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30-12-2009, 21:33
DOUBLE POST...weird server you got here, guys. Feel free to delete this one.

Here's the list I am planning on using in my first tourney later this month. I am trying to make it powerful while avoiding total cheese. All the local players already cry cheese at me for even picking this force (which I got for ease of painting!), it is kind of sad. Also if you're kind enough to give advice, kepp in mind that this force uses every single VC model and proxy I own except for one Varghulf (Hordes Warpwolf). The Cairn Wraiths are proxied female warriors with great weapons. I couldn't think of any other use for them. ALso, I don't have my book with me, so please excuse me if my list causes confusion.

Vampire lord, level 3.
Dark Acolyte
Avatar of Death (?) Sword, Shield, HW
Sceptre (?) +1 to cast AND dispel
Helm of Command

Vampire BSB
Forbidden Lore (fire)
Summon Ghouls
Drakenhof Banner

Vampire 2
Dark Acolyte
Flayed Something? (?) the one with +1T and neg 3 to WS and I
Summon Ghouls
Power Stone
I think a magic weapon of some sort

Necromancer on Corpse Cart with Bale Fire
6+ ward save
Book of Arkahn (?) the one with Van Hel's
Raise Dead

25 Skeletons, full command, War Banner.....General's meat shield
20 Ghouls/1Ghast...BSB's retinue
25 Ghouls/1Ghast..Vampire 2's retinue
8 Dire Wolves/1 Champion
3 Cairn Wraiths/1 Banshee
1 Varghulf
<<<<That's close anyway>>>>

The plan is to hang my General back in her skeleton unit while she supports everyone else. I'll march forward with my Ghouls. Hopefully I can keep unit strength up with summons and the Drakenhof banner. The Vampires are decent enough to harass with magic (Raise dead and Fireball) until they get stuck in. They are also pretty good at combat with help from the Helm of Command on Vampire 2 and Sword of Rhuin on Vampire 1.

The Dire wolves are mainly for screening and maybe setting up flank rear charges along with risen zombies.

the Varghulf and Banshees are insurance against dumb mistakes mainly. I always manage to leave something important vulnerable (usually my general)

Hopefully my Necromancer can accomplish something before he gets pasted as always. Alternativel I was thinking maybe dropping him in with the Skellis and leaving the poor cart to fend for itself. Or maybe replacing the both of them with an ethereal Vampire to run with the wraiths? That could be a hoot.

Anyway, I have 12 PD and 7 Dispel dice. +1 to cast a variety of stuff, plus a couple of bound spells on the Necro. Enemies will be at -2 cast witht he scptre and Balefire (for a while). I think that is decent.

My worries are that my General will be too easily killed and that my fire Vampire is only level one (But I really dig the Fire list!). I'd like some more models on the table, but I just don't own them. As it is the bulk of my ghouls are proxied goblins.

Any advice at all will be welcome.