View Full Version : 2250pts no Comp Dwarf tournament list 2

29-12-2009, 09:39
The first part of my dwarf composition list can be found here (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=235685)

So unto my next possible tournament list :

Runelord, sh, RoStone, 2xRoSpellbreaker
Thane, BSB, Strollaz Rune, MRoGrungni, RoCourage
Master Engineer, GW

10 Thunderers, sh
10 Warriors, sh
20 Longbeards, sh, FC, RoCourage, RoDetermination

12 Troll slayer, Std, Mus + 3 Giant Slayer
20 Miners, FC, Steamdrill
Cannon, RoForging, RoBurning
Grudge Thrower, RoAccuracy, RoBurning, RoPenetrating

Organ Gun

The theme of this list? Definitely combat oriented. Stroll longbeards, warrior detachment, slayers forward. Hope the miners come on turn two and start picking your combats with anvil. Master engineer might join cannon for monster hunting. Gyrocopter supports combat units and charge redirection. My questions would be :
1. Is the miners block too big? It isnt only for one time artillery hunting
2. Do longbeards better with HW n Shield or i should give them another GW?
3. Miners or Hammerers for CC list?

Thank you for any replies.

29-12-2009, 15:35
I like this list much better than your first.

If you're looking to march the army forward, I'd consider a tougher option on your flank. Slayers can go on one, which is great because they're Unbreakable, but you need something a bit tougher than Warriors or Longbeards on the other. Possibly Hammerers or Ironbreakers.

20 Miners is definitely too much. I usually make use of them with a frontage of 6, so that means 6 or 12. Keep the SD though. It's great.

Keep HW w/ SH on the LBs. S4 and 3+ should be more than enough with your units getting in flanks, etc.

29-12-2009, 21:34
Special slot is not available anymore because the slayers stay. The only thing that can be considered is cut several miners to bump the warriors unit into 20 FC or 15 FC with GW. Which ones better? Full combat block from behind or the front?

29-12-2009, 21:38
Go with the 20 w/FC. That should be a solid army.