View Full Version : skaven vs. empire

Dark Skaven
30-12-2009, 20:46
my bro and i will play a battle at the 31. december who will win?

i will use:
40 clanrats
20 stormvermins
1 doomwheel
1 plague furnace
1 warlock enginer
1 chieftain/queek (if he is hero, cant remember)
2 rat swarms

30-12-2009, 21:31
Queek is a Lord. Tretch is a Hero with a 4+ Ward save. Not much of a horde feel to your army, so I'm not sure how it will go (especially since I don't know what your opponent is fielding). It seems like if he fields a gunline, you may be in for some trouble (too many large targets to aim warmachines at, and not enough troops to absorb the casualties of handgunners).

Dark Skaven
30-12-2009, 23:02
my brother is a new empire player, all he got is 1 pack of empire general, 1 pack of empire knights and empire brigade 0_o

30-12-2009, 23:35
I just realized you have a Furnace with no Plague Monks to push it. You can't field it without the unit minimum of 10 that pushes it, my friend.

If you do happen to have the Plague Monks, and just didn't include them in your written army list, I'd say send them after the knights. The Furnace should take care of them without an issue.

Dark Skaven
31-12-2009, 09:23
well... my bro wanted to play mordheim, but i dont wanna.
so we r not going to play....