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29-12-2009, 14:38
I've been running into problems vs a buddy of mine. He plays tomb kings and almost always fields two stone throwers. Since he can spam cast giving them extra shooting phases he manages to get 4 off every turn. The problem I run into is he targets my general and eventually one hits. The main problem I have is I have failed my look-out sir roll 4 games in a row (quite the luck), so now I've been trying to find some other ways to deal with the throwers. Any advice? I was thinking hounds in front to block LoS for a turn.

29-12-2009, 14:50
Some anti-magic? Or a tzeenchian exalted hero on a disc, with the 4+ (3+) ward save vs missles to go in the back and kill the bolt throwers

29-12-2009, 17:49
Just send some dogs in. March up on turn 1 and charge on turn 2. Simple enough.

29-12-2009, 17:51
Best way is to tie them up.

29-12-2009, 18:09
As others have said he should only get 1-2 turns of shooting (depending on who gets first turn). In your second turn you should be able to charge them with hounds, disc rider, horsemen etc. Also several of your units will be in combat from your second turn which will reduce the number of targets. Stonethrowers are also usually a bit hesitant to shooting at targets close to their own units.

Before your second turn you need to either be lucky or shut down his magic which might be hard depending on your build and what other units he has. As I am sure you know shutting down his movement spells is usually priority 1.

Last possibility, dont bring a lord to the table but instead 4 heroes. Unless you are using a magic lord (which should help in shutting down his magic) hero level characters are quite capable of hurting things.

29-12-2009, 18:46
First and foremost, stop failing "Look Out, Sir!" rolls! :D

Seriously though, everyone here has provided good options. Just be very aware of what, if anything, your opponent tends to have protecting the SSCs and adjust accordingly.

Remember, the crews are just crappy Skeletons. Anything you can get into combat with them will wreck them. However, if there is a character or Scorpion (s) on guard duty, don't send crap units after them. A Scorpion or any character (yes, even lowly LPs if he runs the Staff of Ravening) should be able to make short work of a unit of Chaos Hounds or Marauder Horsemen. If he's running a defensive list (which twin SSCs tends to indicate...especially with a HLP as a Lord), he wants you to come to him.

If he runs a bunch of archers and the SSCs...invest all your magic to stopping the SSCs. The only things moving you'd have to worry about really are Chariots (you're WoC...unless the unit is led by a TK or TP, they'll still probably bounce off your armor), Ushabti (these guys will hurt if they get to hit you) and Tomb Guard w/ the Icon of Rakaph. Let ****-ant Skeletons do whatever the hell they want, because in the long run, it won't be much (if anything).

29-12-2009, 18:59
I like running two disc riders in WoC, one with enchanted shield and one with golden eye. They should be able to get there and clean up.


28-01-2010, 08:43
insted of enchanted shield, try the armour of morrselib, as most TK magic is focused on manouvring rather than direct damage, so he shud always get the save

28-01-2010, 10:42
I'm surprised no-one has mentioned this but..
Mark of Slannesh on anything you intend to go hunting these things and anything that could get shot at. Skulls of the foe is deadly!

Aside from this, a tzeench lord on disc is your best option. It's hard to out magic tks in lord level points but ensuring you have enough dispell dice is essential. And if that doesn't work, have a scroll caddy sitting in a block of warriors and shutdown those spells!

28-01-2010, 14:15
Wulfrix ?

Just dump Slanesh Marauders on the back of those catapult !

28-01-2010, 16:17
insted of enchanted shield, try the armour of morrselib, as most TK magic is focused on manouvring rather than direct damage, so he shud always get the save
Neither enchanted shield nor armour of morrslieb offers ány protection against SSCs.

29-01-2010, 12:17
Maybe the Goldeneye or putting him in a unit with the Blasted Standard (always Tzeentch marked).

I haven't faced TKs at all though.

29-01-2010, 12:26
Khornate marauders? They can threaten both the crew and a lot of things standing on 'guard duty'.

29-01-2010, 13:55
Hire Menghils Manflayers? (is that their name? The Dark Elf Scout Regiment of Renown)

29-01-2010, 20:30
disc rider with golden eye, problem solved...fact.

29-01-2010, 20:52
use your own cannon against them. or get a dow cannon. wulfrix gets my vote