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Lord of Nonsensical Crap
02-01-2010, 16:15
Here's a list I put together recently at random- a Chrace-themed list that actually is only half White Lion-ish. Please tell me your thoughts:

Prince- Griffon, great weapon, Reaver Bow, dragon armour, Enchanted Shield, Guardian Phoenix- 446
Noble- BSB, barded steed, lance, heavy armour, shield, Battle Banner- 200
Mage- 2 Dispel Scrolls- 150
10 Archers- 110
10 Archers- 110
13 White Lions- musician, standard, Lion Banner- 238
5 Lion Knights (Dragon Princes)- musician, standard- 180
5 Lion Knights (Dragon Princes)- musician, standard- 180
Lion Chariot- 140
Lion Chariot- 140
Great Eagle- 50
Great Eagle- 50


Dragon Prince of Caledor
02-01-2010, 17:16
I like the idea of the theme. But a dragon prince stat line does not fit IMO. I thought about doing it too and conversting them to ride the white lion chariot models. For house rules you could give them a white lion (warrior) stat line and the lion stat. That would have a 2+ save vs missiles, 3+ in combat (lion cloak) and three strength five attacks each... DIRTY! Trying to find a suitable points cost would be tough though. Maybe 40 points.. What do I know? :P
If you are going to play aggresively the white lions may get left behind. It would be a fun list to play but very, very short on numbers.

02-01-2010, 17:39
your ten points over on your mage, dispel scrolls cost only 20 point each ( high elf 20% sale WOOOOOOOH!:))

02-01-2010, 17:41
and your 16 points under on your BSB. He should cost 216

A good idea though, i like the list

02-01-2010, 17:52
Like Nuada said, a nice list, should look good to (lions being cooler than dragons.... right?)

02-01-2010, 17:54
The list looks quite cool. I would recommend giving the chap on the Griffon a lance though as he's only getting plus one strength from it, and I would have thought you would be attempting to break whatever you charged in that combat. I really like that he's not on a dragon. He's vulnerable on the Griffin however he's different and will still smack hard in the flank of a unit.

02-01-2010, 18:33
Not much to add here. 2 RBTs for 2250 and you're golden.