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01-01-2010, 04:51
I fielded all of the models I have, save 1 sorcerer, and had maybe 45 points left over to distribute. It was the first game either of us have played, so we may have done a few things wrong.

Also, sorry if my descriptions aren't too detailed.

Exalted Hero
-Shield (didn't have points for anything else haha)
Sorcerer - lvl 1
-MoT (again, didn't have points for anything else)
Marauders x 15
-Full Command
Warhounds x 5
Marauder Horsemen x 5
-Full Command
Spawn x 1

His list:
Orc Big Boss
Goblin Big Boss
Orc Warriors
Goblin Spears (Goblin Big Boss in this unit)
Night Goblin Archers

Turn 1:
Moved my horsemen towards his archers, screened by warhounds which took 4 casualties. Everything else just moving closer. Sorcerer attempts to cast Baleful Transmogrification (not taking that spell anymore) but it's dispelled.

Turn 2:
Last warhound is killed, horsemen charge archers. Sorcerer attempts to cast Baleful Transmogrification but Leadership Test is passed. Spawn charges Goblin Spearmen, Exalted Hero and Big Boss engage in combat, Marauders charged by Orc Warriors. Sorcerer from here on is just sitting doing nothing.

Turn 3:
Marauder Champion kills the Champion of the Orc Warriors and gains Razor Sharp Horns from Eye of the Gods, which grants +1 attack. Spawn is killed. Marauder Horsemen pounding away at the archers. Exalted Hero and Big Boss duking it out.

Turn 4:
Goblins flank Marauders, Marauder Champion and Goblin Big Boss kill eachother (we played where the units dying get to hit back, which I pretty sure now is wrong, but whatever,) Goblins fail panic test and flee. Exalted Hero slayed Orc Big Boss and gains Magic Resistance from the Eye of the Gods table (useless for this game haha.) Night Goblin Archers flee, pursued by the last living horseman.

Turn 5: Goblin Archers and Goblin Spears fail rally. Orcs fail panic test.

I ended up scoring a Massacre against him, although we did misinterpret a few rules. My spawn was in base contact with his Goblin Spears and his Goblin Big Boss. He said that I could elect to direct attacks toward the unit or the boss, first turn I went against the boss (weakened him for the Marauder Champion to finish off) and the second turn of combat I took out 3 gobs. Not sure if that was correct but I just went with it.

With the points I spent on a sorcerer I could have taken another unit of marauders, but I don't have another unit of marauders. I think when I get up to higher points I will definitely make him lvl 2 and not use Baleful Transmogrification.

01-01-2010, 07:26
Nice report, always nice to see WoC winning = ) but unit champions don't get to rolll on the Eye of the Gods table, nor does killing enemy unit champions grant a roll. Just the stupid way rules are written.

01-01-2010, 18:29
Ahh geeze I see that now. I'll have to remember for next time.

01-01-2010, 18:39
Why am I not surprised WoC won?

01-01-2010, 19:38
Thats some nice pies you have there.

02-01-2010, 09:36
still your list is pretty tame :p there are other options like all mounted or my personal favorite the infantry wars. take a unit of warhounds 2 big blocks of marauders, and exalte and a lvl2 wizard with book of secrets and powerfamiliar. for the exalted give him a gw and helm of mny eyes. watch the orcs cry :)