View Full Version : Vampire counts 2,000pts

the godfather
28-12-2009, 13:01

vampire lord (205pts)
Extra Magic Level (50pts) dark acolyte (30pts)
master of the black art (50pts) sword of battle (15pts)
the flyed hauberk (25pts) = 375pts


Konrod von carstain = 145pts

vampire (100pts) dark acolyte (30pts) summon ghouls (15pts)
enchated shield (15pts) sword of might (15pts) = 170pts

vampire (100pts) dark acolyte (30pts)
avater of dead (20pts) sword of stricking (15pts) = 165pts


20 crypt ghouls (160pts) Ghast (8pts) = 168pts

20 crypt ghouls (160pts) Ghast (8pts) = 168pts

20 skeletons (160pts) full command (20pts)
20 spears (20pts) = 200pts

20 zombies (80pts) musician (4pts) = 84pts

10 dire wolves (80pts) doom wolve (10pts) = 90pts

corpse cart (75pts) balefire (25pts) = 100pts

corpse cart (75pts) balefire (25pts) = 100pts


4 cairn wraiths (200pts) tomb banshe (25pts) = 225pts

28-12-2009, 21:48
If you're taking mastery powers, I'd have to recommend switching so that all your cores were the same, ie all skeletons or all ghouls.
I'd also swap Dark Acolyte for Forbiddon Lore on the lord, then take the Lore of the Vampires, unless your just planning on spamming IoN with him, in which case I'd recommend taking a mastery power.
I'd also consider finding a way to give your lord a ward save, otherwise you're just asking for your opponent to get a lucky killing blow off on him and then it's pretty much game over!
I'd also consider dropping the spears on the skeletons, they look much cooler but the extra +1 to your armour save from hand weapon and shield is much better then the extra rank of attacks imo, after all if you're having to rely on your skeletons to do the killing something has gone wrong.