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02-01-2010, 06:09
There is an upcoming fantasy tournament in my area and I am taking my Bretonnians, and was wondering if could get advice on the tactical strengths on both armies.

A few points on things to consider, I have assembled this army on a poor students budget and so donít have all the models in the world. Secondly the tournament follows similar rules to the ETC system as well as nerfing some items like the ring of Hotek, the pendant, and greater daemons in general

Lord: Grail Vow, Virtue of Confidence, Gromril Great Helm, Lance of Artois, Mantle of Damsel Elena, Shield, Hippogryph-441
Paladin: Grail Vow, Virtue of Heroism, Enchanted Shield, Lance, Warhorse-149
Paladin (BSB): Grail Vow, Virtue of Duty, Sword of Might, Warhorse-145
Damsel: 2 x Dispel Scrolls Horse-130

9 Knights of the Realm FC 240
9 Knights of the Realm FC 240
8 Knights Errant FC Errantry Banner 201
16 Skirmishing Bowmen Braziers 117
10 Bowmen Braziers-65

3 Pegasus Knights FC 195

7 Grail Knights FC Banner of Defence 326

Total 2249

So any suggestions on how to improve list?