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Dodgy Ed
31-01-2006, 15:36
I've always been rather partial the retro look of the Mars titans, and having a Reaver and a Warhoud I now want a Warlord but it has one over-riding caveat, it needs to be cheap, so very cheap.

I've actually decided to get my **** in gear and start building. I eventually settled on a bastardised form of the armorbimbo templates for the oop Dreamforge Blockheads, Knocked up this concept sketch, based off Armorbimbos Blockhead to give some idea of the expected results.

Right now as it stands I've literally only got the core and head mounted on card. Unfortunately I'm currently a bit limited on card stock so I've just used what was lying aroundhttp://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a40/Dodgy_Ed/Warlord%20Project/Warlordnet.jpg

The Gloss finish has been taken down with a quick going over with sand paper so it will take glue and paint. More pics to follow once I actually start building the thing.

Dodgy Ed
01-02-2006, 12:06
Update time, well not much to report but the basic shapes of the head and the core are done.


now I need some help which of these head details should I use? or indeed should I just go with the standard titan head?


Dodgy Ed
11-09-2007, 23:42
Rise; Rise my Pretty Muhahahahha*hack cough splutter*hahahah! Fear my Powers of Threadmancy:skull:


Anyway after many years I've finally decided to do some more work on this (read been poked by staff at the local store who want to borrow it for the Apocalypse release), without further ado on to the pictures; they have been photoshopped for your convenience as my student accommodation is an unsavoury hell hole with no space for taking photos, so individual photos would waste bandwidth (and probably traumatise the viewer)

Anyhow leg assemblage

Check out those retro cups being used.

And the torso and carapace

the carapace itself is no where near done but cutting that ******* hamster ball by hand into an appropriate shape is not something I relish doing ever again:mad:

More tomorrow probablly, with a hopefully finished(ish) carapace

<edit> Would a kindly mod please move this to the SF project logs; when I began this there was no such thing

Dodgy Ed
12-09-2007, 19:26
Ok update time then, spent today working on the carapace, it now sits on the torso quite happily and is still removable for transport.
The front of the carapace was an absolute bitch to shape, (*insert deity of choice* bless PVA and card stock) the thing was formed over a set of plasticard ribs in much the same way as canvas on an aircraft wing http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a40/Dodgy_Ed/Warlord%20Project/PIC_0108.jpg
to eventually give this result
3/4 view

anyway so what do people think then?

12-09-2007, 19:32
Gotta love the hamster ball!!!

What a good use of one! Do/Did you have a hamster? If you do, then you should really turn it into a gladiator!! (http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b229/kermit72/Gladiator_Hamster.jpg)

On topic...

That looks great! Have tried my hand a landraider, and am enjoying everyone building titans... so maybe one day I will attempt it!

Consider me subscribed.

Keep up the good work.

12-09-2007, 19:36
Looks fantastic so far mate. :)

Dodgy Ed
12-09-2007, 20:00
@ Kermit no I don't have a hamster, you should have seen the look on the shop girls face when I was in the pet shop measuring them to see which was the right size.:D

Oh and I'll see your hamster gladiators and raise you a Pimp My Tortoise :wtf:

12-09-2007, 21:04
Good stuff - nice to see an old school Warlord - very inventive use of pet-related goods :)

13-09-2007, 00:34
suscribed. Funny how many things of daily use can be material for a titan. :D

Dodgy Ed
14-09-2007, 21:07
Hmmm time for another update, yet more household objects being pressed into service, this time it's plantpots as a base for the feet; it was here I found out something interesting poly cement won't bond whatever plastic these are made out of, it just delaminates the outer layer of it:mad: Without further ado pics, (made a fair bit of progress since the last update

Just got the toes and weapons to make, then comes the detailing; Fun.

14-09-2007, 23:52
That is awesome. I want to do a warlord in the same fashion. Would you consider doing templates?

the varks
15-09-2007, 00:06
i think hes using the crusader templates from the bwc archive, drop me a pm and i can send them to you.


Dodgy Ed
15-09-2007, 00:16
Yep the Varks has got it right, although they are heavily slimmed down, the Blockhead body is a lot more complicated, but I wanted to keep the size in line with the old Armorcast stuff (can get a comparison shot with a phantom and a Reaver if anyone is interested).

Unfortunately there are no templates for the carapace, the thing is hand trimmed from the hamster ball using the old WD advert as a guide.

PM either me or Varks with your email addy and one of us will get the plans to you.

the varks
15-09-2007, 00:26
isn't the body the same as the crusaders? and what is your avatar?


Dodgy Ed
15-09-2007, 00:42
Yeah the bodies are the same, I meant that I'd altered it to cut down on its size by removing a couple of the extraneous 'blocks'. As for my Avatar that's one of my squats (see here http://warseer.com/forums/m-p-t-general-discussion/69777-dwarfs-in-space.html?highlight=dwarfs+in+space)

One day I'll finish painting them all (got a full army including Hearth Guard, Exo Armour Bikes and Trikes etc) Unfortunately people keep coming up with other things for me to paint/build:rolleyes:

NB I don't care what anyone thinks of the models I like them (the name maybe not; I mean Squats:wtf: were they thinking), but then again I'm also a big Dwarf fan (painted near 30K now) and like the models from the late eighties; probably why I'm doing the Mars pattern instead of the easier MKII.

the varks
15-09-2007, 08:30
Yeah the bodies are the same, I meant that I'd altered it to cut down on its size by removing a couple of the extraneous 'blocks'. As for my Avatar that's one of my squats (see here http://warseer.com/forums/m-p-t-general-discussion/69777-dwarfs-in-space.html?highlight=dwarfs+in+space)

One day I'll finish painting them all (got a full army including Hearth Guard, Exo Armour Bikes and Trikes etc) Unfortunately people keep coming up with other things for me to paint/build:rolleyes:

NB I don't care what anyone thinks of the models I like them (the name maybe not; I mean Squats:wtf: were they thinking), but then again I'm also a big Dwarf fan (painted near 30K now) and like the models from the late eighties; probably why I'm doing the Mars pattern instead of the easier MKII.

SQUATS!!! kool i love squats and i also dwarves [ the models to all you sick people out there ] i have about 5k points of dwarves...


Dodgy Ed
30-09-2007, 18:54
Updates at long last; had a fortnight with no internet access, but that doesn't mean work has stopped. I bring you a base and a big ********** gun, The other 'arm' gun is getting towards being built and the two carapace weapons are shop stock but the mounts aren't made yet, so aside from building toes and a pair of carapace mounts the basic structure is just about done.
The dead battery power pack on the gun is a really handy way of getting the thing to balance.


The base will be a snowy landscape with a blacktop road bisecting it.

30-09-2007, 20:09
Dude! That so cool with the hamster ball and stuff!! Any chance you could put something/one next to it? I need to know hos big it is!

30-09-2007, 20:14
You used hamster exercise balls for the carapace? :confused:


You used hamster exercise balls for the carapace! :D Genius! :cool:

Nice work, it looks great so far!

Dodgy Ed
30-09-2007, 21:37
As Merceus requested here are a few 'scaling' shots, the first one is my homage to the Biasi 'shelf of dreams' http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a40/Dodgy_Ed/Warlord%20Project/MikeBiasiTitans.jpg(although I don't have a Revenant so the Warhound will have to stand in.

If you look closely you can see Bill and Yuri the stunt Guardsmen posing for a picture on the base. (that should give you an idea of how big it is)


For completeness sake I thought I'd better stick the Reaver in as well

Sorry about the crappy quality of the photos, lousy lighting in scumtacular student digs.

So the real question is do I have enough firepower for Apocalypse?:evilgrin:

30-09-2007, 21:41
mighty impressive array of nasties ye have there... though the big guys not as big as I thought... though obviously it depends on how big the hound is compared to a FW one...

Dodgy Ed
30-09-2007, 21:48
About the same height as the FW one.

Bear in mind all of these are roughly to scale a decision I had to make early on; stick with the existing slightly under scale Armorcast stuff or increase the size and have it (debatably) fluff accurate but looking out of place with the rest of them?

Historically the Phantom and the Warlord were about the same height and the Warlord stood about twice as tall as a Warhound; also this Warhound is on quite a raised base as it is charging an enemy trench

Wanders off muttering something highly offensive about Titan size creep:mad:

Dodgy Ed
01-10-2007, 22:11
Update time again, this time it's the other BFG; going to count as a Volcano Cannon (unless anyone can come up with something better)



Dodgy Ed
02-10-2007, 20:37
My God (or your's if you prefer) The updates just fly thick and fast don't they. With this update I think the basic structure is done!

Carapace weapons:
Turbo laser destructor, courtesy of Armorcast

Vortex missile, courtesy of a misspent youth hustling crap at carboot sales)

Toes made from plasticard and cardboard

Not overly happy with the vortex missile, has anyone got any ideas what can be done with it? (aside from straighting it up the thing is only on there temporarily) And should I make another eight smaller toes to go between the main plates?

C'mon Varks missing your updates mate where's the antipodean cousin to this? :P

02-10-2007, 23:25
Looking pretty good there!... :) I'm following this project with exitement...

I must admit though, that i don't really like the vortex missile, it dosen't look very "40k.'ish" to me, yet I think the overall look of it would improve alot if it was moved closer to the body...

03-10-2007, 00:35
Yup, this summer your titan is gonna have a new friend built by me.

I <3 W
03-10-2007, 04:20
First of all AWSOME
then :(. Its too small and doesnt jhave enough details
also I think that youshould make that missile either another turbo laser destructor (looks beyter with two) or position it differently.

03-10-2007, 04:29
Its official.

You are a mad scientist... Or MacGyver or something.

03-10-2007, 11:49
Ed, this is superb!

for the missile, I'd say the problem is it looks a bit unbalanced (size-wise). The missile itself looks a bit puny compared to the big bracket you have it mounted on, and also the huge nozzle looks a bit oversized for the missile. I'd suggest either building up the missile a bit or reducing the size of the nozzle or bracket.

Extra toes would be good for the feet I reckon, but I think you'd need to add more details to the rest of the machine to match them.

Keep up the good work!

the varks
03-10-2007, 12:11
im sorry ed for the lack of updates but i just got back from interstate, and i have homework, will do some work (hopefully) tomorrow.

looking good ed, im going to use that volcano gun thing as a laser blaster count as if you dont mind.


Dodgy Ed
03-10-2007, 14:04
Thanks for the praise everyone. I think somepeopls mis-understood when I said the structure was complete; it is but that just means the detailing is next. (so very many rivets)

@the lover of all things W, I'm not sure that it is too small, canonically it's in line with the size of an early warlord titan, and more importantly it matches the Armorcast Phantom, with whom it will be fighting in a few weeks for GW Nottinghams Apocalypse battle (not that we'd try to upstage WW of course:angel:)

@Ravenous, Mad, maybe. Scientist, Hell No! I like my facts wooly and open to interpretation

@McMullet, Yeah I came to that conclusion to, luckily just got back from a trip to the toy shop with a set of the Chemical plant platformer stuff which should beef the missile up nicely

@The Varks, by all means do but beware it unbalances the thing horribly, in games this thing is going to need some wire bracing to prevent it being knocked over.

Oh and as I was bored with the titan last night I knocked this up, hopefully going to ne one of three close air support thunderbolts Mmmm Napalm:evilgrin:


I <3 W
03-10-2007, 18:57
for the missile I say you put some sort of launch pad thats almost as long as the turbolaser with a counterweight on the back. and a missile wouldn't nbe the same length as the launchpad. Sort of a long strip with a groove and something on the sides.

and nice fighter there...
EDIT: another thiung: itlooks like that one in the artwoek which IMO is waaaya nicer than thenew epic warlord,but yours is waaaaaay to small. almost as short as a reaver and its sposed to be 50% (or is it double?) higher than it.

anyways I really like the look and the pose reaallyy

Dodgy Ed
03-10-2007, 19:11
Update time: first Undercoat done, this is really just to pick up the areas where work needs to be done, and as we can see that's just about everywhere




Guardsmans eye view


@The W hugger, I'm sticking to my guns on this one (in a good natured way; I appreciate the criticism)it's not designed on the new artwork, it's designed after the original Mars pattern (first epic plastic titan) which was a tad taller than two Warhounds stood on top of one another (rather than the three in the new book). Not sure where you get almost as short as a Reaver from, look at the comparison pics on the previous page and you'll see it's about a third taller, which again is right on the money from the old Epic stuff.

I <3 W
04-10-2007, 02:42
dETAILS, FIX THE MISSILE AND TADAAAA. Also I prefer it to the new version of the warlord, it looks way nicer, but abit too small.

I <3 W
04-10-2007, 05:51
did you base it on this http://wh40k.lexicanum.de/wiki/Bild:WarlordTitanImperialFists.jpg
(the pic at the top of the page)
which I personally think is kewler than the new epic warlord

the varks
04-10-2007, 13:40
looking sexy, ye i realised it was horribly unbalanced so i made a new design. what colour is it going to be? mines going to be green.


Dodgy Ed
13-10-2007, 19:50
Thought I'd better update (at least there's a chance it'll get moved to SF project logs now)

Not really much to show, few bits of detailing and the first of the many many coats of paint


Dodgy Ed
16-10-2007, 13:53
Just a quick update now, probablly more to follow later today as things are moving on apace, showing the details from the cities of death sprue (kindly provided by my good drinking buddy Kieron)


16-10-2007, 15:27
Wow this is really cool! Great work so far!

Dodgy Ed
16-10-2007, 18:55
As promised more updates, the base coating is just about done now (with the exception of the mechanicus symbol) The board will get several coats of white drybrushing to look like drifting snow.



the flash makes the painting look shocking, irl whilst still not being great is a lot smoother.

17-10-2007, 18:51
That's very neat. It looks less like a gijoe cup monstrosity and a real Titan :) Paint (even the base coat) is the difference.

Very cool, maybe one day I will attempt something this loopy.

floyd pinkerton
19-10-2007, 17:20
That's crazy!

Can't wait to see this beast finished!