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31-12-2009, 21:42
It seems that while High Elves can stand and fight, that's not their strong suit. So this list is designed to bring the fight to the enemy quickly and hit hard. I have considered dropping the spearmen and taking a second unit of archers along with a second great eagle, but not sure that's a wise idea. Thanks in advance for any and all comments or suggestions.

Lords and Heroes

Prince: Dragon Armor, Dragonscale Shield, Star Lance, Barded Elven Steed - 243 points

Dragon Mage: Level 2, Staff of Solidity, Guardian Phoenix - 430 points

Mage: Level 2, Dispell Scroll x2, Elven Steed - 187 points

Archers x10: 110 points

Spearmen x15: Full Command - 160 points

Sword Masters x7 - 105 points

Sword Masters x7 - 105 points

Dragon Princes x5: Full Command, Banner of Arcane Protection - 225 points

Dragon Princes x5: Standard Bearer, Banner of Ellyrion - 185 points


Great Eagle: 50 points

RBT: 100 points

RBT: 100 points

Total: 1995 points

01-01-2010, 23:41
Well, it may be simply stylistic, but I'd think a list that "takes the fight to the enemy and hit hard" would be using a Prince and the Star Dragon - I'd very much prefer that to the Dragon Mage. Perhaps scratch the Dragon Mage, roll those 430pts into the Prince and make him useful - The mage on steed is good, and should still keep the 2 scrolls for the turn or two you're not in combat.

My only other thought would be musicians for your units, because they are low in cost and always useful.

Interesting Prince build I've been quite successful with (it's indulgent, but destructive and protective).

Prince, Star Dragon, Star Lance, Armor of Caledor, Guardian Phoenix.
2+ armor save, 5+ ward save, Dragon has a 3+ scaly skin, both rider and
Dragon are immune to flaming attacks. Lots of st7 attacks on the charge.

02-01-2010, 00:48
that dragon mage is going to die rather fast becuase hes ur only dragon. if u want it caledor theme u take two drgons and as many DP as possible for the simple reason that its fast tough strong and looks awesome! i would try n get ur lord on a star drgn

02-01-2010, 02:29
Thanks for the advice. I'll look into the double dragon option.