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31-12-2009, 20:28
Ok, it appears that our gaming group is getting back into WFB for the first time in a loooooong while. I used to play DE years ago, and I'm thinking of sticking with that now.

Under the new codex, what would be a good, competitive build at 1000 points?

By models, I have a good number of RXB Warriors and Corsairs. I have a few, but not many, spearmen. I own around ten of the flying beast guys (name escapes me). I have about eight cold one knights. I have around ten wyche elves. Ironically, I have six repeater bolt throwers (have no idea why I have that many). I also have a number of assorted character type models.

I'd like to focus mostly on models I have rather than having to buy too much more stuff.

Any ideas for a place to start? I've looked at the new army book, but it is so different from the last one that I'm not even sure where to start. Any advice would be much appreciated.

The SkaerKrow
31-12-2009, 22:43
Unfortunately, Corsairs aren't optimum as an army's backbone (Warriors with Spears have the advantage of being cheaper while providing equal static CR). Still, they aren't bad per se, just somewhat costly.

Going purely on what you own, I've cooked up the following...

1 Master
on Cold One, Lance, Shield, Sea Dragon Cloak, Heavy Armor

1 Sorceress
Dispel Scroll
(Level 2)

16 Corsairs (6x6x4)
Full Command

10 Repeater Crossbowkin

10 Repeater Crossbowkin

6 Harpies

5 Cold One Knights
Full Command

1 Reaper Bolt Thrower

Points: 1,000

It doesn't have a lot in the way of tricks, but I find that at lower point games you're better off with leaving gimmicks at home. The Corsairs should be able to contend well with other light infantry units, and you have enough shooting to make a dent a decent cross-section of targets. Your Cold One Knights will be the stars of the list, obviously, as they're your sole hammer unit. The Harpies are there to tie up enemy shooting units and war machines.

As for how you may expand this army, the Repeater Crossbowkin are prime candidates for Shields, as this enables them to function as decent flank and war machine protectors. A second Reaper Bolt Thrower is also a good idea. Obviously, you'll also want to look into more magic items, as this army is rather mundane.

I'd suggest investing in some Dark Riders (you can make decent Dark Riders from the Wood Elf Glade Rider and Dark Elf Warrior kits if you prefer plastic models). Black Guard are a very popular choice these days, and I'd suggest that you add more Witch Elves in order to field an effective unit in larger games. Dark Elf Warriors are excellent for generating static combat resolution points (ranks, banner, outnumber), though they struggle to kill their way out of a paper bag. The fact that you don't have many of the old ones works in your favor, as you can safely stock up on the new models. Beyond that consider Shades, a War Hydra and maybe an Assassin or two.

Welcome back to Warhammer, and good luck! :)

01-01-2010, 00:11
To all intents and purposes, see above. SkaerKrow rarely gives bad advice, and has said virtually everything I would recommend.

My one additional suggestion would be to take either 2 RBTs or a hydra- I'm a big advocate of at least 2 RBTs in every army I use, I find they cause big monster all sorts of deployment and movement issues. One is all well and good, but I find that two is way more than twice as good.

In contrast to SkaerKrow, though, I'm more of a min/max magic fan- I either want to take loads of it, or very little, even in low points, So I'd keep the sorceress as level 1 with 2 scrolls, and try to squeeze the Seal of Ghrond in there somewhere once you get towards 1500 pts. But this is just my personal approach to magic, based on my local metagame. Once you play a few games, you'll find out what you need/like.