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28-12-2009, 13:17
Ok, I've taken both a Slann and Skink Priest. Now, before casting any magic missile spells I first cast Portent of Far (re-roll 1's on the wounding) with my Skink Priest. The question is, which unit do I cast this on? The channeling rule states that the spell is cast as if the Slann were where the Skink Priest is, so do I cast the Portent spell on the Skink's unit or the Slann's unit in order to gain the re-rolls?

I feel I'd cast it on the Slann's unit as he's actually casting the spell, even though the rule assumes he's where the Skink Priest is. Or, as the spell is being channelled through the Skink Priest should the Portent spell be cast on his own unit?

Any ideas?

28-12-2009, 14:00
Slanns unit - you only "cast from" the skink for LOS - it is still the Slann casting

Gormereth, the Fearmonger
28-12-2009, 14:15
The Slann is casting it so it is his unit "causing" the wounds, hence casting Portent on the Slann should give you the re-roll no matter what.

The Skink Priest is a little trickier. Right now I have two oppossing, and maddeningly unhelpful thoughts on the matter.

First, if the priest was in close combat then the slann (being in the skink's position) would count as being in close combat, and if the slann tried to channel a magic missile he could not cast, SO the current state and afflictions of a unit count to some degree.

Second, if the priest's unit suffers stupidity (maybe they got hit by the default spell from the Daemonic Lore of Slaanesh) and cannot cast in that phase there doesn't seem to be any restriction stopping the Slann from "hijacking" the priest's mind as the fluff describes and casting. The Slann's not suffing from stupidity and (RAW) channelling does not require a Priests to be able to cast his own spells, SO here the current state and afflictions of a unit do not count.

both of these examples are admittedly not spells, but there are very few spells I can think of other than Portent where the Slann might suffer some benefit or penalty from channelling because the slann is basically only there, in the skink unit, for the duration of the spell.

Agnar the Howler
28-12-2009, 16:01
The channeling is done AS IF the Slaan is there, he isn't actually there at all, it's only the miscasts that can affect him directly. As for the actual question, you'd cast it on the Slaan, as the Skink isn't casting anything (you are using the Slaan's powerdice, the Slaan's spells etc.) and bonuses he has would not apply to a channeled spell.

28-12-2009, 16:28
I agree with the above. I've been casting Portent on the Slann's unit, just wanted to double check before my next game.

Many thanks.

28-12-2009, 20:55
Keep in mind too that channeling can only be done with magic missile spells.