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01-01-2010, 14:45
2250 Tourney List

Arch Lector (HA, Enchanted Shield, wyrmsword, Van Horst's switcheroo item)
Battle Wizard (Level 2, Rod of Power, Ring of Volans)
Battle Wizard (level 2, Armor of Tarnus)
Warrior Priest (AoMI, Icon of Magnus, Great weapon)

30 Swordsmen (standard and Musician)
15 Handgunners
15 Crossbowmen
6 Knights with musician
6 Knights with musician

5 Pistoliers
20 Greatswords (musician and standard)
Detachment of 10 Free Company

Helblaster Volley Gun

The idea is to have balance in all my phases allowing me to adapt to the opponent and in game situations. I have high leadership on the units that need it for their offensive advance (Knights, Greatswords, Steamtank, etc) while having a mini gun line that can deploy as wide as I need them and take advantage of hills and big number versus counter fire. My magic will be solid while not overkill. My magic defense is tricky but sustainable (7 DD). My question is (without Empire sucks comments please) can this army be competitive. I think it is without being overpowered but I am curious to hear what people have to say.

01-01-2010, 14:56
Couple of things that leap to mind that may help... just suggestions...

Split your missile units up. For the same points, you can get 3 units of 10 - I find this much more flexible... maybe have 1 as a detatchment...

The Helblaster will be an easy target without any other artillery to back it up (I'm not counting the STank here) I prefer to run a couple of Cannons, or Mortars, so you can mix it up a bit.

I also find the STank limits your choices a little in games of this size. If you're intent on taking it, then I'd suggest changing the GSwords... I;m not a huge fan anyway - I'd personally drop the GS, plus one unit of knights, and get another unit if State troops, plus a couple of detachments of Free Company...

Oh, and there's precious little point in the Wyrmsword - take the item from the common list instead that does pretty much th same (forget the name of the top of my head...)

Anyhoo - a few thoughts... as I say, just suggestions really, depends on how you play...

01-01-2010, 15:15
I am running with a newly created army so I only have a mortar to back up the rest of my artillery at the moment. I do like my Greatsword unit and have a plan for them. I'll let you know how it goes because I have heard many people say that they don't like the Greatswords. The Greatswords are why I went to the Empire. lol Thank you for the advice. I will do some thinking to decide on your recommendations. This is a tricky army to wield.

01-01-2010, 15:22
This is a tricky army to wield.

COuldn't agree more :D

There are as many effective Empire Armies as there are players I think. I'd be interested to see how you fare with your GSwords - You may convince me ;)

01-01-2010, 15:29
Overall I like your list, but there are a few changes I'd make to step them up for a tournament setting:

Archlector - As another poster said, Sword of Might will serve more efficiently here. I prefer the Mace of Helstrum build myself, but the Speculuum is still awesome. Being on foot, he's going to have some trouble getting to where he's need though - do you have a mounted model?

Battle Wizard with Armor of Tarnus. Planning on him being in combat? I can think of far better gear to give him.

Since a Hero is going to be joining the Swordsmen and Greatswords, you can drop a model from each to save points.

Handgunners / Crossbowmen. I prefer crossbows as they can put the pressure on from turn one with their 30" range. Handgunners tend to have to wait until the enemy advances towards them. I'd field them in units of 10 + 5 detachment so that the detachment can shoot at another target.

A second cannon will serve you well. I don't fire the one from my Steam Tank as it has notoriously misfired in the past.

The Pistoliers need a musician at bare minimum. An Outrider with Repeater Pistol helps a ton with his +4 shots at a better BS.

Good luck in the tourney!

01-01-2010, 18:48
The pistoliers have a musician and outrider with repeating pistol. ;)

The Wizard with the armor will be in an advancing column of troops so he will need the protection. The arch lector is hanging back acting the the backbone for my missile troops, he leads the swordsmen unit, and he (and the many ranked swordsmen) is mostly just a contingency to an opping player doing a quick advance on my missile based flank.

I will have a mounted arch lector in the near future but it will probably be purchased the day of the tournament. lol

Thanks for the well wishing. I will have a cannon and mounted arch lector in my future but for now this is what I am going with... although I might drop the Helblaster Volley gun for the mortar. Oh, if I break up the missile troops then I lose army composition points. So for now I am stuck like that. SO MANY CHOICES!

01-01-2010, 21:02
its ok, ive ran simllar lists...

1) I'd have only taken 20 missle troops - 10 handgunners, 10 crossbows - its more than enough in a game
2) I'd have taken outriders over pistoliers - had a passionate love affair with pistoliers until i started suing outriders - now i never leave home without them
3) I never take a state troop unit without detachments - it negates their use in the world
4) I like hellblaster/steam tank - if i had to pick id lose the hell blaster
5) Imperial cannon is life saver - make time to buy, build, and paint one! Two is even better, but at least 1
6) Greatswords are great - but only when a BSB is close by. Stubborn ld 8 is still too close for comfert - reroll of bsb makes them just amazing. especially if its girffon standard - even undead hate the static res you generate! I'd stick the bsb in the swordsman unit
7) armour of tarnus - i tried that pony last month and sadly did nothing to protect him :( rod of power is a life saver as you can store extra dice for defence or offensive magic
8) biggest shame in the world you havent made time to kitbash a mounted warrior priest - use knight bodies, heads from the flaggellant box, extra peices like books, hour glasses from the flagellant box and it looks banging. a mounted warrior priest with 6 knights will wreak havoc - they can break a fully ranked unit with command on the charge. infact recently they ran into 5 fleshounds, destroyed them, overan into a 2nd unit of fleshounds, overan, and destroyed them as well! Plus you get 2+ save for the priest - and always give him a really cheap, crappy magic weapon incase you face etherial units.
9) free company - find they should rename them to free combat res to the enemy! they die so fast - swordsman make better combat detachments as their purpose is to break ranks, add a flanking bonus, and not die! free company are best used as detachments to send forwards and die - but bait units in the process, unleash fanatics, etc.

Empire rock - they are a solid army and you should do well - just keep your cool and patience though during the day! Its hard as its easy to get excited with empire!

01-01-2010, 22:25
Lots of good advice. Thanks Jind!

01-01-2010, 22:47
Jind, you convinced me with a strong argument. I dropped the Tarnus armor, the extra missile troops, and added a swordsmen detch to my swordsmen. I will try to grab a cannon and mounted arch lector before the game. I will try. sigh

I am really excited to bring my troops to this tourney. It will be a trial by fire. Do detachments count as part of the parent unit for end of game scoring perposes?

02-01-2010, 07:01
:D Dark Knight you will do well - you will make Sigmar proud I say, proud!

My 1st ever tourny with Empire at 1500pts, I ran 3 Knights, 3 Pistoliers, 3 Warrior Priests, 1 Steam Tank.
I came 4th overall - I massacred the slaaneshi leadership bomb DoC, I drew this tough VC, and then I massacred the Dwarves in final game. Guess who won? Me mate with HIS empire - whose list is very close to yours - he massacred dark elf, and some others.
In another tournment he came 1st, and from tons of players most were some kind of elf player.

QUESTION - Do the detachments count for VP - only if they die! So if the parent unit was 200pts, the detachments were say 80pts each, and you just lost the parent unit - he only gets the 200vp.

Quick Empire Tactics

1) On Knights - These boys are great, especially v's Dark Elves. Run them in to combat, they should mostly survive the combat. They should flee v's a ranked unit WHICH HAS TO pursue. This is wonderfull as I'll charge them in the flanks to have them chase me! Sometimes I'll frontal charge them to bring them closer to my hell blasters!
Knights take a lot of killing so be bold with them - they are also great for killing wizards hidding in units - try to direct as many hits on the wizard, the rest on unit champ. You'll lose combat and flee 3d6 but who cares?!
2) On deployment - Refused flank is the Empires friend - shore up the centre with the greatswords, protect their flank with a detachment, and then put the rest of the army on the flank. Try to keep the steam tank away from most of the warmachines - if lucky terrian peices sometimes provide blind avenues were the warmachines cant spot it. I like to place the Knights on the further flank - away from the rest of the army - so that way the enemy still has to spread his forces out. The Knights are now excellent - I move them forwards a bit so if the enemy ignores them and makes for my armies flanks, I WILL FLANK THEM with my knights. Come after my 123 pt unit of knights...HA! Got you sucker! I'll just trot my knights around the board without engaging! Dont be timid with the infantary - they can hold their ground well - but sometimes you got to play like a dwarf and sit there in the deployment zone!
3) Steam Tank - NEVER fire it's cannon unless your desperate, its not worth misfiring to cause an auto wound on your self! Dont forget the engineer has a pistol, shoot it! I always just generate 4 steam points to start with as it's safe - never risk rolling a 6 to grab 5 steam points...UNLESS your close to combat in which case bugger it and go for 5 points! (Of course as you take wounds the number of points drops accordingly). Point, aim, click and send the tank towards the nastiest enemy unit you can and watch it sit there all day as they slowly wound it. Now kill everything else ASAP!
4) Cannon snipe - dont be scared to snipe at the enemy with the cannon - even if it means having to hit a few of your troops along the way!
5) Magic - generally speaking I try to throw my bound magic out 1st - this way if I miscast and get that one were I shut my magic phase down, at least I had a chance to try the bound items/prayers. DONT DO WHAT I DO - I forget to use the rod of command! A LOT!

And finally....

Victory will cost you blood, Your blood. The spilling of your plucky troops vitals will be the price to pay for any victory - don't be afraid to send men into the meat grinder if it means you'll have a chance to break the foe!