails, Musician ##


5 x (5x1) Chaos knights
## MoN, FC ##

5 x (5x1) Chaos knights


Chaos warshrine


8 PD
6 DP + 2 scrolls

46 models

all inputs on improvements are welcome....
and as i stated before, i do not yet understand how i know how many PP and DP i get, so i would be very happy if someone could help me with that :)

And i would love if you could state some situations on were this army would be weak and in what situations this army would be strong and/or what i should remove or add to the army

27-12-2009, 13:08
If you take out two warriors from the huge group you can still keep the 6x3 formation due to a sorcerer filling the last spot and the points you save can be spent on some hounds to help you redirect and keep the MoK warriors in check.

You count PD by counting the number of mage levels and items that generate dice in your army, 6 in your case (4 from mage levels and 2 from items) and then add 2 since that is your basic supply. A mage can spend a number of dice on a spell equal to his level plus one so a level two sorcerer can use up to three dice to cast a spell. Also note that PD are personal for each mage is restricted to his own dice, but can use the common pool of two.

To count DD, you get 1 dice for every two mage levels plus 2 as a basic supply and then add any items that give extra dice. Your army has 4 DD, 1 from each sorcerer and two as the basic pool. As opposed to PD, DD are common and your soercerers can use any amount up to the maximum in your pool when trying to dispell.

27-12-2009, 13:11
so, thats 8 PD and 4 DD if i get it right?

27-12-2009, 13:21
Yup, that looks about right.

27-12-2009, 22:48
edited the list

27-12-2009, 23:08
Just thought of something. Your knights (and the bsb) will probably end up quite far ahead of your army and thus unable to give the banner's bonus to more than one unit. You're more or less paying 125 pts to give your knights terror and stubborn. Knights don't really lose combats already as it is, they win or get utterly destroyed. If anything, give the BSB a more directly useful banner like a Warbanner to get a heavy cavalry unit with a massive (for cavalry) 3 in SCR and spend some points to get dogs or more Marauder Horsemen or give the knights a Blasted Standard so they'll survive shooting better.

28-12-2009, 01:41
I'd drop the FC from the knights, add MoN to the other knights, add slaanesh to the war shrine. Also consider moving the power familiar from the disc rider to the other sorc, and giving the golden eye to the disc rider to give him some good protection. I'm also not crazy about the banner of the gods.


28-12-2009, 09:14
In my opinion, BotG is more of an infantry thing. Something you throw in with a Marauder horde army. It's a BIG investment, 150 pts for the BSB upgrade plus the banner itself and for that price you can get a rather large block of marauders, another sorcerer or drown your opponent in dogs. What I'm saying is that if you use BotG you have to make sure to really capitalize on the awesome advantages it gives.

28-12-2009, 10:08
well..... im not planing on running my horsemen (knights and maras) ahead of the infantry, but insted marsh everything in the same phase untill my infantry gets to make a charge or the get charged....

but... would it be a idea to put the BSB on a palanguine of nurgle (dont remeber what it was called) and move im slowly along side the infantry blocks?
and if i do that then ofcourse i will dropp the FC on knights

28-12-2009, 10:13
i cant fins in the book what the warbanner gives... anyone know?

Penitent Engine
28-12-2009, 10:26
Warbanner's in the rulebook. Gives an extra +1 combat res.
Drop the Banner of the Gods (seriously, you don't need that), and give full command to both Knight units. A lot of people here will say it's not worth it, and normally I'd agree, but with a Warshrine you may as well have some champions for fun, and the extra +1 CR from a banner is well worth it versus ranked units.

28-12-2009, 10:34
what do you think about the idea of having a solo model (perhaps a exalted on nurgle mount) wearing the BotG to support my anvil unit (MoN warrs)...
and i was thinking... is it legal to use both BotG and the banner that gives -1 to LD (ofcourse on different models)?

28-12-2009, 11:52
You can only have one BSB and both BotG and Doomtotem cost too much to be taken for a normal unit so no you can't include both in an army.

28-12-2009, 13:33
ok, but, what do you think of the idea of doin the BSB solo on a nurgle mount and keep him in the centre of the army as it advances?