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01-01-2010, 19:23
I've got an upcoming tournament and I'd like to take my WoC, its been a few months since I've played with them but this is the list I've come up with atm:

Exalted Hero: 194pts
MoT, Disc, Flail, Golden Eye of Tzeentch, Battle Standard

Sorcerer: 165pts
MoN, Power Familiar, Level 2

Sorcerer: 195pts
MoN, Infernal Puppet, Conjoined haemonculus, Level 2

5 Marauder Horsemen: 85pts
MoS, Flails, Musician

10 Warriors: 186pts
Great Weapons, Shields, Musician

7 Hounds: 42pts

7 Hounds: 42pts

Chariot: 130pts

5 Knights: 230pts
Standard, Musician

5 Knights: 230pts
Standard, Musician

Total: 1499pts

Im still a little unsure with the sorcerers, they eat up a lot of points. I've had some success with them in larger games combined with a sorcerer lord however, they may be a little vulnerable in a lower points game. Perhaps the points could be better spent elsewhere? And what about the standards in the knights? Could the points go towards something else?

Anyway, let me know what you make of it, any criticism, hints, tips etc are very welcome.

01-01-2010, 20:29
well, as for suggestions, i reckon u shud choose a route, magic or combat, if u choose to go combat i suggest one sorcerer as a scroll caddy, adequate magic defence at this points level and then take two exalteds, both on horde back with flails shields etc, and either have one unit of knights for each or one unit for both. I would not reccomend a disk for an exalted though, flying cavalry can never join units :(

If u go magic, three disk mounted sorceres with tons of powerdice, an infernal puppet and a skull of katam if points allow. Give one of them spell fam and book of secrets and also give him the gift of conjoined homunculus, disk mount them all. As for the rest ofyour list, i looks fine although why units of 7 dogs? I would personally add champions to your knights if u go down the combat route, and also, if u go down the combat route, i would suggest swapping ur chariot for a warshrine with MoS, and give one exalted athe favour of the gods magic item. A MoS warshrine at this many points has an awful lot of stopping power against large monsters (hydras are a good example) provided it stays in range of ur BsB.

Hope this helps, all based off of experiences ive had at 1500pts with my WoC :)

02-01-2010, 13:54
I think thats the problem im having, I'm trying to have a balance between magic and combat when I would be better off focusing on one. I may drop the magic and perhaps add a khorne exalted on jugger to lead one of the knight units (with the obligatory banner of rage). Put the BsB on horseback and have him join the other unit, although hes usually good at picking off slacking characters and war machines.

I've been toying with the shrine for a while, perhaps combine it with a unit of chosen? Although they could be points heavy and theyr easily avoided.

The reason for 7 hounds is simply because they get shot down pretty quickly, and I find a few extra help with the screening a little better for the sake of a couple of extra points.

02-01-2010, 17:57
i would say, if you're going magic defense, take two level 1 wizards of nurlge. give one black tongue, and give one infernal puppet and enchanted shield. this way, you can throw two dice at bubos a turn to go character hunting, and when an enemy wizard fails a spell, you can go into rape mode and make him miscast. next, i would suggest an exalted of khorne on juggernaut, with the rune sword. this makes him a character hunting beast. as he has a 1+ save, with WS8, S6, and 5A. and, since he's khorne, he'll get an additional attack, so he'll have 6. then his juggernaut will get 3 S5 attacks. Any character that wants to take him down must at least be a lord. and he's only 225 points. i would also suggest giving your marauder horsemen khorne. so they can get 20 attacks. 10 of which are S5. and drop your hounds down to 5. 7 is just unnecessary. i would drop the musician, and standard on the knights, and give them khone. since it's the same points, it doesn't change anything, and it will make them a lot better. but he's the list that i would take for this tournament that you're in:

Exalted, khorne, juggernaut, rune sword- 225
sorcerer, nurgle, black tongue-150
sorcerer, nurgle, puppet-135

10 warriors, shields, champion, nurgle-202
5 marauder horsemen, khorne, flails-105
5 marauder horsemen, khorne, flails-105
5 hounds-30
5 hounds-30

5 knights, nurgle, standard, banner of rage-285
5 knights, khorne-230

this list is 1497
you have 2 dice per wizard to throw at bubos a turn, and 4 dispel dice. you have a bunker unit for these wizards. you also have 5 super hard hitting units. the knights will rip anything apart that goes near them. the horsemen can take out light infantry, and the hounds go in front of the knights to stop them from being baited.

now, you don't have to use this list. it's just what i've found out to work a lot.

Dark Fire
02-01-2010, 19:15
I'm sorry Chaseyboy1er but I disagree with a few of those suggestions. Never have so many units with Frenzy in one army because in a tournament they'll just be led around by the nose by cheap fast cav./flyers/detachments. Especially not fast cav. such as Marauder horsemen! The point in fast cav. is to redirect and reposition units for the knights to hammer into, to march block (admittedly one role is rank-negating flank charges but yeah). If they are Khorne they can't flee charges and can't march block.


Good list - probably wouldn't even bother with three characters at 1500 - you can fit in so much more.

That BSB's a nice guy to run about, brilliant at picking off fast-cav., flyers, archers, chariots and so on (war machines...). I'd keep him. I think at 1500 Chaos Knights don't really need a character to lead them - if you want a really nasty punch take one unit of the knights with lances, M.ofNurgle, a Std. Bearer with the Banner of Rage and maybe a champ. (16 Strength 6 attacks plus steeds) shreds most things. Keep them carefully screened with Warhounds so they don't get taken into woods (or other annoying places ;)) and then punch a hole in the enemy line.

I think the unit of Marauder horsemen should be 91 btw. You forgot to pay for the musician.

Back to characters - if you want to go magic heavy at 1500, I'm gonna run (for my new army) these two below on their own - adding Golden Eye or Talis. of Protection if needed.

Level 2 Sorcerer: MofTz. Power Familiar (185)
Disc of Tzeentch

Level 2 Sorcerer: MofTz., Dispel Scroll, Book of Secrets (210)
Disc of Tzeentch
Sure you lose the BSB but he's not vital - and these two work well as march blockers....
They chuck out 8 power dice between them.

Each turn do something like (remembering plus one to cast):
1 dice Fireball/2 dice fiery blast depending on whether you roll 1/4 - the others I wouldn't bother with, maybe flaming head if facing anything with low leadership (orcs and goblins, empire) or Sword if you want to go combatty (Book)

1/2 (depending on above) Dice Flickering Fire

2 Dice Flickering Fire

3 Dice Pandemonium (if you roll it)/ Treason

Nice lot of magic missiles, right...? :D Usual magic defence at 1500 is3/4 dice with 1/2 Dispel Scrolls. With single dice magic missile with plus one to cast you can eat up the oponents DD pretty quick.

Hound units at 6 I'd say IMHO.

Hope some of that helps anyway.

If you only use 2 chars then you save 150ish for boosting the Warriors to 12 (2x6) - I'd run halberds and shields but up to you) - FC, and maybe chuck a Mark of Nurgle on them if you want.

03-01-2010, 17:42
i disagree with your knights suggestion sir. you never give them lances. it's a waste! you only get strength 6 for one turn. what if you go up against a grave guard deathstar? you're not going to take away enough so your strength 4 can save you. adn plus, it's more wasted points. but making sure the knights don't get baited is what the hounds are for. and the marauder horsemen don't need to redirect, as they can take out light infantry on their own. and about having too many frenzied units in a tourniment. at my local GW, everyone is a tournament player, adn all i use is frenzy units and i win, a lot.