View Full Version : Ideal unit size for Plague Monks?

02-01-2010, 22:30
As the title says :) I'll be building a unit of between 14-25, and was wondering what the general opinion of numbers and unit formation is... I'm thinking 3x7 or 4x6, but 5x5 would also be viable ,as would 3x8.




02-01-2010, 22:59
For a start, always ensure you have a minimum of 4 ranks so that their leadership is good.

If i play monks without a furnace, i would go for 5x5 from your list of choices, which gives it a chance to keep its leadership despite some losses and a fair amount of attacks

03-01-2010, 00:09
14 monks was a great unit if you had an extra special choice but not many points in the last book. However, in many ways it's tough to justify it compared to a unit of plague censers for a similar number of points.

The only advantage I could think of is that a unit of 14 plague monks with the banner of the underempire is a great means of getting an inordinate number of hits

03-01-2010, 08:45
I don't even know if I'd take the Monks without the Furnace. They more or less are used as its delivery system, and not much else. 3 S3 attacks isn't bad, but has no ability to cut through armor at all. However, for the sake of fighting Night Gobos, Humans, or anything else T3 with very little or no armor, I'd say go for it and do 6 across X 5 deep. Its 5 more than you planned, but it keeps its static 5 a little bit better.

03-01-2010, 14:39
24-30 should work if you want a block. If you just want a cheap flanking unit that throws down alot of attacks try 12-14.

05-01-2010, 15:50
I think I'll go with 24, in 6x4 then :) Thanks for the help! They'll probably get a magic banner as well, sadly I'll be going up against Chaos Warriors a lot so they might not be as effective due to their armour... Well, that's what I got my WLC and ratling gun for!