View Full Version : 2250 first shot at Ogres

03-01-2010, 01:35
Okay, so I've decided that as a change from Dark Elves (where I have an advantage over most other armies from the buying models phase onwards...) I'm going to do an Ogre army.

Today, I bought 2 battalion box sets, I also have a ninja maneater on the way that will become my gorger.

Here's the list, I've looked over various threads and come up with this:


Tyrant- Luck Gnoblar, Heavy Armour, Brace of Handguns, Tenderiser, Greedy Fist, Wyrdstone Necklace, Mawseeker- 323


Bruiser- BSB, Luck Gnoblar, Sword of Might, 2x Thiefstones, Heavy Armour, Brace of Handguns- 226

Butcher- 2x Tooth Gnoblars, Dispel Scroll, Bangstick- 190

Butcher- 2x Tooth Gnoblars, Dispel Scroll, Halfling Cookbook- 190


3x Bulls, Bellower- 115
3x Bulls, Bellower- 115
4x Ironguts- 192
4x Ironguts- 192
20x Gnoblar Fighters- 40
20x Gnoblar Fighters- 40
10x Gnoblar Trappers- 60


2x Leadbelchers- 110
2x Leadbelchers- 110


Gorger- 75
3x Maneaters- Heavy Armour, Brace of Handguns- 270

I'm considering dropping one of the Butchers for for Bellowers on the units that don't have them, and another unit of Bulls. If I do that, the remaining butcher will lose his tooth gnoblars and take a pair of scrolls.

As it is, the Tyrant and BSB go with the maneaters and essentially form a deathstar, the bulls redirect and the gnoblars screen/hold table quarters. Leadbelchers cover the flanks/rear, and the Ironguts provide another couple of hard-hitters.

Comments please :)