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02-01-2010, 07:25
I'm calling out to those experienced, competitive Wood Elf Players out there!

I used to play the army roughly 3 editions ago and have decided to make a return to WHFB & Wood Elves

Based on the rumors I heard running a solid front line of Dryads, Treemen etc supported by a strong arrow volley is an extremely competitive list at the moment.

The question is how does this list look exactly? I know it's a lot to ask but an exact model count for each unit etc would be awesome.


X10 Dryads
X10 Glade Guard

I appreciate it if anyone could help me out with this. I have never been steered wrong by the Warseer crew.

Thank You in Advance!:D

02-01-2010, 20:48
Bump! Anyone?

02-01-2010, 21:04
Well, I think you should create a list of your own, even if you don't think its very good. Then people can suggest changes to your list. A good way to do this is to jot down things you think you'll need.

e.g. What I do with my larger Dwarf armies.

- Combat hero
- Magic defense (Runesmith)
- 3 units of melee infantry
- 2 units of missile troops
- A few War Machines 2-3?
- March Blocker ~ Gyrocopter or Rangers

Just a rough sketch of what you'd like to have in your army. Then you'd be surprised by how quickly it can take shape. I know this isn't what you expected in a reply but I hope it helped.

Red Metal
02-01-2010, 21:04
I would suggest that you make a list and then allow others to critique it. Just asking for others to make a list for you, doesn't really work out well. You can also check other areas of this site for tactical advice and unit strengths and weaknesses.

For starters, most people like to run units in the follwing sizes:

Glade Guard x10
Glade Riders x5 or 6
Dryads x8
Wild Riders x5 or 6
Eternal Guard x10+
Wardancers x7 or 8
Treekin x4
Treeman x1
Waywatchers x?

02-01-2010, 21:11
Should I focus a caster lord or go with waywatcher?

03-01-2010, 00:30
My friend has a killer WE list and he always wins against my Brets with it. He takes:

2 x 10 GG
1 x 6 GR
5 WW
6 WR with war banner
Noble with HoDA and one other goody... possibly armor
Alter Kindred Lord with GW, helmet to make enemy strike last, another goody
Treesinger chick with more treesinging item
2 x 8 dryads ( big units of skirmishers tend to be more of a liability)
1 x 8 war dancers

Sometimes there are warhawks in there too but they suck.... well they are annoying so I guess they serve their purpose. lol

03-01-2010, 00:55
that list above as very little magic defence, i think with wood elves you shouldn't focus on a caster lord, but should focus on having dispel dice there. also unit like warhawks can be very handy to help deal with war machines. i think perhaps 2 casters, 1 with the multiple castings of treesinging, other magic item points spent on dispel scrolls. then i'd take 2 nobles, one with the sprite where he can pick out characters with a s4 range 18" shot, and another with the hunters talon which allows him also to pick out characters. with these 2 just pick on enemy wizards, adding to your magic defence, and eventually magic superiority in some cases of luck. you could be tempted to make one a lord, if so i'd make this the guy with the sprite as he has to get closer so you perhaps spend points which allowed him a wardsave, perhaps glamourweave?
with the rest of your army i'd take 2 treeman as they're 2 solid units that will definatly help. if you're lucky with the terrain you try putting one in a wood and treesinging the wood down the side of the army so when it comes to the next turn there's a terror test at the side of his army. this does require some luck with casting but if you pick of enemy wizards with the shooting then perhaps this becomes a more realistic option.
i would then take 2 or 3 units of glade, 1 for each caster, and then a second for the noble with hunters talon. the hero with the wardsave could perhaps be deployed on his own with alterkindrid so he is more adjustable and can move around to avoid much enemy fire being able to target him whilst still being able to target wizards. i would also take a couple of small units of dryads, maybe 3 just as some hard combat units to run around with and to protect your glade guard with.
i would then be tempted to just say take 4 units of 4 treekin, because they're awesome. but honestly i think 3 is enough, with the 4th special slot i would take warhawk riders to help deal with warmachines that could threaten the treemen.
i don't know if this suits yours style of play but i hope you get back to us on your final list.

03-01-2010, 01:05
The key to your list composition is how you plan on engaging each unit type your opponent may field. If you have a shooty elf army then you need to bob and weave in the trees, if you have a forest spirit army you need to strike at exposed flanks at critical moments rather than try to frontal charge your enemy. Think about what each unit can add capability-wise.

03-01-2010, 04:52
I am not to good at making lists but as far as a competitive tactic against heavily armored foes, I wood say 5-6 waywatchers placed behind them or glade guard getting close for the S4 shots to negate save. The waywatchers have killing blow when shooting which is always helpful against units of knights or warriors of chaos.