View Full Version : Dwarf 2250 deathstar with Thorgrim

28-12-2009, 06:15
Thorgrim = 780

Thane BSB, MR grungni, R strollaz, R battle = 220
Runesmith 3x R spellbreaking = 145

41 longbeards shields, great weapons, full command, 3x R sanctuary = 644
10 quarellers = 110
10 quarellers = 110

Organ gun = 120
Organ gun = 120

Total: 2249

i think thorgrim is 40mm by 60mm so occupies 6 dwarf models of space in a ranked unit. thus the unit is a total of 49 equivalent models, a beautiful 7x7. with almost 80% of the army in that 1 unit, i think its safe to call it a deathstar. of course its main problem is mobility, so please dont state the obvious. any other C&C welcome.

Tzeentch Lord X7
28-12-2009, 07:00
i would rather take iron breakers over long beards

28-12-2009, 07:01
the point of the longbeards is for immune to panic, reroll of panic for the quarellers and lastly great weapons. plus id have to fill a 3rd min. core if i ran ironbreakers, and theyre more expensive per capita than longbeards which leads to less models.

EDIT: after great weapons and shields, longbeards are more expensive than ironbreakers by 1 point. sorry. but longbeard full command costs 5 points less. :angel:

28-12-2009, 10:45
even if long beards are cheaper iron breakers will stay around alot longer performing the death star role a lot better especially with the standard of 5+ ward versus shooting.

if you take out a organ gun you can fill the core slot and take the ironbreakers and end up with more models.

Red Metal
28-12-2009, 16:34
Have you seen the thread in the Tactics section recently that discussed Thorgrim? No offense, but this list would get murdered.

First, Ironbreakers would be a better choice for a Dwarven Deathstar - they're more durable. Sure, you have to fill out another Core choice, but you need something more elite than Longbeards.

Secondly, I see this army be too slow to be effective. Both Quarreller units and OGs will get taken out by the enemy first - the Deathstar won't be able to stop this. Then your opponent will just sit back and shoot Thorgrim to death - being a Large Target means he has a huge bullseye. If the opponent does decide to engage the unit, it won't be in the front flank, meaning Thorgirm won't be a major contributor.

Thorgrim just isn't worth the points. He's too costly for something that is hardy fast or mobile and doesn't even work well in a Deathstar formation. I would choose a Thane with Shieldbearers - something that isn't an "all your eggs in one basket" Lord. Plus, you need the MRoGrungi - the Ward Save versus shooting will help the Deathstar immensely; I take it in almost all my Dwarf lists.

28-12-2009, 17:11
Unless you plan on sitting in your deployment zone the entire game, therefore protecting the units flanks with the crossbows, the unit is doomed! You would need someone with an oathstone to make the unit durable as you wont get ranks negated.
And theres only 3 units with 2 warmachines - v's even my lowly orcs and goblins you'll be struggling. I take 2 units of 30 orcs, 20 black orcs, 30 night gobbos, 4 warmachines, giant, 3 units of fast cav, lord, hero, 2 crappy magic users (who wont do anything to you) - oh and 5 squig hoppers!

the iron king
28-12-2009, 18:34
i think that you can drop 11 longbeards and change them to ironbreakers.like that you have another 174 points.with this points you can upgrade the crossbowmen into thunderers and you have 114 points left for unit of crossbowmen and you have 3 core units.

28-12-2009, 18:39
Thorgrim just isn't a model you'll ever see in a Dwarf army unless it's for complete fluff and/or campaign.

His point cost is ridiculous; and he's a large target.

28-12-2009, 19:12
You need a unit of normal dwarf warriors for a unit of Longbeards. Lizardmen, O+G, Empire, TK, and any other army with lots of template weapons are going to have a field day. Destroy the four support units and them simply shoot at it until turn 5 then charge it with everything they got. Its slow enough to be easily avoided and its very easy to be flanked.

28-12-2009, 19:44
1) As the above posters have said, I'd change the longbeards into ironbreakers.
2) I'd then drop the runesmith (too easy to kill) and pick up a unit of thunderers.
3) Going by the theme you made, the list I made would probably look something like this:


Thane-BSB, Gromril, 3x Warding-160
Dragon Slayer-50

10 Crossbowmenx3: Shields-120 each

43 Ironbreakers-Full Command, Rune of Grimnir-639

Organ Gun-120

Total: 2249

The three units of crossbowmen are more survivable with shields and might last longer (or even beat light cavalry/skirmishers), and the dragon slayer + gyrocopter allow you to march block your enemy and tie him up (a dragon slayer could tie up basic infantry for the entire game). Also your BSB would be more survivable, as would be your deathstar.

Best of luck, and if you use a dwarf deathstar army, please tell us how it fared.

Red Metal
28-12-2009, 20:38
You need a unit of normal dwarf warriors for a unit of Longbeards.

Not neccessarily. A Lord with "Royal Blood" can take an extra unit of Longbeards - they represent members of his own Clan. Basically, you get a free unit of Longbeards without having to take the Warriors.

Brother Edwin
28-12-2009, 20:41
The army is very funny. It is one of the worst armys I have ever seen.

What is to stop the enemy just killing the war machines and crossbowmen turn 2/3 then avoiding that big unit all game and bagging 300 extra points for table quarters? If they have enough shooting/magic as well they can even get more points for taking that big unit below half strength.

I have heard this 'deathstar' thing a lot around gamesworkshop newbs. Its kind of like the old 'fish of fury' thing, newbs who only play amoungst themselves at gamesworkshop say its amazing, but its a complete joke amoungst experenced players. If you like the idea of one unit winning you the game take a dragon or a bloodthurster, they cant be simply avoided all game.