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Gormereth, the Fearmonger
29-12-2009, 04:17
Tonight/last night (depending on when I finish this post) I played a team game: 2v2, 2250 points per player, shared power/dispel pool dice, One general, one BSB, epic hillarity.

I'm trying to retell this from memory and feed myself since for the last 10 hrs I've sustained myself on only a caramel candy and a piece of gum.

Army Lists:

Wood Elves
Lvl 4, mounted, Wand of Wych Elm, Scroll
Lvl 2 Stave, Scroll
Noble, Mounted, Hail, Helm, Light Armour, Shield, Spear
Noble, Alter, Aramantine Brooch, Briarsheath, Shield Great Weapon

11 Glade Guard w/ champion
2 units of 5 Glade Riders w/musicains in both
10 Dryads w/champion
5 Wild Riders w/ fc and War Banner
6 Wardancers
3 Treekin
5 Waywatchers
1 Treeman

My Team Mate
He is the Lizardman player I usually fight, but he tried out his High Elves for the first time.

Prince w/ Lance, Armour of Caledor, Vambraces of Defence, Mounted on Star Dragon
Lvl 1, 2x scrolls, silver wand
BSB, Lance, Dragon Armour, Shield, Barded Steed, Battle Banner

2x 10 archers
12 White Lions w/ fc, Lion Standard, Skeinsilver
5 Dragon Princes w/ fc, Amulet of light, Banner of Ellryion
5 Dragon Princes w/ fc
2 Lion Chariots
1 Bolt thrower

Our Opponents
Both using Warriors of Chaos

2x Level 1 Sorcerors with 2 scrolls each
2x 5 Maruader Horsemen w/ Mark of Slaan., Flails, Musicians
15 Maruaders w/ Mark of Slaan., GW
5 Dogs
2x 5 Knights w/ Standards and mark of Nurgle
3 Dragon Ogre w/ GW
2 Giants marked Slaan

Lvl 4, Nurgle, Book of Secrets
20 Maruaders w/ fc, Nurgle, flails, shields
15 Maruaders w/ fc, Nurgle, flails, shields
2x 10 Marauder Horsemen w/musician, flails Musician, Slaan.
5 Knights w/ musician, Slaan
5 Knights w/ musician, Khorne
15 Chosen w/ Shields, GW, Standard, Musician, Banner of Wrath
2 Spawns, Slaan

More coming soon

Gormereth, the Fearmonger
29-12-2009, 04:44
Played on an 8 by 4 board
Four Forests placed equally around the center, One hill in the corneron the far left corner on our opponents side, one hill and a building on our side of the map, and my extra forest on the far left



With so many units we basically take up both our deployment zones. "Team Elf" has fewer deployments so we hold off as long as we can so that our opponets run out of light screening units before Overloading the left flank with both chariots, Dragon Princes (and the BSB), Treeman, and Wardancers. White Lions, Dryads, and Treekin go to the right of center. Wild riders, and both lords go to the right.

Our opponents drop Dragon Ogres, both Giants, 15 Maruaders, 5 knights, and Fast cav on the left. Lvl 4 uses the Chosen as a bunker (gets the +1 armour gift) and is close to center with Khorne Knights on one side and the Spawn in the woods on the other. Just next to them (flank on two sides by Spawns) is a big unit of maruaders deep in the forest being used as a bunker for two level 1's. Valkia deploys on the far right in a unit of 20 marauders and is next to the shaggoth.

Our wizards get OX Stand, Feast of Crow, Beast Cowers, Wolf Hunts, Tree Singing, Call of the Hunt, Drain Magic, Curse of Arrow Attraction, Fury of Khaine.

Our opponents get 1,3,5,6 of nurgle, the book of secrets grants the lvl 4 fiery blast, and both level 1s get fireball.

We get +2 to going first and roll a 6.

Gormereth, the Fearmonger
29-12-2009, 05:53
Turn 1


Units move up cautiously, fearing charges from Valkia, knights, etc. 1 unit of High Elf Archers deployed in front of the building enters. Magic sees 2 Treesingings go off against the Spawn in the woods causing only 2 wounds, feast of crows casts but wiffs on the rolls and my opponent rolls 3 6s for his 3 6+ armour saves and drain magic casts. Shooting clears the dogs, punks out the Spawn's last woundand reduces the maruaders on the far right to two.


Horsemen screening the Khorne knights charge waywatchers who flee. Everything else marches up except the maruaders in the woods who just move to give the wizards line of sight. The two horse men on the right go infront of the Shaggoths flank so that the dragon must charge them first. Valkia Flies right in front of the building. Between 4 scrolls, 6 dispel, +1 dispel for high elves, and wand of wych elm we handily stop Banner of Fury, and Fiery blast, and drain magic stopped the rest.
No Shooting, no combat

Turn Two


Lion Chariots double charge Dragon Ogres, Dragon Princes w/ BSB charge Horsemen angled for over run into knights, dragon charges horsemen. Waywatchs rally, Alter moves up for between the chosen and one unit of knights (march blocking them and setting up of turn 3 charge against the level 1s) Horsemen move up close to by the forest right of center near the treekin, White Lions, and dryads; I know if I charge he'll flee because there are knights like 6-7" behind so I move up 1" away such that the knights can't see me. Lvl 4 and Wild riders on the Right move out of Valkia's Line of Sight while glade riders and dryads move in. Beast cowers on the chaos knights, feast of crows is stopped this turn I think and I get two tree singings off again reducing the marauder unit a bit and drain magic fails to cast this time. Shooting fails to wound toughness 5 Valkia but Hail of Doom Arrows brings a giant down on a block of Marauders. Strangle-root sees 2 maruaders die.

Combat: Lion chariots do 6 impacts hits, wounding on 3s, causes 1 wound before saves. 12 attacks from crew and lions; hitting on 3, wounding on 3s, causes 1 wound before saves. Neither save so two wounds before the counter attack the pops the chariots instandly because the Dragon Orges are str 7. Epic Fail.
DPs and Star Dragon Wipe their respective marauder units and overrun.


Units move forward, last giant charges DPs, Valkia charges the Lord on star Dragon. Dragon Ogres wheel for DP rear destruction, Mauder and knight reposition so if my treeking charge the marauder they can hold, be destroyed and I over run into one knight unit and next turn I take a second knight unit in the flank. Lvl 4 casts "Rot Glorious Rot" Irresistably; Alter dies, Glade riders and Waywatchers 1/2 points, 1 wound on my treeman and a couple of archers bite-it (no one fails any panic checks). In the DP combat both sides cause 2 wounds a piece but the battle banner wins it for High elves...except that the giant is stubborn 10 and holds. Valkia Only causes 2 wounds and the dragon cmbat is a tie.

Turn 3


With Valkia busy the dryads charge the approach unit of Nurgle Marauders. Treeman and Wardancers move to the flank of the Khorne Knights. Treekin Charge horsemen while White lions charge the knights behind, who flee (seeing their plan ruined) allowing the white lions to redirect into the horsemen unit as well. Glade riders position to anticipate the Wolf Hunts to bring them into the rear of the challenge locked Valkia. Glade Guard wheel to get all models within 15" of the last spawn.
Treesinging reduces the Bunker the 2 lvl 1s were using to 2 models, all other magic is scrolled or fails. Bolt thrower kills a Dragon Ogre, but it doesn't panic. The Glade Guard reduce the Spawn to 1 wound with their strength 4 shoots leaving only the single strength 3 shot of the lvl 2 in the unit to be resolved; she hits and wounds (needing a 6) killing the spawn. Valkia wiffs all attacks and the dragon wins buy 3; Valkia rolls double 1s but the shaggoth breaks. Dryads rip apart the Maruaders front rank and out number by the end; the marauders break, flee, Dryads take their banner, and their pursuit takes them into the fleeing Shaggoth...which flees again in that combat phase(maybe that was wrong but I don't really care enough). Elves put some wounds on the giant and make all saves. Treeking and Lion Dessemate and over-run.


Knights charge the flank of my treekin, Dragon Ogres in the rear of the DPs. The Shaggoth, the Knights that Fled last turn, and the knight that broke in combat all rally. Khorne Knights and a unit of Marauders behind them turn to face my treeman. "Rot Gloreous Rot" is Cast irresestiably for the second turn in a row; Lose half my Glade Guard, Wardancers go from 5 to 2, and I lose one Wild Rider. The Lvl 1s March out of the forest and try 'one dicing' fireballs, and Fiery blast and Banner of fury are stopped. The Giant yells and balls causing the Dp with th battle banner BSB to lose to an outnumbering, fear causing unit and break. Knights cause one wound on the treekin...who cause one back and hold. Valkia gets eaten by the dragon.

It's at this point we know that one of the chaos players has to go soon so we declare turn four to be the last turn.

Gormereth, the Fearmonger
29-12-2009, 06:19
Turn 4 will be posted in the morning.

Gormereth, the Fearmonger
29-12-2009, 14:55
Turn 4


Wanting to show our High Elf cousinfs how it's done the Dryads charge the shaggoth and the Treeman and Wardancers double charge the Khorne Knight. The 4 Wild Riders flank charge the knights flanking my treekin and, because the treekin held to Chaos knights in the flank, the white lions are free to charge the chosen with the level 4 in it. Glade riders on the right and the dragon move around to hunt those lvl 1's now behind the woods and the surviving Dragon Prince unit sort of wheels here and there. Magic sees the bound treesinging from my treeman go off on those two last marauders (they keep letting it through) and I roll four hits (needing 1s to kill); so he removes the two models before I roll and then I roll three 1s and a 2. Beast cowers on the shaggoth fails and Call of the hunt on my Wild Riders fails. Shooting sees the last unit of horsemen reduced to one guy and the bolt thrower missing on a single shot attempt against the flank of that Knights unit that declare flee as charge reaction in turn 3. In combat the dryads wound the shaggoth but take 3 back, losing by one but holding. The Riders and treekin don't do anything, losing by one but both holding.

White Lions defeat chosen with +1 armour and the lvl 4 in close combat, and the chosen break, and the out flee the White lions by 1 or 2 inchs, and that knight unit that dodge that single shot in the flank during shooting fails their panic for friendly unit breaking within 6" (even with their re-roll) and flee off the board.

Wardancers use killing blow dance against the Khorne knights, 4 attacks with all of them hitting. I call out to the dice gods (hallowed be their names) for epic 6s and they deliver; I roll four 6s to wound on four dice, and everyone is kicking themselves for not having a camera. Treeman clobbers the last Knight and overruns toward the maruader block behind. The marauders pass panic for unit destroyed within 6" but not terror from the treemans overrunning into them.

Chaos (last round of the game)

The 6-7 point pr model block of Marauders rally, but the chosen with the Lvl 4 in it does not. Nothing charges, they said something about losing more point to "half strength". In the magic phase one sorceror casts fireball at the dragon and curses loudly when we explain dragon armour to him, the other is hastely dispelled. The shaggoth takes another wound, but kills 4 back this time, but the dryads hold with the Ld 10 general right there. Wild Riders wiff all their attacks and hold, but the treekin break.

Gormereth, the Fearmonger
29-12-2009, 15:44
Victory Points

Points are a bit choppy since their written lists say things like units of 10 Maruader horsmen when all their units were only 5, and one of those 15 man Maruader foot sloggers might have been 20. When I wrote out the army lists it was late and I was copying from their written lists, but as I look them over and add up points there were definately 2 units of 20 nurgle Marauder floot sloggers and those units of 10 horsemen where 5s with shields in addition.

So Points for the Elves

one unit of 20 Maruaders marked Nurgle with fc and standard captured
A second one of 15 w/ Slaan. and Gw at half
two units of 5 Horsemen with Slaan, Flails, and a musician
one unit of 5 Horsemen with Slaan, flails, shields and musician and a second of these at half
5 Dogs
5 Khorne Knights
5 Nurgle Knightd
15 chosen with Nurgle, Shields, GW, standard, musician and banner of wrath
2 Slaan Spawn
1 Slaan Giant and a second Giant at half
Lvl 4 nurgle w/ book of secrets
+500 points for killing the enemy general, 2 table corners, and two standards from Marauders and chosen

Total: 3354

Chaos Points

Alter Noble
3 Tree
half points on 5 Glade Riders w/musician, 6 Wardancers, 11 Glade Guard w/champ, 5 Waywatchers, 5 Wild Riders w/fc and battle banner, 10 dryads w/champ
half for the prince on to of the dragon
BSB Noble w/ battle banner
2 Lion Chariots
5 Dragon Princes w/ fc, Banner of Ellryion and amulet of light
+200 for BSB and Banner from Dragon Princes

Total: 1814

Point difference of 1540 (unless I'm missing something not on the lists) which is a Solid Victory at 4500 points.

29-12-2009, 16:10
That is some blessed dice there :) 4 killing blows on four dice? somebody likes you down there.
Nice rep and sounds like an interesting matchup.

Gormereth, the Fearmonger
29-12-2009, 16:34
Speculations of "What if the game had gone on to Turn 4"

Elves go first and Chaos if low on troops.
Chaos had one block of ~16 marauders, 3 Slaan Knights, a Slaan Giant with one wound left, and 2 Dragon Ogre one the far left (and this constituted the bulk of their remaining force. One block of Chosen w/ a lvl 4 fleeing, 1 marauder in the woods, one Marauder horseman 1" away from a block of white lions, 2 level 1s hidding behing the woods and 4 Nurgle Knights fighting 2 Wild Riders in the Center.
Only the Shaggoth remains on the right.

Dragon princes and the treeman are poised to wipe out the Marauders and fly toward the last vestigese of his army. The Star Dragon is positioned to charge at least one of those Lvl 1s and my Lvl 4 will move to be in range of wolf hunts to move the Dragon to get both if needed. Treekin will hopefully rally, and crutially we didn't actually roll the flee distance of the chosen because there wasn't going to be a next turn so if they had rolled low enough they would be taking a charge from the last two waywatchers.

Chaos still has enough forces on the left to put up a fight and we just can't let that block of chosen rally. Chaos is ironically doing well on the right; the shaggoth could wipe out my drayds to the man if I fail to cast beast cowers on it, and the knights fighting my Wild Riders Outnumber 2-1 and go first.

The real trick on the left will be the Dragon Ogres, the right will depend heavily on magic and that last round of shooting we'll have. Overall, if the Shaggoth and knight wipe out their units, the lvl 4 rallies with the chosen then we might be back down to a draw. If the left side wiffs like it did turn 2 we might lose so overall it was probably best for the elves to end on turn 4...but noth quiet as fun.

Gormereth, the Fearmonger
01-01-2010, 15:44
somebody likes you down there

That's what I was thinking

02-01-2010, 04:44
Epic! I love it.