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29-12-2009, 18:19
I've made a list with practically every WoC model I have (minus a few spawn and hounds). I shall be fighting ORCS AND GOBLINS with it so if anyone could provide advice on my character/unit setups I'd be very appreciative.

I expect my opponent to take a warboss on foot, supported by an orc lvl 4, a goblin lvl 4, a suicide goblin and a BSB (probably with Mork's Spirit Totem if no big unz have it) plus various support casters and combat orcs. He'll only have a single rock lobber as artillery and only has access to one giant. The rest will be infantry, fast cav and a unit of boar boyz.

I'll try to spread my characters thin as I'm scared of shagga's and won't be taking a chaos rune shield or many nurgle snipers.

Heres the best I can do at the moment with the models I have:

Dragon Lord (fury of the blood god, shield)

Level 4 Tzeentch daemon prince (tendrils)

Sorceror lord Level 4 (axe of khorne, regen, favour, khorne chariot)

Banner of the Gods BSB (shield, flail, chaos steed)

Level 2 Nurgle sorceror (scroll, blasphemous amulet, chariot)

Level 2 Slaanesh sorceror (enchanted shield, puppet, slaanesh steed)


5 slaanesh horsemen light armour, flail, throwing axe, musician,

15 warriors shields, full command

2x 10 khorne warriors great weaons, standard, musician

4 trolls

2x 5 hounds

2x 5 khorne knights full command

Slaanesh Warshrine

4442 points

14 Pd
8 dd

Do I need a power familiar?
Do I need more scrolls?
If so what items should I drop to accomodate these?
Should I drop the blasphemous amulet for something more useful?
... basically how should I change the sorceror set up (including marks?)?

Should I give the khorne warriors shields?
What about champions? I will face ~8 enemy characters and have a warshrine after all!
Should I give the shield warriors war banner so I have a big static CR unit to anchor my army around?

Do I need Bloodcurdling roar to deal with the inevitable fanatics? If so on which character?
Should I go a little crazy and mark the dragon lord khorne? :D

I have roughly 4 more spawn and 15 hounds I could use.

Rules questions:
Do the daemon prince and/or dragon rider get the benefit of the monster break test rerolls from Throgg?

Sorry for the length of post, but this is my first game this big since 5th edition so I really need advice!

Thanks for any help, the game is scheduled for tomorrow!

Edit: apologies for not altering BoC to WoC on the army type field!

29-12-2009, 18:24
Looks like fun with only 60 or so models. He'll probably have over 250. Should be a good game.

29-12-2009, 19:22
Looks like fun with only 60 or so models. He'll probably have over 250. Should be a good game.

Yep! My own OnG lists tend to have 135 models (including Wyvern) in 2250 games, so I'm expecting him to have double that. I've only taken Throgg so I can have core trolls, allowing a points limit over 3999!

Hopefully terror will thin the numbers, would it be worth investing in diabolic splendor on the daemon prince and maybe replacing BOTG for a doom totem on the BSB to maximise the anti Ld build? That may be a bit too harsh, especially if I take death lore (doom and darkness) on the enchanted snow plough sorceror lord instead of the usual heavens.

If I do go for death on the sorceror lord I should probably swap my favour + crown for pendant of slaanesh + acid ichor if I'm lucky enough to roll the life tap spell there is potential to add plenty of attacks to my killing blow!

Thanks for the reply w3rm!

I'm thinking I may need more hounds to screen khorne troops, I'm tempted to use throgg and the daemon prince for this role. I don't want them charging out of line at poxy wolf riders!