View Full Version : Skaven 2250 Pts Tournament w/Comp Score

30-12-2009, 17:26
I tend to play a CC army rather than a magic heavy army, but please let me know what you think (any friendly constructive criticism is always appreciated).


Warlord - 181 pts
Shield, War-Litter, Warpstone Armor, Poisoned Attacks, Tail Weapon

BSB - 125 pts
Shield, Poisoned Attacks, Tail Weapon, Shroud Of Dripping Death

Plague Priest - 290 pts
Blade Of Nurglitch, Foul Pendant, Plague Furnace

Warlock Engineer - 115 pts
Level 1 Wizard, 2 Dispel Scrolls


26 Stormvermin - 283 pts
Full Command, Shields, Storm Banner

30 Clanrats - 225 pts
Full Command, Shields, Warpfire Thrower

29 Clanrats - 150.5 pts
Full Command, Shields

20 Slaves - 50 pts

20 Slaves - 50 pts

20 Slaves - 50 pts


27 Plague Monks - 244 pts
Full Command, Grand Banner Of Clan Superiority

10 Plague Censer Bearers - 173 pts

5 Gutter Runners - 60 pts


Hell Pit Abomination - 250 pts
Warpstone Spikes

Total - 2246.5 pts

The Warlord goes in the Stormvermin unit, and the BSB goes in the 29 Clanrat unit. The Warlock Engineer is just a scroll caddy. It was a toss up between 6 Jezzails or The Warpfire Thrower+Slave's Shields, but I figured with the Storm Banner that the Jezzails would do less for me in the end.

30-12-2009, 20:13
maybe drop the champ off the PCBs, and use the pts to get poison for your Gutter runners?

not a fan of the pts for one more attack on the PCB champ they have 3 apiece already, just doesn't seem worth it, but you would need to scrounge a few more points for the poison.

30-12-2009, 21:34
Thanks for the input. My reasoning for the champ in the PCBs is that they only really get one good round of combat (flails and hatred), so I try to make it count as much as possible. I use the Gutter Runners basically to attack warmachine crew.

05-01-2010, 10:59
i like the list, it looks like you're keeping a good handle on your tendency to balance fluffy enjoyability with effectiveness very well.

i like that you've taken all different sorts of characters, should be versatile and fun to look at.

all of the pestilens stuff looks threatening. the furnace is always a welcome addition to skaven armies, and that's quite a fat unit of pcbs, i'd hate to face them.

i think the points spent on shields for the slaves could definitely be spent more effectively elsewhere. mayhaps use that and something else to find room for another unit of the indentured servitude bound rodents, or maybe another warpfire thrower??

and in all honesty, the banner of clan superiority is definitely overkill on the plague furnace unit. unless combo charged by something excessively gnarly, they're not going to lose combat. maybe throw it on your stormvermin to keep them from fleeing, as that's a costly unit to have overrun.

05-01-2010, 20:05
I would rather drop sheilds on slaves, drop the PCB champion and get Giant Rats - even 10 with 2 handlers is a mere 46pts (ish, not got the book handy) or more slaves - either way you have another expendable unit - favour the giant rats myself as for 46 pts for you get 12 attacks (10 from rats, 2 from handlers) on the charge, or if your charged.
Slaves are there to die - no point in upgrading them at all, a shield isnt going to do anything for them - even in combat just a 5+ save v's str 3 attacks - isn't going to save the day for them. They rely on numbers and then they explode causing more deaths with their passing - much better!

06-01-2010, 00:56
Remember the banner of clan superiority is better than the war banner 1/3 of the time, the same a 1/3 and worse 1/3, for 5 pts less the war banner will never do nothing in a turn.